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Majority of today’s internet users are more inclined to using handheld devices when navigating through the web. Most web pages these days are now accustomed to fit the size of mobile devices in order to give users easier access to it. Mobile websites are browser-based internet services that can be opened through smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. An effective mobile design must be responsive and will allow users to navigate the site efficiently. It should portray a layout which is appropriate for smaller screens and should be able to display all website content in the fit of a mobile device.

Mobile devices are now widely used for almost all agendas like searching for information, media marketing, advertising, and promotion, as well as socializing. With this, there’s a massive demand for websites to be designed to be accessed with mobile devices. An effective mobile design is expected to display texts and graphics correctly, meaning messages and context should clearly be depicted or read by visitors. One element of an effective mobile design is its ability to be timeless, which means it should consider evolving technology. A timeless mobile design is set to be suitable for all sorts of devices which may be invented over the course of time. An effective mobile design should also cater to a specific target market for better marketing and sales conversion. Designers should segment their audience and understand who they are creating the site for. Considering the age or work of a certain audience bracket may help designers create a more appropriate design which will effectively appeal to the visitors’ visual preference.

Finally, mobile designs should maintain the core content of the website, which means it should portray a continuous journey across devices and making it an exact reflection of the desktop version. Effective mobile designs should retain the content for both devices in order to make it easier for users to transfer from one device to the other. This is a feature that is mostly hailed by users because it saves them time and provides them with a convenient option to surf the web.

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