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If you’re running a lot of traffic at your home page and not getting a decent conversion rate then you might want to consider using alternate landing pages. Every website needs a page that draws visitors in and quickly convinces them to move towards a purchase page or sign up for your services or newsletter. Landing pages need to provide a customized and comprehensive sales pitch to your prospective clients.  

Video landing pages, particularly video squeeze pages, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their phenomenal conversion rate. Displaying a video side by side with a sign-up form will raise those conversion numbers to a double digit percentage in no time. Even those who don’t buy the first time around will still continue to be prospects once they opt-in to the email sign-up portion of your video landing page.  

Home pages are not usually ideal landing spots for traffic that is coming in looking for specific products or services. Your home page gives an overview of your company and leaves the direction your visitors will go entirely up to them. Landing pages direct visitors to purchase or sign-up pages with specific call to action commands.   

Executive Decision Marketing can re-design your landing pages and create video landing pages that have ability to dramatically increase in your conversion rate. That will mean more newsletter sign-ups, more email registrations, and more purchases. Our experience has shown us that no matter what your goal is, a video landing page will help you attain it faster and more efficiently. 

Ask about Video Landing Pages as an independent project or as part of a search engine optimization campaign. We’ll create one specifically for your company and make sure you get the traffic you need to get conversions. Don’t send your prospective customers to a page that confuses them. A video landing page will make their choices very clear.

Examples of our Video Landing Pages Design

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