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Use Mobile Website Design to Reach a Wider Audience

There are more than 2 billion phones and other mobile devices that are active and capable of accessing the internet. It is the fastest growing part of the market with the virtual disappearance of phones that cannot access the internet and the introduction of cheap pad devices using the Android operating system. Many people now have the ability to use the internet 24/7 from anywhere with these mobile devices so is your website easy for them to navigate and use?

Separate or Integrated
There are two main ways that you can present your website to visitors that are using a mobile device. You can use a system that determines the device being used and send mobile devices to a separatemobile website design that presents the same content buy in a format that is easier to view and use with a mobile device. The second way is to use an integrated website design that takes into account that it may be seen on many different screen sizes and tries to accommodate them all.

Which Is The Best Website Design Philosophy?
Strangely enough mobile website design companies prefer the separate approach while traditional website design companies prefer an integrated approach. Either can provide an acceptable user experience but there are some major differences that you should be aware of before committing to a new or upgraded website.

Integrated Website Design
This takes a one design fits all approach and use a compromise layout that is designed to look good on a small phone screen a medium pad device screen or a large PC screen. This is always going to be difficult because of the inherent difference in screen real estate. A smaller screen benefits from a simpler design that can be used more effectively and this approach if not handled well can leave a visitor on a PC with small islands of information in a vast sea of open space.

Separate Website Design
There is no doubt that having a separate design that carries over a theme and basic style can be very effective. The ability to ensure the best experience for all visitors is a major plus. However the development costs can end up being much more expensive and any changes to site design will most likely need to be implemented separately. It is recommended for sites that use dynamic rather than static web pages because this allows all of the existing content and databases to be used with the mobile website design.

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