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Ever find yourself legitimately listening to a web presenter?

Where’s the mute button? You know that’s your first thought when you see a web presenter walk across the screen. No one really wants to listen to those animated sales presentations, right? Have you ever found yourself legitimately paying attention to one of them? Here at Executive Decision Marketing, we’ve done studies and found that most folks tune out after a few sentences, unless those sentences catch their attention and the web presenter is in the form of an attractive woman or man. Both work far better than the cartoon characters a number of companies have tried and failed with.

There’s a lot that goes into the creation of new elements for a client’s website. We don’t just pick a web presenter out of the box and program it with a canned script. The first few words, the tone of those words, the posture and facial expressions, all are critical to capturing a visitor’s attention. Those times when you have found yourself actually listening to the web presenter? Those are the times when the marketing company has put their time and energy into doing it right. Chances are you were looking at one of our client’s websites that day.

The web presenter service is one of many that we offer as part of website SEO and design packages for small businesses. It may be the right choice for you and it may not. When it comes to presenting a welcoming and informative message, there are few better ways to do it, but if your approach is more technical you might want to go with a content driven method. You could also try video if your product or service lends itself to that medium of communication. We offer all three methods.

A specialist from Executive Decision Marketing will walk you through each of these mediums, web presenter, content, and video, and answer any questions you might have. We offer each as a stand alone service or you can bundle them together and take advantage of one of our small business SEO packages. We’ll customize one specifically for your needs and make it affordable no matter what your budget is. Call today to learn more.



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