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Back links are still one of the most important aspects in escalating your online exposure. This is because every link to your site is like a vote towards your Google page status. The more links that you have, the higher your rankings within the search engines will be. This means that a greater number of people will notice and click on your website.

Forums are discussion boards where you can talk with other internet users about a certain topic. It's simple: all you have to do is look for different forums and article postings on the web that meet your interests and needs. You can begin by searching for the keyword "Forums". It's always a good idea to post in a forum that's related to your website and your interests. For example if your website is related to Web hosting, post your topic in a Web hosting forum rather than a dating or child care forum.

The first step in Forum Posting is to signup with different related forums, you can start on a new topic or reply to an existing topic in the forum. If you would like to discuss the best web hosting companies on the Internet you can start on a New topic asking other users to join in the discussion and help you find the best available web hosting services. You should also leave a link to your web hosting website as your signature at the end of the post. This benefits your search engine optimization efforts by establishing a back link to your website by posting your link in the forum as a signature. This way you can not only generate one way links to your website but also attract other visitors to click on your website link.

The Main 7 SEO Ethical Policies Followed by Us Include:

1. We never spam. We NEVER SPAM forums, directories, or other websites. We focus on making high quality posts which are interesting & useful for people.

2. We will follow the set guidelines of the search engines, directories, forums, and other websites. We make sure that we follow every search engine’s, forum’s, directory’s, social bookmarking and other site-specific guidelines so that we do not violate any of their rules. We keep track of all changed guidelines: Google Webmaster Guidelines, Yahoo Search Guidelines, Yahoo Submit Content Guidelines, MSN Webmaster Guidelines, Dmoz Guidelines.

3. We do not mislead or bait a search engine user. We do not give false information in search engines and then re-direct search engine user to our pages. Practices like misleading information, redirect pages, pop up scripts, etc., are not used by our affordable SEO Company.

4. We will never use technologies that harm a client. We never use techniques or procedures that might get the website penalized by search engines or other websites. This includes not using practices like invisible text, keyword spam, submission to FFA networks, doorway pages etc.

5. We do realistic goal settings with the client. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. Our SEO Guarantees are restricted to items over which we have significant control.

6. We protect the confidential and privileged information of our client. We protect all the confidential/privileged information related to the client. We shall not publish any information related to the client website, results our clients have gained with us, their testimonials, or any other client related information without intimation to them.

7. We abide by the set laws. Website FTP & statistics access details, brand names, intellectual property rights, copyright issues are taken care by our SEO team beforehand to avoid any kind of complications later on for our clients. We abide by the laws related to spamming at state, national or international laws.


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