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If you were looking for a basic guide to utilising PPC management, then please return to the blog, as we’ve covered this in detail elsewhere. In this post, we’ll instead by focussing on more advanced PPC management methods to drive up results in your PPC ad campaign, while also trying to reduce your costs.

Firstly, what is PPC, and what are PPC ads and PPC management? PPC stands for pay per click, and it refers to a totally unique type of online marketing. Pay per click adverts are those sponsored links you find in the search engine, and they are hosted by search engines like Google. Placing an ad, or adverts is easy, you simply need to decide how to tag your advert, and what keywords to focus on.

As a rule, the most frequently searched terms will usually cost the most to use, though these will also likely yield the most voluminous results. It is the job of your PPC manager to create and edit your ads, to determine which keywords to target, and essentially to get you the very best results possible in the form of traffic increases, sales, advertising revenue, and so on.  Another big perk of pay per click adverts is that you can stop them whenever you decide, thus the name, pay per click.

By using keyword search tools your SEO expert will help you choose which keywords to target, from this point they will experiment with those adverts which are under performing while retaining adverts which yield a strong return on investment. It is possible to get fantastic value adverts by using conventionally less popular search terms, especially if these are applicable to your particular client base or demographic.

One last thing to mention with PPC adverts is their limitations. While PPC can be the best way to increase short term traffic, sales, and ad revenue, it can also be a waste of money if your website is poorly made, and if not enough SEO work has been carried out. As such, you will be paying for adverts to attract visitors, only for them to turn away when they see the condition of your site.

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