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In today’s digital age, most internet users are more accustomed to visual contents compared to written blogs. The rise and popularity of video SEO were further enhanced due to the change in audience preference. Video SEO Is used to rank videos on Youtube and Google. It allows specific videos to appear on top of search engines. Studies reveal that research for videos is completely different to SEO for blog posts. Therefore, companies which aim to promote videos and/or GIF content will have to optimize them for video search engines.

Video SEO is the process of improving the ranking or visibility of content on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. It allows videos to show up on the first pages of results. Video SEO holds more importance now more than ever because most internet users are more inclined to video content. The role of Video SEO Is to build metadata that is relevant to what people tend to always search for. Today’s digital space has transitioned from readers to watchers, and Video SEO allows users to immediately search the best-optimized videos for keywords entered.

Video SEO is used to leverage the information delivery and attention retention capabilities of videos in order to drive traffic to a specific website. It also works to promote conversion and retain audience visits. Companies which offer video products and content need to effectively manage views with the use of Video SEO. Video SEO specialists are tasked to generate keywords that are designed for video search engines. With the help of video SEO, internet users will effectively be directed to links presenting video content that are likely related to their search.

Video SEO is relevant in today’s digital age because the audience is now attracted to pictorial content. Video SEO immediately rose in this industry because of specific audience demand and the apparent need for video promotion in the field of internet searches.

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