Targeted Opt-In Email Marketing Service

We offer targeted permission-based opt-in email lists as well as Localized Zip code email services. All emailing is done 100% legally and spam-free environment. Our email lists are permission based via IP addresses and are compiled using only people who have requested to receive emails or opted in and have expressed that they have experience in that field or interest in that subject matter.

Targeted Double Opt in email marketing is more affordable then ever!

With our targeted opt-in email service, your business now has a cost-efficient, safe and very effective way to reach the exact people that desire your company's products or services. You can boost your sales and grow your business without any worries of complaints due to spam. All campaigns are done legally and ethically. You can be sure that we follow all laws within any state to avoid any websites being shut-down or other problems and we can guarantee that. We maintain the email lists and do all the emailing for you.

Have you ever thought about the cost incurred when using standard postal mailing for your local customer base? Graphics and color separations, cardboard or paper, printing costs, mailing address lists, labels, postage and much more can easily cost you well over $1.50 or more per recipient for the most basic postal ad campaigns. Just take a look below and what you could possibly spend:

Example of Direct Mailing/Newspaper MarketingVs Email Marketing

Recipients/Potential Clients
Direct Mail $1.50/recipient
Competitors/Email Marketing Cost $0.04
WWM Email Marketing $0.01/recipient
$150,000 -would have to spend
$1000 --- 75% less then competition
$225,000 -would have to spend
$1500 --- 75% less then competition
$300,000 -would have to spend
$2000 --- 75% less then competition

Here are our Legitimate Competitors:
Their prices starts from 0.05 cents per record sent with minimum
Their prices start from 0.4 cents per record with minimum

Direct Mailing/Newspaper Advertising doesn’t look to be a very cost effective way to market your business as presented above!! Give us a call and we will give you a quote on how to reach 50,000+ Double opt in targeted recipients or 15,000+ Local Zip Code recipients at a very affordable rate compared to direct mailing or newspaper ads.

Local emailing by zip code is a proven effective email marketing service:

We will help you reach your local customer base by sending email ads by zip code. Communicate with customers that are important to your business & projects. Our local emailing by zip code services are affordable and highly effective for marketing your business when compared to print and tv ads. Local emailing is permission based and works to build new customers, help you to establish brand awareness and increases the amount of sales for your business. Repetition is the key to advertising success and you can use local emailing to make an impression in the minds of your customers. Select the audience of people you want to reach by targeted zip codes.

1. Double Opt in Targeted (by category) Email Campaigns start as low as $10 (per 1000 emails) with minimum order of 100,000 emails sent. Minimum Budget is $1000. Please do not request a quote if you do not have minimum budget required.

2. Targeted Local Email Marketing by Zip Code Campaign starts as low as $10 (per 1000 emails) with minimum (5-8 Zip Codes) or 100,000 emails sent.Please do not request a quote if you do not have minimum budget required.

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