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There are many common mistakes in web design that many people make that are often not done on purpose. Most of these are just oversights by developers that lack experience in usability or good web design experience. A poorly designed page will have users not being able to find information on your site or not being able to find your site at all. This can lead to frustration and result in lack of new site traffic and recurring traffic to your site.

The largest most important mistake being, pages with low search engine visibility. Since searching is one of the most common ways for users to discover your website it is important that you have employed some Organic SEO techniques to increase your page rank and make your website more visible to search engine users. SEO services are very affordable and can dramatically increase your site traffic. For more information on Organic SEO check out our other blog entries here.

One of the most basic mistakes is not changing the color of links and visited links. The user needs to have a good grasp on not only what is a link on your site but also past navigation. This helps the user understand their current location and where they can go from there and where they have already been. This comes in handy so a user can either not revisit a link they found to be unhelpful or revisit a link that was helpful. In order to gain these advantages though the user must be able to tell what is a link and if it has been visited yet or not.

Lastly one of the biggest things that frustrates user is having disorganized content so they are not able to find answers to their questions. This is where a website design firm can really help out. They can help you identify your target audience identify what information is most important to have on your site and most importantly how to organize that information. A well organized site with information that is on point will greatly increase the chances that a user will stay on your site longer and come back again, which if this site is for your business can mean increased sales.

These are a few common mistakes that some companies make when creating websites. By avoiding these mistakes and taking advantage of good design techniques you can easily gain a completive edge on your competition in this rapidly developing marketing area. The web is a medium that more and more people are using and their expectations of the quality of a web site are also increasing. So if you are looking for a company to provide you with quality web design look no farther than Web Wise Media and contact them today.

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Many people looking for information on SEO marketing or SEO companies for increased page rank come across the terms, white and black hat, and many of them are unsure of the differences between them. These two categories are broad enough that you can classify all the different SEO techniques under one of them. The basic differences between them are those techniques that search engines recommend and ones that they do not approve of1.

Any technique that follows the guidelines of search engines is considered a white hat technique. These SEO techniques are not meant to deceive or mislead the search engine into giving you page a false higher rank. In addition to following the guidelines are not the only thing that your site must adhere to, your site should also have relevant information on the site based on the keywords the page is ranked on. The user should be able to see the content on the site that they saw when they read the result in the search engine. There are other smaller techniques that are considered white hat but it can be summed up as creating quality content for users and making it easily accessible for search engines to locate using there crawling techniques. This will get your site noticed and quality content will get your page ranked higher thus in creasing your page rank the right way.

On the other hand black hat techniques do the exact opposite. These are methods that search engines disapprove of and can result in some serious consequences. Black hat techniques involve text that is not visible to the user, cloaking, or linking overload. Cloaking is the ability for a website to redirect search engine crawlers to one website and human visitors to another. This is done to deceive search engines and leads to a misleading page rank. Linking overload involves linking numerous sites that have no real connection to the topic or content and are added simply to try and increase page rank. With any website you want to avoid these black hat techniques.

When hiring a company make sure they are using white hat techniques such as Natural SEO, First Page Placement , and website development. If you try and use black hat techniques you can be in for some undesirable results for example in February 2006 Google removed both BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany for use of deceptive practices. So make sure you contact a reputable company like Web Wise Media today for your SEO needs as their track record and experience speaks to their quality.

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Many small businesses fail to reach the potential number of customers online because they do not advertise. There are a lot of myths behind online advertising and other online marketing techniques. Addressing these myths allows us to put to rest some of the fear and uncertainty allowing even the smallest of companies to begin benefiting from an expanded online presence through online marketing.

The biggest myth is that internet marketing is extremely costly and small companies can not afford it. In a recent online survey 25% of responders said that online advertising would break there budget. This simply isn’t true there are so many different ways you can market your business online you can choose the type and level based on your budget. For example check out a list of some of the possible solutions for your company here. No matter what your budget is there is some marketing technique that can help you attract more business.

The second myth is that internet marketing is too complex. Internet marketing can be complex but hiring an expert company that has a proven track record with SEO Services and additional marketing techniques can help eliminate the complexity. Web Wise Media works with its customers so that they understand exactly what is being done for them, and how they benefit from it. Informing the consumer is the best way to ease any concerns.

The last myth is that online marketing has a short duration or is not sustainable. This myth can be easily tossed aside because traditional advertising such as bill boards can be expensive and only lasts a short period of time. With a website you have a longer period of time to recover your investment and a majority of the time the investment is smaller as well. This can be seen from some clients who are still enjoying increased traffic due to online marketing.

So why choose online marketing?

Online marketing can be simple and very affordable compared to other traditional marketing methods. With the amount of consumers using the web it is becoming more important to not only have a website but to advertise it properly. The time to act is now and you can contact a profession company like Web Wise Media to handle all of the details for you at an affordable price.

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The new venue in web design is making your webpage compatible for mobile devices. Web enabled mobile devices are hitting the market at an increased rate and this means that more and more users are surfing the web from these hand held devices and these numbers are growing at a rapid rate each day. The internet has always been a popular source for things like directions or other information and now people are accessing it on the go as well. This increase in mobile browsing is not something that is here today and gone tomorrow, it is here to stay and many experts believe it is the new wave and will continue to expand at rapid rates.

What does all this mean for your business? Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, feels that mobile websites are valuable because of there portability and ability to give people easy and quick access to the internet while they are on the go. When you think about all the ways a person can uses the mobile web from looking up a phone number, to directions, to checking social network sites a growing number of people are using the mobile web and your company can take advantage from the start.

How to I become mobile friendly? In order to take advantage of these users you need to make your website easily viewable on mobile devices. You don’t have to worry though, you won’t have to strip down your current site in order to accommodate mobile users. Converting your website to be mobile friendly can easily be done by a professional web site development company such as webwisemedia. They provide a service just for this problem and to get your site on mobile devices.

So with the web expanding into new areas like mobile devices you don’t want your company to be left out in the dark. A professional team can get your site looking great to both regular browsers and to those mobile browsers as well. Contact webwisemedia to get more information on how you can improve your customer’s access to your site through the use of mobile applications.

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Organic Search or PPC? The question is being asked by thousands who are doing business on the internet and seeing that the cost of pay per click search campaigns seems to be getting higher and higher as the value of premium keywords rises. This leads to a need for more creative campaigns and many businesses are targeting secondary keywords because they simply can’t afford to run campaigns on their primaries. So the choice is presented. Should you continue with paid search engine marketing (SEM) or seek out ways to promote organic search results?

If the answer was a simple matter of calculating cost versus return the decision would be easy to make, but it is far more complicated than that. If you have a product to sell then you can gather data on how many clicks it takes to get a conversion. This tells you if your PPC campaign is worth it, provided your keywords don’t go up in price. If you’re using Google Adwords then you have to deal with their algorithm in the equation. The quality score of your website is an important factor in determining how much you pay for clicks and the formula used to determine it changes on a regular basis.

Of course, if you’re relying on organic search for quality traffic then you will still have to maintain a high quality score and now you also need to examine your links for their site’s quality score. The weighting system used by major search engines has changed recently to discount “automated” submissions to article directories and links obtained from “link farms” or sites that are only there for the purpose of posting links.

The numbers posted in the first quarter of 2009 by Adwords and other PPC programs show a decline in overall spending. Many believe this is due to more companies turning to Organic SEO and moving away from paid traffic. Others feel it’s a direct result of retail stores going out of business. Many of the giants, like Macy’s for instance, are closing stores and not spending money on internet advertising. The answer to the decline in ad dollars spent is most likely a combination of both.

The solution for your company should be determined by someone who is familiar with the changes in algorithmic page rank calculations and experience in link building and SEM. Paid traffic is still a powerful way to bring visitors to your website and should not be overlooked completely, but techniques used to increase organic search are more lasting. A quality article manually posted on a site with a high PR Page rating like Ezine remains one of the best methods to generate a link that will bring consistent traffic and high rankings from Google and Yahoo networks.

Properly managed PPC campaigns can enhance organic search techniques and bring you instant traffic while you’re building your own web of links and directory registrations. The answer to the question asked in this article should never be an absolute one way or the other. Each company’s needs are different and a quality internet marketing service will recognize your unique needs and guide you in the right direction.

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When deciding on a SEO company to assist you with Organic SEO it is extremely important to make sure they follow the rules and are ethical. If the company crosses the line even without your knowledge to try and deceive search engines about the value of the content of your page, then your page can be considered search spam. Your content is the real value of your site and search engines use your content to assemble Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). Since users usually choose a search engine based on the quality of its results, search engines try and eliminate any search spam pages.

So what is search spam?

Your site can be considered search spam if it uses techniques like irrelevant keywords, cloaking, link spam, doorway pages, hidden text and many other Black Hat SEO practices. These techniques will not benefit you in anyway and will actually lead to big losses down the road. First you will eventually loose your page rank because it is not based on high quality content. This makes the money you spent to increase your page rank wasted. The other most costly thing that could happen to your site is that it could be banned from the search engine all together. This prevents your site from coming up in any search for that search engine, and makes your site look untrustworthy, along with making it difficult for people to find your site.

How do you choose an ethical company?

To avoid being a victim of unethical companies there are a few things that you can do. First look at any testimonials and current customers that you might be able contact to see how happy they are with their service and what there page ranks are. They should have also credentials that are backed by institutions that shows they can do what they say. Weather you want Los Angles SEO or SEO in New York this should be done quickly and they should provide affordable SEO options. By doing a little homework into the company and following this information you will be able to find an ethical company to meet your needs and one you will be able to contact if you have any issues.

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With being in today’s technological era and the economy in a downturn, small businesses have a very difficult time gaining and retaining customers without a web presence. People in days past would drive to a store to get expert information on anything they needed weather it is a product or a service. Today more and more people turn to the internet and search for the products and services from there own homes. This allows consumers to find companies, gather information on them and their goods or services, and even compare prices much quicker than before. For this reason a lot of consumers prefer this new method of shopping. If a business does not have a website, they are missing out not only on potential clients but also the exposure that the internet offers. The web is now the place to be as more people start to use the internet day by day.  To compete one must not only have a website but one that is effective and easily found.

When consumers are searching the web they don’t take the time to look at very many results. This is why SEO or Orangic SEO is so important these days. To get your company high the search results is ideal. Some people think that this will be way to expensive for their small company but offer affordable SEO. There are some many things that companies can do for you to get your page to rank higher and increase site traffic you don’t have to break the bank to make this a reality for your company. Just look at some of the services that they provide. As a professional web design company, they offer affordable services to all types to meet your needs.

If you are unsure of the benefits that website SEO and a professional SEO company can do for you read some of the blog entries under Organic SEO Marketing. This will give you a good feel for what can be done for your company. Also you can check out some of the current client rankings of customers that use It is time to get affordable professional SEO to help your company thrive.

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With people and companies all over the globe creating websites to market and sell goods and services there are a few characteristics that are becoming a necessity for your website to have to help try and set you apart from the rest. For starters a successful websites bring people in and then keep them coming back. Studies show that most sites thrive of return visitors so it’s always good to keep your site up to date to offers users new and interesting information for them to come and see. Next you want your site to be easy to navigate, which can included rearranging your data into easy to find sections. This along with a sharp look will have visitors taking you and your company seriously.

So how do you accomplish all of this? The best way is to hire a professional firm that meets your needs and offers services such as small business web advertising, Organic SEO, content development, and website design. Internet marketing such as Organic SEO and first page placement helps to draw new people to your site, which is always important. Once you have new people coming to your site, now you have to keep people coming back. One of the best ways to do this is with a professional web design company that can help you develop rich content that will keep your visitors interested and also make sure that it is presented professionally. The best part is all this can be done affordably by a single company in a short time frame.

So if you are a Law Firm in Los Angles or a company in San Diego interested in Internet Marketing your company can have a better and affordable web presence that includes all the latest techniques like Organic SEO and the newest website design techniques to make your site a hit. With the movement of so much business to the web and the affordable website design solutions you almost can’t afford to contact a company like to make your sites popularity expand.

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Whether you are a small business looking for web advertising in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, or anywhere across the globe you want to make sure you employ a professional website advertising company. One that will not only provide you with an eye catching design but will also offers you Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services like Organic SEO. The way a company implements different marketing strategies will affect the potential increase in site traffic and the cost to your business.

Small business web advertising can be difficult and often times profession help is warranted. Some small companies get into the mind set that this type of professional help will be to expensive; however, there are companies that offer affordable small business SEO and other services. SEO services can be used for every company on the web, whether you need law firm internet marketing, clothing line marketing, or something completely different. They all can be done by one company. SEO is not the only type of marketing a professional company can offer you. Though and every company is unique, a few other options include, targeted email marketing, pay pet click (PPC) marketing, and first page placement. Although there are numerous other methods that you could use these are some of the most common and most effective when it comes to getting your company recognized over the web.

The benefits of internet marketing are vast. There have been many studies that show the benefits of using Organic SEO and professional website design. The benefits of these are proven and if you would like more detail check out some of our other threads on these topics. If you are ready to make your company standout on the web and increase your site traffic take a look at They are a professional firm with a number of services that can meet your needs. While it can be difficult to chose a company because of the number of options today. After reading what is all about I believe you will find that they are a company that has your interests in mind all the time and you contact them to get started on your advertising campaign today.

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With the introduction of more goods and services over the web, a large portion of today’s economy has shifted to the internet. Even people with no intent to purchase online are using the web to find companies and gather information, which leads to sales. This is making the web a highly competitive domain for every market no matter how big or small. With this in mind it is impossible not to want your company’s webpage to rank first in the search results on all of the major search engines. On the web you are no longer competing with just companies at a local level but you are forced to compete on a global level for certain goods and services. This means you need to stand out and above your competitors.

The problem is that you have to compete with thousands of companies on the internet offering similar goods or services. In addition search engines usually only provide about 20 results per page and studies show that users rarely ever go to a second page of results and select organic results from that first page or change the search criteria. So if your site is not within the first 20 results your business will not attract the type of traffic volume you desire.

The solution is to employ Organic SEO techniques which can be instituted by a company with the know how in a very short period of time. For example offers solutions that include Natural SEO and Top Search Engine Placement. These are some of the services that can employ for you to increase your company’s visibility on the web. This helps you develop a strong web presence and is critical to increase site traffic and business.

Some of the main advantages to these techniques include:

High ROI – You will rank higher and not be spending money on pay per click campaigns or bidding for key words.

Increased relevant traffic – By naturally ranking your page you will appear in search results for user that are naturally interested in the products or services you supply.

Staying power of your ranking – Organic SEO is more permanent in that it raises your rank the natural way instead of buying keywords that will result in diminished traffic when you stop paying for the key words or key word trends change.

The only question remains is your company ready for all of the possible benefits of SEO? If so contact to develop a solution that meets your company’s needs.

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