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Reputation Management is the response to reputation damaging information. Bad postings, negative feedback in blogs, horrible testimonials in popular forums, unrealistic scam allegations and product reviews from false users can potentially put a company out of business.

A single negative link under your company name can destroy profits without the proper reputation management.

If this link is smearing your good reputation in the first results pages and you have no reputation management action, you can be sure it will cause you more than just a headache. To give you an idea of where Reputation Management is needed, picture customers searching for your company's relevant keywords and being faced with negative words just next to your company or products names in the first results page.

Reputation Management will assure that potential customers have an excellent first impression of your company. Remember, without any Reputation Management these shocking negative posts can end up doing a lot of damage to your company’s reputation. Online Reputation Management is the response for any company to overcome this damaging information. More than erasing information from the first result pages of the most popular search engines, Online Reputation Management establishes other unexplored information gateways between the company and customers.

The Campaign: We scour the first 10 pages of results across all major search engines to analyze the existing sites. We tag each listing as positive, negative or neutral and develop your campaign around these results. We actively promote the existing good sites using our in house SEO experts. In addition we create social profiles, micro sites and build positive content around your keywords.

Yelp Reviews have a natural bias, people like to complain
Most sites like Rip Off Report, Yelp, Complaints Board are not "review websites", they are sites where people like to vent. Excluding the hard-core Yelpers that do well, most people go there to talk about a bad experience because for the most part people expect a good experience, which is what they are paying for after all.

Even winning a lawsuit won't take down defamatory content.
This just shows you the serious nature of defamatory content online and how worried you should be about it. A married couple was bashed by a disgruntled family member. They won an injunction in court, but they still cannot get the slander removed from rip off report. The problem is that the person who wrote the comments are liable, not the website.

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