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While a well-functioning mobile website should behave much like a desktop website, there are a number of factors which become relevant with mobile website design, which is less so in normal website design. In this post, we hope to give you an overview of what mobile website design is, how it works, and importantly, how to make the most out of it.

First of all, what distinguishes mobile website design from more conventional web design work? While originally content and web design were built for large screens, with the development of the mobile web, and wide-ranging use of mobile devices and tablets, it was necessary for developers to find a new way of designing to fit these varied screen sizes, the solution, responsive design.

Responsive design is all about creating a structure to your website which is able to respond dynamically to the screen size on which it is being viewed. The way this works is by measuring your page layout using a grid, which then simply scales up or down depending on screen size, while retaining consistency and integrity to your content, layout, and more.

Of the first key principles to keep in mind when designing for your mobile audience, simplicity is key. A complicated website design can have many issues when being viewed on a mobile device, and features may become corrupt, or may simply just look cluttered and untidy, distracting your viewer’s eye from the content.

The next key principle, related to the last, is website speed. Mobile devices are not subject to the same consistency with network and 4G, meaning that connections can be less reliable. By ensuring your website is simple, you’ll also be able to focus on website speed.

Last but not least, when designing for mobile, you must ensure the pages are finger friendly. The main thing to consider here are that all of your icons, menus, and other elements which need to be clicked are large enough to work with fingers and thumbs. You should also make sure that pinch to zoom works properly, as well as scrolling elements, and anything else which might be relevant here.


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