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It’s our job to provide our clients with expert SEO advice and assistance, and in this post, we’ll be offering some key pieces of advice for SEO strong web design. Ideally, you’ll be offered some of these tips at the very start of your plan to build a search engine optimised the site, though, if you have already built or began to build your site, then these tips will certainly still come in handy at any time.

The first piece of advice that we offer to all clients when it comes to design is not to get too distracted with the appearance, and that the best website designs usually follow one key principle, namely, simplicity. In the early days of the web, it was common to find outlandish website designs with bright colours and flashing banners, but these tend to look tacky and also to detract from your content. Instead, focus on creating a functional and clear web design.

The second tip we’d like to offer for web design is to design your website with space in mind. There is little more you can do to create a visually attractive space than to give your content space. Having all of your content squeezed together can have the opposite effect of appearing too busy. Designing with space in mind is also essential to how effective your site will be when viewed using a mobile phone or tablet.

You should also consider one slightly less obvious element when designing your website, and this is speed. For your site to run quickly, your website should be built by trusted web developers, especially since an efficient building can make a big difference to running speed. Again, this becomes particularly relevant when you consider your mobile audience.

You should also consider whether your site would benefit from making use of any functional tools, like maps, instant call buttons, and so on. These tools aid your website by giving a more practical experience for your customer while making it easier for them to find their way to your location, or to get in touch over the phone.

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