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Creative Blog Posting is More Difficult than you Think

For those of you who think putting these articles together is easy, we’d like to explain the process in detail. Creative blog posting is more difficult than you think. To begin with, you need to write some titles, do some keyword research, optimize the page with meta tags, descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, and do a few hours of research. Of course, that’s all before you even start to write. Once the initial work has been done you’ll need to sit down, stare at your computer screen, and come up with an opening line – for each and every post you need to write. Try doing that eight hours a day.

As a lead writer for Executive Decision Marketing, I am often teased by my wife about the amount of time I’ll sometimes spend on just one post. She wonders how in the world I produce the number of articles I do in a week’s time, a fairly significant number. It’s not easy, but the ideas continue to flow and our readers get consistently good material, only partially due to my efforts. Here at Webwise we have an entire team working on your custom blog posts, from the folks in the office doing the keyword research and coding to the editors who make sure our dots and crosses are in the right place.

If you do some research on the pricing and quality of writing on the web, you will find that what you pay for blog posts and content development here at Executive Decision Marketing is less than anywhere else you can go. We are also one of the few SEO firms that employ US writers, so those prices are even more incredible. Many of our competitors sub their work out to India or the Philippines and produce sub-par content that is obviously not produced by native English speaking writers. Beware of those. They are usually the companies that lure you in with offers of cheap forum posting or social bookmarking and directory submissions for pennies apiece.

Real writers take pride in everything they do, whether it’s a product description for an ecommerce website or a white paper for a research firm. Being a blog post writer isn’t glamorous and it certainly isn’t easy, but the results we see when your company goes to the top of Google Page One make it all worthwhile. The search engines have learned the value of quality content and their algorithms reflect that value. We, your writers, are here to make sure you get what they are looking for. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do that.

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