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Mobile Compatibility And It’s Effect On Local Business

What is mobile compatibility and how does it effect local businesses? The wide range of mobile operating systems, mobile browsers and smartphone manufacturers has created a compatibility nightmare for web designers. Many smartphones don’t support Flash! and as a result visitors to your sight see nothing when they’re on their smartphones. Some sights are mobile compatible but not mobile friendly, there’s a lot of zooming in and out for smartphone users and as a result a lot of your sites content doesn’t reach them because they move on to easier to view sites. In short, even if your local small business has great visibility through first page placement, your message may not be effectively conveyed to smartphone users. Should you be concerned?

Yes. Information Week reported there were roughly 1.5 billion local searches made from the 61.5 million smartphones currently in use. Few small businesses are truly taking advantage of this huge opportunity for exposure to consumers in their geographic areas. With that kind of untapped resource out there you need an expert in your corner that has experience in every facet of mobile compatibility and web presence. You’ll need someone to help you bring those smartphone users to your site and a site design that allows smartphone users to navigate easily, and find what they need and contact your business.

Truly mobile friendly sites use a tool that identifies when a smartphone or mobile user agent is accessing your site and shows that user a mobile website design different from the one those on a computer would view. Mobile browser, device, and operating system combinations are virtually endless so you can’t worry about your site looking identical on every one. You’ll just need to make sure that once organic SEO has done it’s work and the consumer is on your site; the content about your company, it’s products, and services is displayed in an easy to navigate and effective manner.

With 1.5 billion local searches via smartphone in 2010 and every evidence of increased smartphone usage in the years to come this segment of consumers isn’t one that can be ignored by businesses if they hope to remain viable. Locally owned small businesses tend to flourish when they focus on what they do best, whether that be a service or goods. They have experience and ability within those parameters. When it comes to web presence; making sites mobile friendly by reducing the amount of images or reducing load times by compressing images, SEO, driving traffic, and PPC advertising there are experts out there that can address these important issues more effectively than the average small business and in doing so allow the local businessman to do what he does best. Run his business.

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