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If you’re setting up a new business website and are looking for some direction, then you’ve found your way to the right place. At Executive Decision Marketing we offer top SEO services for online businesses. We can offer a complete package, or serve you in one particular area of your SEO to produce a professional and effective website.

One of the first things that people generally think of when it comes to building a website, is design. This can be useful for helping to visualise the project, and your website design will have a number of effects on your overall success online. Firstly, your website design will be one of the first things that most of your visitors notice, and first impressions count. Now there is no one way of building a website, but our advice is to keep things simple where possible, this will keep things looking less cluttered, but will also help your site to run more quickly.

Responsive design is also absolutely key today, and no new website online will go very far without it, plus, responsive design is now more cost-effective than ever. Responsive design is also known as mobile website design, and it’s all about ensuring that your site works properly regardless of which device accesses it. The main reason for responsive design is the change in the way that we use our mobile phones and browse the web. If you’ve ever entered a site on your mobile to find that it doesn’t work, this is an example of a website without responsive design. This works by using a grid system to re-scale your content depending on the screen size of the device being used, allowing a seamless experience for all users.

By building backlinks within your content, you’ll be able to pick up traffic, link with other related sites online, and have a fantastic, unique, and advanced SEO method at your disposal. Backlinks are hyperlinks that you embed within your content, and which link to other relevant web pages in order to demonstrate something or add greater detail. In time, the sites you link should even begin to link back to your own pages.


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