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Jeremy Blackburn - Owner

 "We have been with Executive Decision Marketing for over 2 years now and we got at least 3 times more Top 10 Rankings and traffic then we had before we met them. We can recommend this Company to anybody who is looking for the Organic Top 10 Results. Thank you Executive Decision Marketing"

William Athenson, CEO

 "I am the owner of Medieval Products Inc. I have just recently opened a Online Store and decided to do my promotions thru Executive Decision Marketing. It was the best move I have made for my business. When we went live on the search engines they placed us on. My traffic and revenue increased by more then 3 times."

Eileen E. O'Halloran, General Manager

 "I wanted to thank you for contacting me about renewing our keyword terms. I am very pleased with the results. After only 24 hours, our keywords were triggering #1 placements on Google, Yahoo and MSN. This is my second year utilizing your services and I truly believe that the keywords we purchased have increased our new customer base by about 10 - 15%. Thank you again for all your help"

Craig Johnson, Mortgage Consultant

 I would highly recommend the services of Executive Decision Marketing to any company looking to generate highly qualified sales leads. Their knowledge of Internet Marketing far surpassed our expectations and they truly became an extension of our sales team. We are a start up business and our market is saturated with competitive solutions.

Kristy Anderson, Owner

 "I just wanted to say how impressed we have been with your company and your Marketing Services especially the top 5 program. The dedication and commitment that you and your staff have shown us is far in excess of what most companies provide. Our site generated 2000 hits in the first 2 months!!" We enjoy our ROI. Top 5 Program Works!!! Thank you Guys!!!"

Vladimir, Marketing Director

 "We are thrilled with the amount of increased traffic we received from our keywords. We are in the process of purchasing several more. Their Telemarketing service is very aggressive. We just wanted to let you know that we are very happy that we entered into a business relationship with Executive Decision Marketing and we look forward to continued business relationships down the road.

Zohar, Owner/CEO

 "Executive Decision Marketing got for my website numerous first page placements under my targeted keywords. When i first signed up i was very scaptical, but after only several month i saw my first Top 10 rankings under desired keywords. And I have Flash website which is very difficult to optimize. Thank you for a greate Job."

Henry, Owner

 "Initially I was skeptical about the service but I use an independent statistics tool that allows me to track my information accurately and effectively, which proves to me that The marketing strategies of Executive Decision Marketing are so effective that with only one keyword in use I saw my sales rise to 12% alone! The cost was so effective at 2% of my marketing cost I received 12% business back!"

Charles H. Owner

 My name is Charles H. I own a distribution company for a nation wide health beverage, "Never have I been so pleased at the amount of people visiting my web site and the leads that are being generated. I would like to thank my sales rep. (Varna) who has been a blessing every step of the way."

Gorge Santinelli, Owner

 "We had no Internet marketing experience when we first got contacted by Executive Decision Marketing's Rep Robert and he patiently walked us through some of the basic concepts in a very professional manner. We immediately realized that Robert was extremely knowledgeable. He was very upfront about their cost and we felt that we could trust him."

Ted, Sales Manager

 "A great service that increased car sales in less time and for less money than local newspaper ads we use monthly. Most importantly a friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to assist you."

Todd, Advertising Manager

 Executive Decision Marketing has done an outstanding and professional job of promoting our website. We have seen an 18% increases in our registered users in just under a month. The Press Release service rocks. Release.We are grateful for the excellent and speedy service provided to us by our representative and we have continued to use them for our email marketing needs as well.


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