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Even the Search Engines are Doing Custom Blog Creation

Every time that Google comes out with a new product or service they blog about it. That’s expected by now. What was not expected was the custom blog creation they did for schema. It’s not part of Google’s main website, but it is a blog very much about a Google product. Did they want to separate this particular service from their others because it’s a collaborative effort with Bing and Yahoo or are they merely following suit with what they’re seeing the major marketing companies do? Could it be that Google is actually manipulating its own algorithm? Say it isn’t so.

If you go to you’ll see what we are talking about. Our first glance led us to believe that Google is still rating this as a Beta product and is not yet quite ready to put their full marketing strength behind it. The minimalist design and fairly limited amount of information available on the new coding system suggest that there may be more to come at some point. Either way, we’re thinking that schema is something to pay attention to, but not something to get overly excited about.

The blog approach is interesting, though. The main Google blog has been compared to a number of religious texts when techies are asked about its usefulness. Knowing what the search giant is working on next gives you an edge in national and local internet marketing. That knowledge is published – no secret to anyone, but you’d be amazed at how many marketing “gurus” guess at search engine changes instead of getting all the facts. Google schema is a good example of that. If you read everything there is to read about it you’ll know that it’s only slightly beyond the concept stage right now.

Here at Executive Decision Marketing, we use custom blog creation as a marketing tool to move our clients up the page rank ladder. The algorithms that determine page rank weight quality content as the most important variable in the equation. This was not always the case, but since Google Panda the only way to secure a spot on Page One has been through content development. Perhaps that’s why Google created a separate site to talk about schema. If that’s the case, the new coding system isn’t getting much attention. The Alexa rank for the site is still over 10,000. What do you think that means?

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