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executivedecisionmarketing.com has been involved in online e-commerce since 1996. We have divisions in various online industries. We have grown and prospered in all of our online ventures due to customer service and successful marketing campaigns. We would now like to share the marketing strategies that have helped us grow beyond our expectations, with others. Our motto has always been, our customers are always our top priority. However, without the correct marketing our customers would never be found on the Internet. Our goal is to make sure that your marketing $$ are spent wisely!!
Thursday, 20 November 2014, 12:00 am

Partnering with an organization to market your company can seem like a risky venture. It’s important that your marketing efforts produce results quickly and without going over your budget. Pay per click advertising can meet this requirement, but you need experts to help you be successful. Knowing what to look for in an agency is vital, so we’ll talk about some tips for choosing the right PPC management agency for your marketing campaign.


Know Your Position

Unless you are completely new to ecommerce, you are already aware of how well your website is performing. For example, how many visitors convert to customers? Or how many visitors are you attracting? If you know your position at the beginning of your campaign, you’ll immediately recognize any changes.

Look for Understanding

When you are interviewing prospective PPC management agencies, try to keep your search narrowed to companies that have an understanding of your company’s products and services. The PPC campaign for a brick and mortar store will differ from that for a web-only business. The agency you choose needs to have a good knowledge of the dynamics within your niche or industry. They should also structure your campaign for your particular customer base.

Stick To Your Budget

The first step you should take, even before you begin to search for an agency, is to set your PPC budget and be realistic about what you can afford to invest. Just like with any marketing method, there should be limits set and expected results. On the other hand, you should have done your homework and have an understanding of what an effective campaign should reasonably cost.

Give it Time

The world of marketing is dynamic and changes continuously, especially on the internet. Be prepared to allow two to three months to pass before seeing any reliable results. However, a quality PPC management agency will provide you with analysis of your campaign along with recommended revisions and changes as needed to ensure you have the results you want. Look for an agency that you are able to build a long-term relationship with and that continues to service your campaign wel

Sunday, 20 November 2011, 12:00 am

Social media is a powerful way to connect with people interested in your business—what you do, and who you are. People expect a social media presence from the websites they visit and the businesses they patronize; that kind of “face to face” interaction will make you stand out, and keep people thinking about you. From posting on Facebook to Social Bookmarking on Digg, that presence keeps people aware of who you are, and it keeps your fans and followers engaged.

For example, there’s a museum close to my house, and my heart, that has a fantastic exhibit on the Civil War. The people who work there are constantly bemoaning their lack of visitors: they recently laid off a number of employees. The fault doesn’t lie with the exhibit or the location, though. It’s that their website is awkward and poorly maintained, they have no social media presence aside from a Facebook that hasn’t been updated in months, and the link that allows their fans to “register” for email updates is actually broken. They have no means of receiving feedback, positive or otherwise; they don’t post their special programs anywhere online in a reliable fashion, so potential visitors either luck into a presentation or leave having no idea that one exists.

Taking advantage social media is a key to success. Making it easy for your fans to “share” you with their friends, utilizing Targeted Email Marketing, or showing up when someone “likes” you on their Facebook, builds awareness and makes people feel like more than faceless consumers. Perfectly good websites and businesses can fall by the wayside if there’s no way for people to interact with you through social media.

If you want your business to truly shine, it takes more than a great product, or even a great website. The “wired” generation demands social media feedback and an interactive online presence. That presence can, and will, make or break your business; Interacting with your customers is key, and when you’re fighting to get noticed, it makes all the difference.

Friday, 10 February 2012, 12:00 am

If you go to Wikipedia and search for the keyword “social networking websites” you’ll be presented with a list of 342 of them, none of which are dating sites. These are what are considered the “majors” in the social media world. Many will be familiar to you. Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Linked In, they’re all there. Flickr and YouTube are there (yes, YouTube is a social network), and so is Google+, so you know the list has been updated recently. One thing they all have in common – social bookmarking potential.

Social bookmarking works, but not quite the way you think it does. If you sign up for each of these 342 websites and post a link in your profile, you will have – 342 links. They won’t grow and you won’t get credited for more than that number – unless someone talks about you and sends your link to a friend. Then you could go viral and end up with a bunch of links. It happens. Just ask Tiger Woods. Post a link about a celebrity scandal and the whole world will see it in a matter of hours.

Another way to benefit from social bookmarking is for others to bookmark your site. Say you come across some really cool information in the course of researching for your next round of blog posting. If it’s valuable enough people will want to keep it, so they will bookmark it. How-to lists and recipes are generally considered great for attracting bookmarks. Obscure facts and good jokes aren’t bad either. Be creative and you’ll be surprised at the social media results you can get from a good blog post.

When creating new blogs for our clients we generally include “share” buttons for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These allow readers to instantly submit a link to a blog post to their social network friends and followers. You’ll see icons for some of these below this post. Please use them. As a leading Los Angeles SEO firm we know the value of social media and we’re happy to be the beneficiary of it whenever possible.


Thursday, 26 September 2013, 12:00 am

To get the most out of your website, social bookmarking should not be overlooked. Everyone that has a website, whether you run an online business or write a blog, wants to get more visitors to their website. There are many different methods for achieving this; though, social bookmarking has shown itself to be one of the most cost effective solutions for increasing traffic. When social bookmarking websites first came into existence, they were mainly used by individuals as a way to keep track of their favorite websites and other random web pages that they may have come across while browsing the internet. Users could then easily categorize and share their bookmarks with others. As these bookmarking sites grew in popularity, web administrators began to notice the advantages that social bookmarking could provide for their websites.

Build Quality Backlinks
The main reason for using social bookmarking is to build quality backlinks back to your website. Each time that you bookmark one of your blog posts or web pages, you are creating a backlink. These quality backlinks can help with the overall ranking of your website in search engine results pages.

Increase Visibility and Boost Business
While quality backlinks are an important part of good SEO practices, using social bookmarking is useful for giving your website more visibility. The top social bookmarking websites are viewed by hundreds of thousands of users each day. In addition to finding a bookmark to your website, users can share your bookmarks with others, increasing the number of backlinks to your site and the number of people that may come across these links.

Get Your Website Indexed Quicker
In addition to link building and visibility, social bookmarking can be used as a form of viral marketing. This helps get your website indexed in search engines quicker, allowing you to reap the benefits of social bookmarking as quickly as possible.

As with any aspect of SEO, the more visitors you can attract to your website, the more successful your online business will become. If the idea of using social bookmarking seems daunting, there are a number of SEO services available that can handle the task for you.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014, 12:00 am

Social bookmarking was all the rage a few years ago with many companies using hundreds of book marks linking and re-linking content. This was very positive for SEO because the links were fresh and considered good quality. As the system continued to be abused the bookmarking sites started to ban this sort of behavior. Does this mean that these sites have no value?

The Right Way to Do Social Bookmarking
When back linking these sites are very valuable but the use of techniques that flood multiple sites with huge numbers of links will only gain the ire of the sites and negative ranking by Google and other search engines. This means taking the time an effort to only link quality content and real news in a very limited range of sites.

Do Not Use Automated Bookmarking
There are many sites and some programs that will automatically post your content and news links to hundreds of social bookmarking sites. These will also cause the same problems and will impact your website negatively. This is another way that some sites try to artificially boost their SEO and they are quickly detected and punished by the search engines. When it comes down to it bookmarking requires a longer term view with a constant effort at expanding your links when you have a newsworthy item or a new piece of informative content.

A Few Months of Effort Will Pay Off
There are a number of quality companies that provide an integrated solution for social bookmarking. This means that content is added to your website or blog and a structured but responsible campaign of bookmarking. This continuous building approach is effective and can also be linked with social media to cast an even wider web. The best part is that because you are using genuine content and good linking techniques people will actually become interested and follow the links back to your website. Every piece of content send your links a little wider being seen by more people and linked to by more people as well.

It is becoming more difficult every month to take shortcuts and every month websites are being caught out and been penalized by search engines. If you have a long term business then it is very important that you do not put your ranking at risk.

Friday, 4 April 2014, 12:00 am

Social bookmarking is perfect for those who would like to tag and be tagged by reliable companies that can help! You will have the opportunity to show the world that you are well known and trusted by famous high quality companies of your field. You could also be bookmarked by famous writers who have blogs, forums and much more. In fact there is a wide variety of options for you. You will certainly be able to have the right tags!
Therefore social bookmarking is indeed a wonderful way to advertise and to get seen all over the web. You will be seen by those who should truly see you! Take a look at the following benefits and keep in tune with everything that you could be taking advantage of.

The Benefits
You will be indexed by search engine sites, which means you will have the opportunity to appear and rank better on Google and Bing for example. When you get indexed you will have the opportunity to enjoy the number of accesses that will be many indeed! The more bookmarks you have the more likely you will be of being seen by people that can truly use your content.

Social Media Can Also Be Of Great Help!
A social media submission is also an excellent way to have others see your content. Although this might sound very easy it is important you add the right categories, key words, key sentences, links and much more. The more SEO oriented you are the better. You will be able to promote your very own brand online, without the need to hire anyone to do that for you. It is very cheap, safe and you will have the opportunity to do it the way you want. Make sure you always provide high quality content after all you will be dealing with your own reputation. The more accurate you are the better. Make sure you take a look at this very interesting way to advertise and have your site ranking on top! You will certainly be able to feel the results and enjoy the quality as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014, 12:00 am

PPC Management is the key to success. You will have to pay some part of your profits to the searchers of course, however you will still be able to make good money out of it all. You will have values based on bids that you have won for certain keywords. Each PPC campaign is designed in order to increase the traffic of sites and increase the ranking/ profit.

Take a look at the step by step on how PPC Management and creating should be made.

  • PPC account setup can be done in Google or even Bing. You can do it in any other search engine optimization crawler.
  • research for the right keywords: If you do not have the right keywords you will certainly not be able to have the right PPC campaign. It is very important that you seek for the right sentences and words to have in your campaign. The more you research the better.
  • Have ads that call attention and that show what you have to offer: You should have the right advertisement so people see what you truly have to offer. The more creative you are the better, after all you will need to do PPC Management in the future and if you do not have good results it will not be good at all. If you invest in creative content right away you will be able to avoid complications in the future.
  • PPC and the bids: You will have the opportunity to pay the right amount of money for something that gives return. It is not good to invest in something that will not bring you any return right?
  • Landing page and its proper identification: Landing page is the page where the user will be taken once he clicks on your advertisement. It is important to have a high quality landing page that way your PPC campaign will be in vain.

The more quality of content that you have to offer the user the better. It is simply essential to invest in a good PPC campaign and to get the best that it all has to offer to you and to your business.

Saturday, 24 May 2014, 12:00 am

Social Bookmarking is very important for every business. You will be able to have companies bookmark you and you can also bookmark them! The more you do that, the better your business will grow and spread. You can increase your site’s visibility and have people from all over the world visit your page. The social bookmarking also helps companies do something called link building. Link building is also a great strategy to spread your name all over the market and get more clients. You should be able to do quality branding as well as improve your overall web visibility. You will have more traffic and will also be able to increase your ratings.

Experience Is Simply Essential
Make sure you only bookmark companies that are good and that will improve the quality with time. If you bookmark with companies that are not goof you will notice that your ratings will not go higher, instead they will go down and you will certainly lose quality before the market. If you pay attention to who bookmarks you and who you bookmark you will certainly be able to have great results down the road. The more you pay attention the better, after all you need quality and not quantity.

Expertise Also Makes a Difference
The quality of the company does matter a lot. If you see the bookmarked companies will add to your site then it is certainly a good idea to have them! However if you advertise (or even gets advertised) by a company that is not good or even that does not have a lot of experience then you will certainly face problems.

It Can Cost You Some Money
You should always look for companies that offer services and payment conditions that fit into your budget. Make sure you do not try something that is too much for you.

You Also Should Have High Quality and Fast Submissions
Before you hire the services of any company make sure you ask for their quality and speed guarantee. You should have such guarantee because otherwise you would be wasting your time and money in something that might not provide you the desired return.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014, 12:00 am

Social bookmarking sites are becoming more popular every year; there are currently hundreds of these forums on the internet with millions of users world-wide. It has become a very cost effective method of increasing targeted traffic for blogs and ecommerce sites. If your business is web-based, then you really should take advantage of this tool.


What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit or StumbleUpon, allow users to access several forms of internet content. This may be in the form of articles, images, news or webpages. The user can then bookmark and tag any content that they find interesting. They also have the option to share either through other social media platforms or within the social bookmarking site.

Why Use Social Bookmarking?

The most current statistics show several intriguing benefits to this social media trend when site content has been bookmarked, tagged or shared. A bookmarked piece of content makes it more “discoverable”.

  • Increased internet exposure
  • Increased site visits
  • Increased user engagement
  • Increased search engine indexing

It is not a big jump to assume that more visitors spending more time on a site combined with higher search engine rankings will result in an increase in business revenue.

How to Use

The first step to use social bookmarking as part of your online marketing plan is to identify several forums that are either general or may be focused on topics within your niche or industry. For example, if your website sells pet care products, then look for a site that is for pet and animal lovers. You will then create your profile and can begin submitting articles, images and advice. It’s important to keep your posts relevant and avoid having a “salesy” tone – this is social media.

Go One Step Further

Once you have begun posting to your profile, you can wait for other users to hopefully begin bookmarking your submissions, or you can take it one step further by utilizing these techniques.

  • Occasionally bookmark your own submissions.
  • Include “share” buttons that include social media and bookmarking functions in your articles.
  • Enlist family, friends and colleagues to read and then consider sharing or bookmarking your submissions.
Friday, 31 October 2014, 12:00 am

Social bookmarking has become one of the hottest social media trends, with hundreds of sites and millions of users. It has become an incredibly effective online marketing tool that increases site traffic and revenue. Establishing a profile and submitting content puts you and your website in the public domain for very little investment. We’ll talk about the top reasons you want to take advantage of social bookmarking now.


Increased Page Rankings

Search engine bots love bookmarked pages. In the past, our desktops allowed us to bookmark certain sites and pages, but the space for doing so was limited. Social bookmarking sites are free of these limits and additionally, users can share their bookmarks with other users. Including your website URL on your profile and with any content you submit makes your site more visible to the search engine crawlers.

More Search Engines

The use of a social bookmarking site or forum makes your website visible to more search engines, rather than limiting you to one or two. This is a really simple strategy and is remarkably easy to do. However, it does require some initial time investment, but it’s well worth the effort when you begin to see an increase in traffic.

High Quality Backlinks

The backlinks to your webpage from your content being shared are considered to be “one-way” by the search engines. This quality gives your backlinks more weight in the engines and they are viewed as having more value than other sources. Again, the result is an increase in site traffic, more backlinks and more internet exposure.

Stronger Customer Relationships

When social bookmarking is used appropriately and the content you post is relevant and helpful, you will gain a greater measure of trust and credibility with your current and potential customers and clients. Creating a profile puts a face with a company and people feel like they know you better. By offering relevant and valuable articles that provide solutions and practical advice, other site users begin to view you and your company as a source for solving their issues or meeting their needs. You will also enjoy an enhanced brand identity and awareness.