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executivedecisionmarketing.com has been involved in online e-commerce since 1996. We have divisions in various online industries. We have grown and prospered in all of our online ventures due to customer service and successful marketing campaigns. We would now like to share the marketing strategies that have helped us grow beyond our expectations, with others. Our motto has always been, our customers are always our top priority. However, without the correct marketing our customers would never be found on the Internet. Our goal is to make sure that your marketing $$ are spent wisely!!
Thursday, 21 July 2011, 12:00 am

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … well, maybe not that long ago or that far, but it seems like its been a while. The world of small business SEO has changed dramatically in just the past five years. Do you remember what it was like to attain high page rank with a small business back in 2005? Of course you don’t; it didn’t happen. The way the search engines ranked back then, only the biggest and the richest had a shot at the prime keywords in any industry. Buying your way to the top was a regular practice.

Enter the Google algorithm. It was there before 2005, but it was halfway through the last decade that changes started to be made which would alter the way that organic SEO was done. Linking, once a mass production exercise focused on volume only, evolved into a strategically planned campaign that had to be carefully thought out and executed. Linking up with just anyone became taboo sometime in the past two years; today it can actually result in you losing ground. That never happened in the days of yesteryear.

Executive Decision Marketing has been a leader in Los Angeles SEO for over a decade, so we have seen the evolution of the search engines and the formulas they use to calculate page rank and position. If you analyze each of the moves they have made in the past ten years you can see a pattern that will give you an idea of what comes next. That’s what we have done, and we haven’t been wrong yet. Being able to predict where the changes are going to come tomorrow helps us plan the marketing strategies of today.

It’s not that we’re clairvoyant. We use a decision-making approach that was also very common once upon a time – common sense. We take advantage of opportunities when they arise. During the recession a lot of big name retailers went under – companies that controlled their industry keywords for years. That left an opportunity for small businesses to gain a foothold and move up to search engine page one. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how we can do the same for you.

Sunday, 23 February 2014, 12:00 am

he key to SEO is having the right keywords, the right key phrases to insert in your site and also the right SEO Specialists. You should have these keywords added naturally so people see that you are not a fake site. The more natural you are the better. It is important to use SEO –Search Engine Optimization – in order to improve your site’s ranking as well as improve the overall content of your site.

Website Optimization Is The Key To Success.
Google and other search engine oriented sites such as Bing, will always look for the right and most wanted words to show as a result for the users. If you insert the right keywords you will be more likely to appear as the first results. If you are one of the first results it means that you will receive more hits therefore will get more people seeing your site. The SEO Specialists can help you do the trick.

Building Links Is Also A Great Way To Improve Ranking.
You can link build all over the web. You can have the help of high quality forums, blogs, fan pages and much more. The more you link build with sites that have good content the better, after all you need quality and not quantity.

Make Sure Your Site Is Always Up And Running!
In order to not get penalized by Google you should have a page that is truly reliable. The better your servers are the faster people will be able to access your site. This will show people that you constantly update your site and want to provide the best for the users.

You Should Never Do…
Although it might be a temptation to save time and money never copy and paste. Using content that is not original not only is not right but it is also a way to show the public that you do not care about your content at all. If you do not take your time to show people what you have to offer why would people spend their time trying? Make sure you deliver high quality content that cannot be found anywhere else on the web. You will certainly have more views!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014, 12:00 am

The internet is a very competitive place. It might be even harder for smaller businesses to be able to remain and to become successful. Of course there are certain tips that can be followed in order to improve your chances of getting seen on the web. It is important to invest in high quality SEO by hiring the right team of expert SEO professionals. You will not spend too much and will be graced with amazing results.

The Right Expert SEO for You!
There are hundreds of different agencies all over the web that are more than willing to help your site boom! It is important to do SEO continuously and not do only once and stop. You need to have long lasting results and for that you need a great team of professionals. The more you look for quality the more you will see that the right people to do that are the SEO professionals. These professionals can help you with the quality and content of your pages.

Where to Advertise?
You can do marketing all over the web today! There are so many options available that it is quite hard to choose. The more you advertise the better. You can have your own page on YouTube for example. People love videos and this is the main place where people have access to them. You can also create pages on other social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. You can Tweet the news and have great feed for your followers when using Twitter. On Facebook you can create your very own page and share with your friends your content. It is an interesting, free and also very profitable way to show the world what your business if about. It is also good so you can help your friends and have a much closer relationship with your clients. It is important to have such contact with possible clients and customers because you will make them see that you are there to offer the best possible. Invest in these easy methods and have your site go up in the skies.

Saturday, 15 March 2014, 12:00 am

If you would like to have your website boom you should certainly take a look at the following top SEOtips and trends and have the best profit possible this year.
1. SEO is definitely one of the best ways to have your site advertised. As an online based marketing set of strategies you need the help of the top SEO professionals that will help you how you can improve your site’s overall quality.
2. Make sure you provide users original content that is fresh and completely error free.
3. You should have the right keywords, key sentences as well as links. This will help you build the best SEO strategy possible. The more you invest in SEO the better, after all you will be able to show the world what you have to offer.
4. You should add tags with your keywords, use WordPress and any other resources that can help you improve the overall quality of your site.
5. If you website is rather old make sure you check the quality frequently. You should adapt the keywords when needed and also change content here and there in order to provide the user better content. If you do not keep your site up to date chances are much smaller that you will rank on top.
6. Use analytics in order to better track and understand what is going on with your site. Google analytics for example is simple to understand and will help you see what can be improved.
7. Use relevant links to improve the quality and reputation of your site. The more links you build with quality forums, blogs and companies the more reliable your name will be all over the market.
8. Make sure your content is of superior content. Releasing blogs, texts, press releases or even posts on social media network just for doing it is indeed a waste of time. Make sure you have something useful, reliable and also interesting to show people. This is not take too long and will provide you all of the expected results. You will certainly never regret doing so! You will have fast and lasting results.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 12:00 am

Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of website design, coding, content, as well as a variety of other tactics, which increase the page ranking, drive traffic and create links that are relevant. A site that has been poorly search engine optimized will not have a good rank amongst search engines; neither will it produce good results. Some website owners fully understand dynamics of SEO, but others must leave the job to an expert SEO service.

Importance of SEO
In order for a website to be proficiently optimized, it is important it features the correct keywords, which is something what customers are likely to search for. An individual from an expert SEO service is up-to-date with the effective keywordresearch tools and will continue to search for the keywords, which will not only have your site ranked amongst the top on search engines, but also increase the traffic.

Hiring A SEO Specialist
Someone with an expert SEO background may also be able to both design and manage your website. Obviously, when you hire an expert you would expect to see brand recognition as well as a huge growth in traffic. You can easily leave it to the expert and remain at ease once you’ve hired the SEO expert. When searching for an SEO expert you can look for the following qualities: strong knowledge of web design, keyword analysis, HTML, on and off-page optimization, link development, quality content generation, plus many other skills. All experts have their own strategy they prefer; however, a good SEO manager will be able to approach the task from all angles of optimization.

How to Choose
When it comes to choosing, you must carry out thorough research and ensure the company has a longstanding and solid reputation. You also need to know how long the business has been running for, as well as their client retention rate. You also need to know who you will be working with, as well as who will be carrying out the SEO. Many companies claim to be experts, but turn out as scams. You may also ask for sample reports and references.

SEO experts have the sufficient knowledge and know exactly what it is search engines are looking for in order to rank a site. They also monitor the algorithm changes and stay up-to-date, ensuring they can easily adapt. The specialist will also know how to create a web page that is easily found through web searches, which will meet the need of search engines and its visitors.

Monday, 23 June 2014, 12:00 am

With internet marketing having entered the industry, many SEO specialists and companies have also made an entrance. When it comes to the efficacy of SEO, then all websites are battling for online presence, which is why it is important you choose a SEO specialist who knows exactly what needs to be done.

A Successful SEO Strategy
In order for your SEO strategy to be a success, it is important there is suitable documentation or organic results of your site on search engines. This is the main reason to why many companies tend to focus more on SEO results that are organic, as these help with publicity and raise awareness campaigns for products and services. Additionally, these companies also use directory listings in order to promote the content of the site. Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are the three main search engines, which make the decision whether your sites content is good enough or not. In order to make sure the content is good, you will have to look through some good SEO specialists and ensure the SEO is correctly done.

SEO and the Internet
In the past, a majority of businesses started to ensure their site is search engine optimized, as this is the vital factor if you wish to bring more traffic to your site. Correct SEO is also the answer if you wish to make higher sales, high ROI and to improve the visibility of your brand. Even though the majority of sites are search engine optimized, they all do not achieve rise in traffic, or some may get more than others. The reason behind this is the phrases and keywords that are used. This is one of the main reasons to why SEO specialists should be considered for the job, as they will choose the exact and correct phrases and keywords.

SEO and Online Strategies 
When it comes to driving more traffic to your site, there’s a wide range of SEO marketing organizations that can help with this. When it comes to online marketing, this rotates around blogs, articles, registration of directories, developing high quality content and link building. All of which will always move you to a better and higher position.

Friday, 22 August 2014, 12:00 am

Social bookmarking changes and develops frequently and is a brilliant way to store certain web pages that you find interesting and helpful and wish to share with others via social networks.

Social bookmarking Services 
A social bookmarking service attracts visitors worldwide in a less amount of time. Not only will it bring your presence on the web, but also improves the ranking of your site amongst search engines. During the time it is very difficult to find your site amongst the top of search engines, social bookmarking is the tool you need, which is both simple and effective. When it comes to SEO, social bookmarking services are a plus and also give you the options of improving your sites ranking by adding SEO keywords in the tags and text boxes.

Web Link Structure
It is important your presence online is effective, and to assist with this a SEO firm will always help you achieve the objective. Using several progressed strategies will always increase both the visibility and popularity of your site. The increase in the demand for social bookmarking also assists in the production of quality one-way back links. When it comes to having your web pages bookmarked, submitting and enrolling to social bookmarking sites is a convenient method. This is not only effective, but will also give you a web link structure that is reliable without costing you anything. One simple thing that you will need to ensure is that the material on your site is something others will enjoy and recommend to others.

Social Bookmarking Websites
Reddit and Digg are some of the social bookmarking websites that are well-liked and examples where many individuals talk about and connect to content from the internet. The whole process of bookmarking is brilliant for indexing a web site amongst search engines. Even for sites that are brand new, this is an effective solution and would only have you waiting just a few weeks before your site is searchable on Yahoo and Google, etc. Additionally, if you choose to bookmark a few pages of your site on some specific and liked websites, then you will also be capable of indexing your website quickly.

Friday, 22 August 2014, 12:00 am

Starting a business online means you also need to know the basics when it comes to internet marketing skills. Without the top SEO strategies, your business online will not be able to reach new limits. When it comes to SEO instructions and techniques, these are unavoidable for all online websites that wish to improve page ranking and visibility amongst search engines. Listed below are some top SEO tips and strategies, which are used worldwide by webmasters.

SEO-Friendly URL
Firstly, you need to make a website that will hold the attention of the visitor. You also need to ensure the URL of your site is SEO friendly. The URL will also need to consist of proper keywords, as this will help in making your website more visible. Apart from this, your website also needs to have an interface that is user-friendly, which is appealing enough to attract visitors.

Informative Content
When it comes to the top SEO tips, then providing content that is informative is a must. This is a make or break situation as it determines the success of your business. If there is a lack of informative content on your site, then it will never be able to drive traffic. Not only does the content have to be informative, but also optimized. Proper keywords need to be amongst the content and also need to look natural, with suitable density. Instead of spreading keywords randomly, they should be placed strategically. Hiring an expert SEO is a recommendation, or using the AdWords tool or Word Tracker.

Associate Reseller Program and PPC Account
If you seriously wish to get the most out of your SEO tips and improve your sites visibility, then you should consider a PPC account. This is about getting paid when your advertisements are clicked on. Considering an affiliate reseller program is also not a bad idea, as this is also used by many webmasters for SEO.

Link Building for Websites
You need to ensure you have backlinks for your site. These will always take your business to a new level and are simple to obtain. All you have to do is write informative articles and submit them on a variety of article directories. Alternatively, you can also post comments on forums and blogs that are relevant to your site along with your sites URL.

Thursday, 11 September 2014, 12:00 am

Everyone knows the value of generating quality traffic to a business website. There’s also an unending amount of discussion about the importance of SEO for a site to achieve higher page rankings and conversion rates. Do an internet search and you will find literally hundreds of agencies and people that claim to be SEO specialists, but unfortunately many don’t have the talent and expertise to produce the results. So, how can you tell when you’re talking to a genuine SEO expert? We’ll talk about what to look for to help you choose wisely.

Proven Track Record

In any field or industry, experience builds expertise and the same holds true for SEO and website enhancement. Look for providers that have a proven track record. Any consultant should be able and willing to share their portfolio with you. Take the time to look at the performance of sites they have serviced in the past.

Industry Knowledge

An experienced SEO specialist will take the time to research your industry, your products and services and the culture of your company. A thorough analysis of your competitors and your target market should be part of the overall project plan. Look for an agency or individual that takes the time to gain some industry knowledge.


Unfortunately, there are individuals within the SEO industry that are willing to use backdoor methods to enhance their results. Besides being completely illegal, the use of techniques such as invisible text makes for a poor UX (user experience) and put your company at risk for fines and a tarnished reputation.  Anyone with skill doesn’t need to use these shady methods to produce quality results.

Proactive Learning

The world of search engine analytics and keywords evolves at a rapid pace. A SEO specialist must stay current and ahead of the game to maintain expertise and prepared. Look for someone who understands this and don’t be afraid to question their continuing education in the industry.


Don’t expect to get SEO services for your site cheap – top experts in any field can expect top salaries. But the project quotes shouldn’t be outrageous, either. Many SEO agencies have different packages that will fit any marketing budget. Look for the middle ground.

Sunday, 21 September 2014, 12:00 am

We are living in a digital world, with more than 75% of consumers reporting that they regularly perform product research and purchasing online. The world of ecommerce is highly competitive and to gain an edge on your competition, the services of an expert SEO consultant can be your key to success. Knowing what to look for and how to prepare for your consultation makes a daunting task much less intimidating. We’ll talk about some tips to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.


Be Prepared

Before your initial consultation with an SEO specialist, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you are prepared and knowledgeable.

  • Know the Jargon. By taking the time to become familiar with the basic jargon and strategies of the world of SEO, you can participate in the conversation about your website fully. You’ll also be able to hold your own and won’t be fooled by fakes or phonies.
  • Make a List. There are many aspects of an effective SEO campaign, from PPC to content to keywords. Take the time to write a list of what your expectations and business goals are, and then discuss them point by point with the expert SEO professional you are meeting with.
  • Get Recommendations. Use social media and networking circles to ask others if they’ve ever worked with or can recommend an agency or individual. You’d be surprised how willing to share other business owners are.

During the Meeting

It’s important to remember that you are the one doing the interviewing and hiring during the meeting, so don’t be afraid to take charge. Ask detailed questions and make notes of the responses you receive. Ensure that everyone has a good understanding of your industry and your business goals. Collect references and then check them out for authenticity.

After the Meeting

Once you have consulted with an agency or individual, and you have decided to move forward in hiring expert SEO services for your project, ask for a technical review and proposed changes for your ecommerce site. Set regular intervals for reporting and analysis of your campaign – many suggest weekly for the first few months.