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There are many different companies that offer SEO and even claim to be organic, but as mentioned in the “Organic SEO as a Marketing Strategy” post there are some techniques you want to avoid and make sure the company you hire is not using. This will give you more detail in exactly what to look out for when trying to find an Organic SEO company.

The number one thing you should do is focus on content rather than technical loop holes. There are many studies that show the one thing that brings people back to a website is good content. People are seeking information that is well written and nicely formatted and although flash animations and other technologies can look nice a lot of them do not address the content needs of your site. Companies that employ some of these techniques are trying to leverage technical loop holes to increase your page rank and not dealing with what can be the larger problem content. There are good technological aspects that you should expect an Organic SEO company to use such as meta tags, relevant pages titles, etc but there are many more that should not be used. Make sure you look out for cloaking, redirects, multiple sites, key phrase stuffing, hidden links, and more, as these are not reliable and not the correct way to increase your page rank.

Another popular incorrect way to increase your page rank is algorithm chasing. Some companies try to reverse engineer search companies algorithms to try and get your page to rank higher. By doing so you are artificially ranking your page, in most scenarios. Artificially ranking your page can have many undesirable results. These include when a search engine changes its algorithm your page rank can drop dramatically and in some cases a search engine can have your site removed entirely from search results. So make sure that your site follows the common rules that nearly every search engine uses as a base for returning results and any changes to the algorithm will not affect your page rank dramatically.

Lastly you want to avoid linking overload and not developing new content. These are briefly mentioned in the first section but you want to avoid these. Linking overload includes such things as hidden links and linking loops. These are done in an attempt to increase the traffic of web crawlers thus increasing your page rank. Hidden or unrelated links should be avoid as they are artificial ways of increasing your page rank and unrelated links can distract user from your site. The content of your webpage is the most important thing of all so when designing or redesigning your website make sure that it is rich content that includes key words related to your market.

Always make sure that you are fully aware of how your site is being marketed and the techniques that are being used in this marketing. An organic SEO company that follows the correct guidelines will have your page ranked higher and it will stay higher for longer than other companies that are merely trying to find loop holes in the search engine.

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Why would someone want to use Organic SEO as a marketing strategy?

There are many reasons that Organic SEO marketing makes perfect sense. Eye tracking studies show that people who are using internet searches scan thought the results of the search from top to bottom and left to right, the same as they would while reading. While scanning search results searchers are looking for results that are relevant to their search criteria. Based on this information the closer you are to the top of the search results, or having a higher ranking, increases the number of searchers who will visit your site. While this is not guaranteed, studies show that it is true in the majority of cases.

When developing your website you might want to enlist the services of a firm or individual that specializes in SEO and internet marketing. SEO is an integral piece of internet marketing, and it’s usually one of the least expensive advertising options. A SEO company will make sure that you have content that is rich in keywords specific to your market and not just using the most popular keywords that would result in your page being buried among many others. This content will also be web crawler friendly so that search engines can index your information to get you the highest possible rank. Another technique is back linking. It creates links that leads a user from other website to yours and you place a link on your website creating a link back. By using back linking you create a loop for users and web crawlers to follow increasing your traffic and leading more people to your site, which in the end is the main goal. This increased traffic and web crawling also increase your page rank.

When creating a website and using Organic SEO you want to make sure you or the company you have working for you is doing it the right way. In summary here are a few things you want to make sure not to do.
• Look for technical loop holes and exploit them
• Employ algorithm chasing
• Linking overload
• Not developing new content
Some of these are just suggestions on how to make your site better but some of them can come with serious warnings. If you try to artificially increase your page rank, a search engine can have you removed entirely from search results. So you want to make sure not only to use Organic SEO but to use it correctly.

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Almost everyone with a website wants their site to appear higher in the results of a search engine based on what someone is searching for. In order to get web pages to rank higher in the various web search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live they need to be optimized based on certain keywords. There are many techniques to raise your page rank and one of the best is Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What makes Organic SEO different from other techniques used to increase your page rank? Organic SEO raises your rank “Naturally” meaning that it does not leverage paid advertising , sponsors being placed on your site, or becoming a sponsored site on a search engine. This is done through page development that enables web crawlers to find your web page and index your site and related links so that searches that included relevant keywords will retrieve your site and display it at a higher rank than before. You want the content of your page to be search engine friendly that includes adjusting your sites content, menus, and additional page features. When done correctly, this results in information being shown higher in search engine results based on the keywords that are being used in the search.

There are a number of reasons why this is valuable and preferred over other techniques such as pay per click and sponsored links. Data analysis confirms the fact that Organic SEO is one of the best options and shows how users use search engines can be seen at These graphs show that natural listings are almost always preferred. Advertising through pay per click ads will cost you varying amounts and having these advertisements on your site can detract from your content and lead people away from your site, which is the exact opposite of your intention. Becoming a sponsored site will also incur additional charges that might not be ideal solution for your company. Organic SEO can not only be cheaper than pay per click campaigns or sponsored links but people also often tend to trust the natural results of a search more. This is backed not only by studies but the belief that if this is truly a reputable site then there should be no need to have to pay to increase its visibility. This is very similar to companies that work more on word of mouth than advertising campaigns.

Whether in a difficult economy or not it is important to give yourself every advantage over your competitors. There are numerous studies describing user habits and how they use search pages and the common conclusion is that the higher your page rank the more traffic and business your site will receive. This is why it makes sense to use some search engine optimization when designing or redesigning your website.

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