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This week’s post is dedicated to PPC management. Here we’ll be considering what PPC ads are, and how PPC management can help to boost a campaign. We’ll also be looking at the main ways that a PPC manager can work to improve your results and return on investment.

Before we go any further, though, how does PPC management work in conjunction with search engine optimisation methods that you make use of? Well, PPC management works fantastically well when used with a strong approach to SEO, but you should be aware that a PPC campaign without the support of SEO, may be money wasted.

PPC adverts (or pay per click adverts), are paid search engine adverts which are found at the top of search engine results when you enter a relevant search term. These ads are usually bold, they feature before the main list of websites, and are labelled as “sponsored links” on Google, for example. The main benefits of these ads are as follows.

Firstly, PPC ads are great for putting your content right in front of your audience for all to see. These adds do the laborious job of tallying up your first page placements, increasing the chance that a visitor will find your website.They also have the benefit of sponsored by Google, giving new visitors faith that your website is what it’s advertised as.

It is the role of your PPC manager to run and manage your ad campaign. The main variable for this task will be the keywords and phrases you make use of in your advert text. The main idea would be to line this up as closely as possible with what you expect your audience to be searching for, and this can be achieved using keyword search tools such as Google Adwords.

Keywords used in ads generally become more expensive, the more popular and widely used they are. By experimenting with different variations, your PPC manager can try to improve the effectiveness of your campaign, and can even try to do so while lowering the cost of advertising to improve your return on investment.


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