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When talking about directory submission first we need to explain what they and how they are maintained. Then we can go into how these can benefit your company. These directories can be a valuable especially when combined with other services. When talking about directories you must realize that there are many different types of which cannot all be listed here so if you think that after reading this it is a service you are interested in you should contact a professional company.

Directories are lists that are maintained by humans. The results of these directory submissions are compiled by subject category that are relevant, focused, and a great source of creditable information. These are not search engines and do not display web pages on keywords. Since these are sorted by subject this is how you view them and they even break down into sub categories with in subjects. This makes it so that you can find what you are looking for by category and name and does not put emphasis on keywords so there is no need for keyword competition or keyword over loading like you will see on some websites to get them to rank higher in searches.

There are many different types of these directories submissions. First of all are paid submissions which have a fee associated for reviewing the submitted website link. Next is a reciprocal that is a link that must link back to the directory in order to be listed. Free submissions do not have a charge associated with them. One of the unique links is featured homepage links that are usually listed on the homepage of the directory. While some of these directories are very general and accept all types of links there are specific niche directories that can be valuable when looking for specific businesses.

So what are the advantages of these directory submissions? One of the criteria that search engines use is links to the site and page rank is directly related to the number of links it has. So the more links your website has the higher your page rank. The reason that they take the number of links into account when considering page rank as it works similar to a referral service and search engines use web crawlers to fins these links to adjust your page rank. Now that you know about directories, if you would like to get started Web Wise Media has a proven track record with services and would be happy to get you started. TO get in contact with them check out there contact page.

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With millions of competitors vying for the same spot, businesses want to know if it is possible to get top placement using Organic SEO Service.

SEO generally refers to “natural” or “organic” SEO—meaning someone looking for a dentist in San Francisco types in “Dentist San Francisco” and finds several listings on the left side of the page.  This is considered the most coveted place to be for several reasons:

  1. The majority of search engine users (as many as 75% by some estimates) ignores the sponsored ad listings and only trusts the unbiased Organic Search Results.
  2. A business listed in the sponsored listings is paying to be there—as much as $5 or $10 or$25 per click—and there is no guarantee those clicks are from legitimate customers.
  3. By contrast, a natural result can be clicked on unlimited times by unlimited numbers of users at no cost to the site owner.
  4. A high natural ranking means that site is really popular (at least that is the implication) and people like to be part of the most popular anything.

So top natural listings attract 80% of people searching, and cost nothing to be clicked, while sponsored advertisers compete for the remaining 20% and pay for every click—whether the new lead is qualified and ready to buy, or a six year old playing with her mother’s computer.  Natural is naturally the place to be.

But how does a business get there?

Wherever there is a desire or a need, there will be companies lining up to tap into that market.  “A business owner looking to raise his or her presence on [Google, Yahoo or Bing and their respective partners’ websites] has thousands of choices available and it can be overwhelming,” explains Vlad Blits, CTO of “It’s easy to find someone who says they do SEO, it’s another matter to get one that gets reasonable results.”

If you have ever tried SEO and gotten poor results, you might conclude it is a waste of time and money to even try.

Of the thousands of SEO companies, you can bet that only a handful can really deliver meaningful results.  And what is meaningful in a business sense?  First page placement on relevant keywords is critical.  The majority of users never go to page 2, and of those that do, almost none make it past page 2 or 3.  So improvement from page 50 to page 5 might look good on an SEO progress report, but it means almost nothing in increased business results.  Page one is the grail.

So how does a business owner separate the myth from the grail?  When selecting an SEO company here are some key questions to ask:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What is your guarantee?  (Listen for page one or bust!)
  3. How many programmers and techs do you employ?  (SEO takes a village. One guy with a laptop won’t get you to page one.)
  4. Can I see examples of your other successful clients?
  5. Can I talk to some of your customers?

Locating an SEO company is easy.  Search “Organic SEO ” and/or “Natural SEO” (or “Website SEO” and/or “Search Engine Marketing.”)  Check the natural results.  If the SEO Company is ranked on page one you know you have one that has been around a while.

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Some companies need to get their name out there and make sure that consumers are aware of not only the services they provide but also some of the accomplishments of the company like awards or other accommodations. One way to get this attention is through press releases. No matter what the size of your business you can greatly benefit from this type of marketing. Whenever you can portray your company in a positive light is beneficial.

In order to get your press releases to the correct locations you need to leverage a press release service so you get the online press coverage you desire. You want to make sure that the company you choose to handle your press releases also has access to locations where you would want your information to be posted. For a list of some of the websites that Web Wise Media works with you can check out the complete list here. These press releases are a great medium to get your company name out there but also links back to your website and mention of your site can increase your page rank. This increase in page rank can also have positive benefits on Organic SEO and naturally raise your rank in search results.

In order to choose a company you want to make sure that they are handling your press release services correctly. First you want them to optimize your press release with relevant key words to gain the best ranking with search engines, leveraging some of the same aspects Organic SEO know as Search Engine Optimized Press Releases. Next you want the distribution of your press releases to be handled so that they are seen by as many people. Finally all of your press releases should be written by professional journalists that have the ability and experience to write incredible press releases that will grab the attention of readers. Reader attention is extremely important because a reader actually has to go through the release to make get the valuable information from it, such as what your company is, how it can benefit them, and how to get to your site.

Web Wise Media has all of the aspects to make sure that you have successful press releases. Check out their list of locations that they can submit your press releases and some of the other services that will combine nicely with them. You can get started today with new press releases today by contacting them.

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With the increase in site traffic there is also an increase in websites. Since websites are popping up all over the web people are using bookmarks more and more to keep track of their favorite sites. This is what brings us to social bookmarking and how it can help any site gain free traffic and isn’t that the best kind. This can be coupled with many other technologies that will help your company. These types of efforts are what sets your business apart and can help get your small or large business the recognition it deserves.

In order to participate in social bookmarking you must first register with all the social bookmarking sites. This provides more visibility to your site no matter whether you are a big advertising company in Los Angels or one of small companies around the world. Once you have your site properly tagged on these social bookmarking sites search engines crawlers can find your site more easily which can also help to increase your page rank naturally. This can be a included with Organic SEO. The other advantages to these bookmarking sites is people searching these sites are looking for content to bookmark and as more and more people bookmark your site increasing its popularity it will draw more people to bookmark it.

Social bookmarking is only successful if your content is interesting so you want to make sure that you have designed your content to grab a surfers attention and keep them coming back again and again so that they will want to book mark your site. If your content is interesting you might be considered to link-back from their website to your website. This allows you gain relevant links that are at least one-way links referred to as back links.

So social bookmarking is a great way to increase your page rank and traffic to your site. A company like Web Wise Media can get you on to social bookmarking sites to increase your page rank and increase your traffic. The results of this can be invaluable in whether it is an increase in sales or services rendered. With the growing presence of companies on the web today you have to set yourself apart any and every way you can. If you want to get started you can contact Web Wise Media today by clicking here.

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Many companies need advertising quickly and need increased site traffic while they are waiting for other methods to take effect like Natural or Organic SEO and that is where Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns come into play. PPC Campaigns are very flexible and can help with web advertising. Through out this article we will explain how PPC Management works and how every company from law firms to merchant companies that have a web presence can benefit. Since this is so popular throughout the world wide web you will see PPC Campaigns on almost every site as a way to generate revenue.

In order to explain how PPC Management works we will give a small example. Say you are a company that sells sports memorabilia and you want buyers from Los Angels. Anyone in Los Angeles searching for sports memorabilia or similar key words would see your ad along with other top ranked sites. This will include a link to your site where people can go directly to your site. Since this person is looking to buy sports memorabilia when they click the link to go to your site there is a high potential for a sale. The best part about PPC Campaigns is that search engines like Google do not charge you anything for just displaying your ad you are only charged when someone clicks your ad and is taken to your site. You can set up limits so that you only spend what you want to spend as soon as your click charges reach your amount your ad will no longer appear so that user cannot click on it costing you more advertising money than you expected.

There are a lot of differences in the types of budgeting you can do so every person is encouraged to look into the companies billing plans for your PPC Management. It is also recommended that you also work on a more permanent and less expensive solution such as Organic SEO. When looking at PPC Campaigns you want to make sure that your ads are being placed where you want them and that the company you choose to handle this not only has the ability but the experience and proven results. On such company is Web Wise media, to learn more about how Web Wise Media handles PPC Campaigns and the billing options you can click here. If you want to contact them directly you can go to there contact page, however if you are ready to get started you can click here.

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Are you looking for a new and innovative way to present content on your website? Websites today are starting to use Web Presenter technology more and more especially to give your website a more personal introduction that can explain site and you company. The important thing is you want any of these presenters to look professional and have their content be as logical as possible.

You want a company that creates their videos in house so that they are experts in the field and can make any adjustments that you might need to your presenter. Another reason this is important is because the most common problem with web presenters is unreliable content and poor video quality. This distracts people’s attention and does not give visitors a positive experience with your site. The length of these segments and then content presented go hand in hand and you want to keep the visitor interested in your presenter and not bore them. That is why the typical message is less than 60 seconds. The reason for this is that you don’t want the presenter to be going on and on about all the services, history, … of your company, you want them to provide some information to spark peoples interest that’s leads to potential sales or at least conversations.

Video spokespeople are very versatile as well and you can use them in many different applications on the web. We have already talked about using one on your own site to try and guide people through your site or simply provide a personalized intro. Another use for this technology is in pay per click campaigns these can be used on other sites to grab a users attention while they are browsing other sites and draw them towards your site. The quality of the video and the professional look can draw users to click on it for more information because of its professional design makes it seem more reliable than an add that is simply flashing at you.They can also be used in Top Page Placement Services too.

These web presenters or video spokesman are gaining an increase presence on the web. Many marketers are now being tasked with incorporating video and other multimedia services into their corporate web sites to take advantage of sight and sound that will engage visitors at a whole new level. If you think this is something that your company would like to take advantage contact a reliable company like Web Wise Media today. You can couple this with other services to gain a whole new look and maybe even traffic to your website.

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Flash is one of the technologies on the web that seems to be getting a lot of attention in web design because of its ability to have flashy graphics and animations and much, much more. There are a lot of other advantages to flash that make you want to revamp your entire site in Flash or just incorporate it into a few certain areas of your current site. The advantages of Flash have more and more people using it today as they realize that Flash is more valuable then those welcome/splash page usages of the past.

The growth in popularity of Flash is a result in its ability to do so many eye catching actions and the fact that some things on the web can only be done effectively with Flash. One of the major advantages of Flash is its Cross-platform compatibility. Flash is supported by upwards of 98% of web browsers today and as long as the user has the Flash plug-in you can be assured that your site will display properly and not be affected by differences in browsers interpretation like some html and other languages.

Animations are another major reason people choose flash sites. Animation is originally what Flash was created for and what it is best suited for as it is easy to create and view animations. Don’t want your videos to depend on operating system plug-ins like QuickTime or Media Player? Then use Flash. Flash is great at playing movies and does not depend on the Operating System like many other ways to play movies via the web. The last advantage I will mention is gaming. If you want you add a fun game to your site or have a site about games Flash games don’t have browser support issues like Ajax and other restrictions of other technologies. Flash games have taken off in recent years and you can find numerous sites of free flash games all over the internet.

Those are just some of the advantages of Flash and there are many more. When deciding weather or not to use Flash for your website or even a section of your website make sure to contact someone who has experience developing websites in Flash like Web Wise Media. They handle website deign in Los Angles and around the globe and provide numerous Web Design services in addition to Flash development like Organic SEO. If you want to contact them today you can do so by simply clicking here.

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With the development of countries all around the world and advancements in technology people in any country are able to access the internet. Optimization techniques can be fine tuned to a dominant search engine in a target area. When developing an Organic SEO approach you should research the market in the areas that you would like to target. Targeting an area will not exclude you from other areas it will just make your site more prevalent in the targeted areas.

So who are the major search engines that you should be concerned with? A report around 2005 stated that about 75% of all searches where done through Google. The number is often greater in countries outside the US for example 85-90% in Germany and close to 90% in the UK. Bring these numbers up to 2009 there are only a few markets where Google is not the leading search engine. In these cases there is usually a local search engine dethroning the search engine king. Some of these include China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Czech Republic where respectivelyBaidu,Yahoo! Japan,Naver,Yandex,and Seznamare market leaders.

How does this impact your company? It is actually good news that one search engine is dominant throughout the world making Orgainic SEO and other services affordable. You can target a wide audience with out much additional work. To gain better penetration into some of the other smaller or foreign markets can sometimes require additional work. For example in these international markets you may want to have professional translation of web pages, registration of a domain name with a top level domain in the target market, and web hosting that provides a local IP address.

A professional company will be able to accommodate all of your needs. Through a variety of services you can get your site noticed in any market. Make sure the company you select has references and is using White Hat techniques. Finally if you are ready to increase your web traffic whether you are in a big city in the US like Los Angeles or across the globe contact Web Wise Media today.

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Do you run a small business? If so then you have had to wrestle with advertising costs and incorporate them as part of your overall expenses of your business. Print advertising like phone directory ads, block ads, and many other print methods are very costly to the point it can be unaffordable for many small business. So, what are small businesses to do to get their company noticed on a smaller budget? The solution is the internet and online advertising through a website, organic SEO, and many other techniques to help your small business get noticed.

Today we have online search engine giants like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN and these three control a majority of the searches performed on the internet today. People search for products and goods and purchase them from the internet on a daily basis. This gives a somewhat more level playing field to small and large companies alike and this also helps you target those individuals mostly likely to purchase your products.

How fast is online shopping growing? During the Christmas season sales at traditional brick and mortar stores see an increase of typically 4%. This is considered there busiest time of the year and when stores make a large portion of their profits. The internet has been seeing a year after year increase of 30% and higher. For this reason companies are quickly trying to create an online presence and get themselves noticed. Hiring reliable high quality professionals like Web Wise Media can get this accomplished in a matter of days.

One way to get noticed is to join a site like Google’s or Yahoo’s advertising networks. Google has a program called AdWords and Yahoo has a Publisher Network which is very similar. Programs like these allow you to set up ads that appear on web sites in set areas so that you can target your selected audience more effectively than those blanket news paper ads and other print material. You only pay if someone actually clicks on your advertisement and goes to your site and limits can be set on the amount you want to spend so that you never are hit with a bill for more than you expected. These coupled with other solutions such as banner ads on selected sites can be far more effective at reaching the customer base you want and preventing you from wasting money on expensive print ads.

To help you get started with some of these techniques and others that can be just as beneficial you should contact a professional SEO company to help like Web Wise Media. They have a very diverse list of services to meet your company needs. So start helping your business today!

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There are many common mistakes in web design that many people make that are often not done on purpose. Most of these are just oversights by developers that lack experience in usability or good web design experience. A poorly designed page will have users not being able to find information on your site or not being able to find your site at all. This can lead to frustration and result in lack of new site traffic and recurring traffic to your site.

The largest most important mistake being, pages with low search engine visibility. Since searching is one of the most common ways for users to discover your website it is important that you have employed some Organic SEO techniques to increase your page rank and make your website more visible to search engine users. SEO services are very affordable and can dramatically increase your site traffic. For more information on Organic SEO check out our other blog entries here.

One of the most basic mistakes is not changing the color of links and visited links. The user needs to have a good grasp on not only what is a link on your site but also past navigation. This helps the user understand their current location and where they can go from there and where they have already been. This comes in handy so a user can either not revisit a link they found to be unhelpful or revisit a link that was helpful. In order to gain these advantages though the user must be able to tell what is a link and if it has been visited yet or not.

Lastly one of the biggest things that frustrates user is having disorganized content so they are not able to find answers to their questions. This is where a website design firm can really help out. They can help you identify your target audience identify what information is most important to have on your site and most importantly how to organize that information. A well organized site with information that is on point will greatly increase the chances that a user will stay on your site longer and come back again, which if this site is for your business can mean increased sales.

These are a few common mistakes that some companies make when creating websites. By avoiding these mistakes and taking advantage of good design techniques you can easily gain a completive edge on your competition in this rapidly developing marketing area. The web is a medium that more and more people are using and their expectations of the quality of a web site are also increasing. So if you are looking for a company to provide you with quality web design look no farther than Web Wise Media and contact them today.

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