Local (SEO) Search Marketing

Google Places is a portal provided by Google where businesses can be listed allowing their company name, along with a map showing their location, to appear when people search for it. This listing is a vital marketing tool for any small business owner, which is why we include it with every one of our SEO campaigns. Google also allows businesses to add information about the company which is helpful to customers looking for those types of businesses. Some of the things that can be displayed in the listings are, hours of operation, contact information, parking accommodations, areas served and many more details that visitors will find useful. All of that data is easy enough for the business owner to fill out themselves.

With smart phones gaining popularity with each passing day (including Mobile Website Design), small local businesses will want to be able to rank for mobile search listings and post real-time updates that customers who are out and about will be able to see. With the dizzying pace of technology advancements, it's going to be more important than ever for small business owners to have local search marketing consultants they can trust on their side - like the Executive Decision Marketing team.

According to The Kelsey Group, a Princeton, NJ based Research Company, "70% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services as compared to 45% usage of the yellow pages." Further, the findings also suggest that Local Internet search is poised to surpass newspapers as a local shopping information resource. The Kelsey Group reports that, on average, 27% of their total search behavior was for local information. Similarly, Nielsen/Net Ratings reports that 24.4% of all searches are local.

What is a Google Local Map Listing?

Google Local Map Listings are the new way people look for local businesses online. The decline of YellowPages and other print advertising has opened up a new door for smart local businesses to connect with online customers. Google Local listings can help your business target millions of local customers searching online.

Examples of our Achieved Google Local Placements

Why is it beneficial for your to be listed in the Google Local Map Listings?
  • Google reports that up to 70% of all online activity is related to local content
  • Comscore estimates that 66%+ of local customers find business using local search
  • The listings are accessible online as well as when using a mobile application
  • Increase your potential sales
  • Build credibility with your online target market
  • Better exposure than print advertising or traditional newspaper and YellowPages

Google Local Map Listings allow you to target millions of local customers who are searching online. Get your business on the first page of Google without the hassle of Pay-Per-Click.

  • Submit your business for inclusion on the 1st page of Google's local search results
  • Drive unlimited, free traffic to your website from the first page of Google
  • Make your phone ring by attracting targeted and excited customers ready to buy

No website?! No problem! A local profile page is included!

The service includes:

  • Optimization of listing and submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing Local Directories + Info USA
  • Homepage Optimization and content suggestions or development of content if needed
  • Local Citations/Reviews
  • Backlinks from outside sources such as Articles, High PR Pages, Profile Pages, Directories, etc.+
  • Local Profile Page creation (if necessary)

We will update your information as necessary. All updates are submitted to the search engines and directories by hand! Gain peace of mind while saving time and money by having all your local search needs fulfilled at one convenient location.

Our representatives will demonstrate in detail the unique features and benefits of this program. They will analyze your website and help you choose the best keywords that will attract potential customers and get the results you're looking for. To get started order now or to learn more call us at 1-888-879-8880.

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