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Using Your Web Presenter to Announce Sales and Changes

You can change the message your web presenter puts out, you know. A lot of companies install that virtual spokesperson, program it to say something nice about their company, and then forget that they can change that message any time they want. You can use them for something other than just a stock sales pitch. In fact, many companies change the message of their web presenters each time they run a sale or make changes with their company. It’s fairly easy to do, especially if you employ the services of Executive Decision Marketing. We’re one of the leading innovators in web presenter technology, as we should be after over a decade in Los Angeles SEO.

The web presenter is a tool, not a permanent fixture. A tool is at its best when its many uses are taken advantage of. Your web presenter can be a welcoming presence to new visitors with a stock message they hear all the time or it can be a personality that your customers start to view as a helpful sales associate. Do you want to hear the same thing every time you log onto a certain website? Neither do your customers. Change it up from time to time so they don’t stop coming around.

Of course, to get the traffic to come to your website in the first place you’ll need to utilize some marketing and promotional tactics. As a full service organic SEO firm, our job is to get you traffic. We accomplish that immediately by running press releases and employing our PPC management team. After you change your web presenter’s speech to something new and fresh we’ll run a press release to tell potential customers something new and different is going on at your place. That should bring them through the door or in this case to your landing page.

To make sure the process works the way it should, our website SEO team can redesign your site and make sure that those visitors are captured and that you have the best chance of converting them into sales and sign-ups. We typically do this before we send out any press releases or run any ads, so make sure you ask us about it when you contact us about your web presenter. The elements listed here – your web presenter, press releases, PPC management, and website SEO – are each different services, but they’re all part of the same overall strategy to making your internet based business more successful. Contact us to learn more.

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