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Not many people realize how many businesses have succeeded through article submission. We are not just referring to online businesses, but those which are operating offline as well. Several magazines publish articles about the history of a company, its goals and achievements and the services they offer. Some of these articles are reviews; others are created by content writers by the company itself and are submitted to the magazine and used as an advertising campaign. That is the same idea used with content writing for the internet. There are certain things to look for since articles rank higher in search engines. The most important aspect of content is of course the keyword density.  Google, Yahoo and other search engines always notice the fresh content and when you submit fresh content all the time, you increase the chances for your website to rank higher in the search engines.

Why Articles?

Writing articles is the most popular marketing method. Articles help establish you (and logic follows, your web site) as a recognized "authority" about the information you provide. Articles also provide perpetual backlinking to your web site - yes forever!

Have you heard of the "solo ad?" In cold marketing, the solo ad is a standalone advertisement about what you have to offer. The solo ad is sent to a mailing list, either acted upon or not, and eventually deleted from the receiver's inbox. A solo ad's only purpose is to get an unsuspecting reader to click through to your web site. We say unsuspecting because... they are. Any time you strictly "advertise" the recipient has no idea you are about to contact him or her. Each time is like a cold slap in the face hoping to get the intended reaction... a visit to your web site.

Articles are an art form! First and foremost, your original articles must be informative, perhaps entertaining, with proper punctuation, grammar usage, spelling, the works. What your article cannot be is an advertisement. No one wants to head to an article directory in the hopes of finding pertinent information only to find your ad. In fact, 99.9% of the article directories on the web will NOT accept blatant advertising (and that 0.1% you wouldn't want to post to anyway).

As stated, there is an art to writing articles. You must know your subject - actually be able to write about a broad range of subjects for maximum "expert" status - and you must know the proper balance within your article to ensure it does its job... send traffic to your web site! In addition, you cannot write just one article and believe "that takes care of that!" Marketing online doesn't work that way... Marketing offline doesn't work that way!

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