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Thursday, 04 August 2016, 06:20 pm Written by 

Video SEO is a thoroughly-explored field by now, having hit the big-time back in 2014. Almost any SEO guy can tell you the basics: keywords go into the title and description box, tags are important, and of course the entire transcription/closed-captioning thing is a HUGE keyword/LSI opportunity but only if you type it in yourself.

What most people don’t think about is that, just like any other website, Google (now that they own YouTube as well as our souls) pays close attention to how people interact with videos. They might not have a lot of access to data from some sites (and thank goodness!), but if they can, they’ll take a look at statistics that include:

  • How many people click on a video,
  • How many people click on a subscribe button if placed inside the video itself, and
  • How far into the video people, on average, watch before they click away.

That last stat, however, is far and away the most important. Look at it this way: if you click onto a video, realize it’s not what you want, and click away, what does that tell Google? It tells them that the thumbnail and/or title might be intriguing, but there’s a mismatch between what was promised and what was delivered.

What happens if someone clicks a Subscribe button at the beginning of a video, but clicks away a minute into a 45-minute video? It means they might like the channel, or think they’ll like the channel, but they’re not ready to stick it out. (On the other side, if someone completes the entire 45-minute video and doesn’t click Subscribe, they were clearly still interested enough to watch the whole video, which means the video itself is good, even if the channel isn’t motivating enough to capture the Subscribe.)

What does this mean in terms of maximizing your video SEO? Simple — it means you make your video promise something, and then you make your video keep promising, and then finally at the end you deliver hugely on that promise. If you can get them hooked, sustain interest, and then satisfy them such that they hang out until near the end, you just won a huge victory over other, less-interesting videos, even if the other videos have more tags filled in and a better transcription.

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Video SEO is another great online marketing tool. Many people say that Video SEO is this generation’s version of the infomercial. You Tube is one of the most popular ways that people are using video in order to do their marketing. The ads that you see on You Tube are paid for by the company that is advertising. This was a very smart decision on their part because of all of the people who watch You Tube videos each and every day. The real question is how can these videos help you to gain followers and customers?

What To Expect When Using Videos To Advertise
When you decide to do video marketing, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. There are a few ways that you can get more customers and followers simply by using videos.

  • Make a video of your products that shows your viewers that it can solve problems. If your viewers see that your products can benefit them in a great way, chances are they will order your products immediately after watching the video. People are very visual so when they see something that grabs their attention, they must have it.
  • You should host your own videos so that your customers know that you are just a normal person. If you show yourself in the videos, people will be able to relate to you as a human being. This is a great step in becoming their online friend and getting them to like all of your products.
  • Use YouTube! You Tube is one of the most popular websites in the world. By putting your videos on their page, you will automatically get more followers and customers.
  • Think about the keywords in your videos. Most people will use tags and keywords when they put their videos up online and you should do the same. The more tags that you have, the more people will watch your videos. Think about putting them on Instagram as well and use as many hashtags as you can to grow your audience.

By advertising with videos, you are joining the world of technology. Once your company’s videos get out on the web, you will see your sales increasing and your followers as well. You can rest assured that after watching your videos, you will have quite the following online.

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Merry Christmas! (Don’t worry, we wrote and scheduled this post way back in October — we’re not quite that obsessive about our blogging!)

When creating your website, it’s important to think about quality and focus on this as it’s the right way to approach SEO ranking.  Video SEO can help you to make an impact on the ranking of your site and this article will focus on the ways you can make this possible.

Provide Value – it’s important to provide an amazing experience for your audience and it’s important to be relevant to your customers and not to the robots:

  • Solve Problems and Provide Information – video content that helps your audience to solve problems or gives them important information that they find useful and relevant is considered great content and it’s very cheap to create.
  • Easy to Browse Videos – if you group your video into some kind of order by topic or content then this will make your videos easier to search for your customers.  Have a separate landing page for the videos so search engines can find each individual video and index it.  Make sure your video content is of good quality.
  • Be Interactive – when your videos are viewed you have the perfect opportunity to keep them engaged with added interactive content like further video links, quizzes and surveys or encourage them to take action.

Think Long Term – it’s important to stick to the basics and use common sense when using video:

  • Think About Metadata – rich metadata and smart content organization can provide a way to use keywords that may not be easy to be noticed, using hidden tags in the HTML code of the landing pages can be very useful.
  • Create Transcriptions – they can have a great impact on your ranking.  If you create a video, create a transcript of the content and allow your viewers to read the content if they are unable to listen to the video.  A transcript can also provide rich keyword content for search engine needs and you can also use this as a basis for blog posts where you can link back to your video.
  • Use Your Own Domain for Hosting – hosting your videos on your own domain will help you to build a video sitemap and you won’t need to give away your videos to another website that will take credit for your content.
  • Create A Video Sitemap – you need to link your videos to a landing page and create a video gallery.  You can find online video platforms that can automate the video sitemap for you.
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You might already be familiar with content SEO, or how to use strategized keywords and phrases to increase your website’s ranking in search engines. What many business owners overlook is the viability of utilizing SEO in their company’s business. As new technologies emerge, online videos are increasingly more popular (especially with younger consumers). Because of the diverse customer base you can reach through videos, you can organically increase your company’s rankings with video SEO.


What is Video SEO?

SEO curated specifically for videos is a relatively new technique. In recent years, online video hosting sites (think YouTube) have garnered global attention as a space for easy access to music videos, short films, documentaries, etc.

Video SEO works similar to any other SEO tool. First, you need content (video). Then, you need a keyword that directly relates to your content. Video-based SEO thus works around:

  • The title of the video
  • Description of the video
  • The video’s tags
  • The video’s URL


What is a Good Video SEO Campaign?

Like other e-commerce marketing techniques, a “good” video campaign will generate traffic (either directly or indirectly). Basically, a good campaign does the following:

  • Optimizes keywords and phrases in all elements of the video (see above)
  • Focuses on inbound links
  • Utilizes social media
  • Enhances the company’s search engine ranking

When you organize your video around keywords, there is a greater likelihood that a potential customer/client will see the video. Likewise, integrating social media into your campaign will help reach a greater audience and help you interact with potential customers/clients. To utilize social media in your video campaign, you might tweet out links to videos, upload videos to a Facebook page, or even have a company YouTube channel with video playlists curated around specific keywords.


Who Can Help My SEO Video Campaign?

Thankfully there are professionals who can direct you in the best possible methods of creating and executing a flawless campaign. Traditional SEO companies often don’t include videos in their services, so seek out SEO companies that cater to video content. Experts in video SEO will be able to properly identify targeted keywords, understanding the nature of search engine algorithms, and will be able to measure the success of your campaign and alter it as necessary.

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SEO is something you do to websites. Just stop and let that sink in. Websites need SEO in order to rank on the search engines. But generally speaking, you don’t talk about SEOing other things. You don’t SEO a computer. You don’t SEO a game. So what’s all the hubbub about SEOing a video?

There’s no Title or Description meta tag on a video. There’s no alt text. What does it even mean to perform video SEO in the first place?

Well, really, it doesn’t mean anything different for a video than it does for a website, because if you think about it, every video on the Internet is already on a site. If you want to see a video show up on the SERPs, you have to put it on a webpage, then optimize the crap out of that page.

If you’re using YouTube, for example, you want to use all of the tools that YouTube gives you to tag that video to Tartarus and back. Get your focal keyword and a half-dozen LSI keywords, and rain them liberally down into the Title, Description, and every other field you can find. Don’t be afraid to write a ridiculously long description — this isn’t your Description meta tag, and Google’s not ever going to try to inflict that 140-character limit on your YouTube descriptions.

Those of you that build branded channels are going to want to use them. The same fields that exist for your video exist for your channel, and there’s no reason to not make sure that there’s as least a roughly identical amount of keyword planting going on in the channel level.

If you’re not using YouTube, obviously, you can and should use pretty much every single normal on-page SEO trick that you’d use for any other landing page you build. For self-made pages, the advantage of a video isn’t an SEO-based advantage — it’s that videos convert visitors into sales much more effectively than text and pictures. Essentially, you multiply the SEO by the strength of the content, and a video is some of the best content you can get — so instead of talking about SEO of the video, you’re talking about SEO for the video, which is absolutely 100% just as important.

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One of the most powerful tools available in internet marketing is the use of video SEO. Videos, more that text alone, provoke strong emotions in the viewer and are more likely to result in actions such as liking and sharing. Using videos to gain higher search engine rankings are an effective SEO technique. Be sure you feature information such as your website URL and your phone information within your video. Getting your video to appear on page one of the search results isn’t difficult if you follow some simple tips. These will ensure you get the most benefit from your video marketing campaigns.


Social Bookmarking

Use the higher ranking social media and bookmarking sites in your video SEO campaigns. Look for the sites that rank at seven or more to get the greatest impact for your efforts. Post, share, like and bookmark your own video post to increase the likelihood that the search engines will discover it and place it higher in the page rankings.

Article Marketing

A very effective technique is to compose and submit articles that contain links to your video. Using targeted keywords within your article is important when you are working to increase your rankings. Each time someone posts or shares your article, a quality backlink is created. The major search engines look for quality backlinks in their algorithms when determining page ranking and value.

Video Submission

There are literally hundreds of sites that allow a user to submit videos. Many of them, such as YouTube, make it incredibly easy include the most relevant and effective keywords within your link that your video SEO campaign is ensured to be successful. You can also make use of major sites such as Flickr and DailyMotion for planting your video. Take advantage of all the tips these sites offer and you will quickly achieve first page rankings. Copy your links, making sure that you are using all the text contained in the description and you can begin posting it on a variety of social media and social bookmarking sites. This will result in more backlinks and enhanced internet exposure.


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Although video marketing, and so video SEO, are new tools within search engine optimization, they are things you should keep your eye on. There are quite a few ways that you can work on improving your ranking on search engine results, and here are a few easier ones that may have escaped your notice:

Make Sure Your Videos Load Quickly
Search engines automatically search for sites that load up faster, and you want to work off of that but making sure the load time of your pages is quick and convenient. Do your best to keep your videos short and catchy – you can leave greater amounts of detail on other parts of your site, but you want to keep your hub pages easy to access. Make sure to consider the resolution of videos, the size of the video player, and what sort of file it is – there’s a difference between SWF and MPEG 4, a faster speed with smaller resolutions, and so on. Inform yourself!

Don’t Forget Pinterest
Pinterest draws a huge amount of traffic every day, and that traffic will only increase over time – putting your videos up on the website will increase the chances of a new audience finding it, and so increase the chances of you getting more hits. If you already have videos uploaded on YouTube, you can point them right over to Pinterest without having to do a fresh reload.

Video Distribution
The more sites your video plays, the better the chances of showing up on ranks – it’s an important part of video SEO, and there are services around to help with his. You don’t have to hunt down every video site that exists: you can find someone to do it for you, who will make your videos fit for the coding of every website and keep a sharp eye on its viewers and other stats.

Use YouTube
It’s no mystery that YouTube is a popular website for video hosting – but you might not know that it is one of the second largest sites on the internet searched for information. If you want your content noticed, post it on YouTube: it will help your branding, and thanks to the social sharing options on YouTube, makes it more likely for your video to make the social rounds.

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The internet has become a powerful tool for people to search for the things they need – and so it has become a powerful tool for advertisement as businesses compete to have their website pop up on the first page of a search engine’s results so they can get more clicks, but that space is growing smaller over time: but still, there’s one frontier left to internet promotion. Video SEO– that is, video search engine optimization.

Businesses all over the net are beginning to see that they can seriously boost how available and visible their business is by investing into video SEO services – an application of normal techniques for SEO combined with modern techniques linked to video optimization that leads to higher results on search engines and more traffic to your website. Google, YouTube, Pinterest and other sites can all bring you a greater audience if you know how to apply them – or if you look for someone who knows how to use each service to its best.

You Might be Considering Video SEO for you…
Think about dipping into these ideas – they’ll do a good job of increasing your rank in local searches (that is, searches done by people geographically around you!), and ideas like these might be able to help supplement the experience and innovation brought to the table by a video SEO service.

Observe The Market: go on the internet. Pretend you’re a consumer, and start looking around your competitors. Are their sites easier to navigate than yours? Are they offering more things for the consumer – like coupons or deals? This is information you need to know. It’s better to get there first, but if you must, there’s no problem in looking at what people in similar industries are doing to get more and more business.

Focus: There are a lot of options out there when it comes to increasing your search engine rank and marketing yourself on the internet. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, or you’ll find yourself stretched thin and under stress: start with something small. Create a small video and put it on your website, and as you begin to get the hang of things, you can start applying other professional techniques for video SEO to your website to boost your search engine ratings.

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Who said SEO only existed for sites that have texts? In fact it is possible to use SEO on sites that are based on videos! You can implements and see the results you usually get with your regular SEO with videos. You can have your Video SEO campaigns with as much ease as you do when treating average sites. Take a look at the following 7 tips that will certainly be very helpful to you when you start Video SEO.

Here Are Easy Tips That You Can Follow Anytime!
1. Create the keywords before you actually create the video. This will help you better create your campaign. Have a very rich title, add useful keywords and share high quality content.
2. Embed your videos in pages that have similar keywords – which means the site should have similar content.
3. Try to have text with the keywords inside of your video. Only a few frames will do the trick.
4. Have your links inside of the video also contain the keywords you would like to focus on.
5. Make sure your audio is also rich when it comes to having the right keywords as well.
6. Crate a video site map. That way when search engine based sites such as Google and Bing crawl your content they will find what you would like them to see much faster.
7. Have RSS feed on your site. It is very important to invest in what people say about your video! Make sure you always pay attention to it that way you will never have to deal with certain complaints. It is quite easy to have the right content be seen by the right people.

The bottom line when it comes to video SEO.
Video SEO is definitely a very good way for you to increase the quality of your videos as a whole. You should invest in high quality campaigns that will assure your content gets seen by the right people. The sooner you get into this interesting universe the sooner you will be able to enjoy all of its great benefits that can become profit for you!

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The internet has really pushed video technology and almost anyone can make, edit and post a good quality video on the internet. There are many ways that you can use video to help spread knowledge and market your product or service.

Video Ranks Higher
The current policies of the major search engines boost video content that is deemed to be relevant for a particular search term or ‘keyword’. This means that is your video content is well serviced by video SEO techniques that highlight a particular keyword in the Meta tags, title and associated written information that it has a higher chance of being ranked not only higher but in the highest position.

Long Term Strategy
It can be a very good long term strategy to introduce a range of relevant, quality video content and use video SEO techniques to boost your websites SEO ranking. As you build a series of videos and promote them you not only improve your SEO but also your network of visibility. Over time people will discuss your videos and link to them at your website and on hosting sites like Youtube. Anything that has relevancy to the product or service you are selling will interest people including explanations of features, how to videos and tips on what it can do for a user.

Use a Professional
There are many companies that can help you to produce and market videos for your business. They can help produce a much more professional product and are very cost effective. The availability of low cost high definition cameras and video editing software has made this sort of production affordable to even the smallest business. While it may seem simple to do the job in house consider the time that this requires from you and your staff.

Video SEO Specialists
When the video is produced then it is import that it is promoted as widely as possible without it being considered spam by the search engines. It can be a common mistake to try and over promote in the hopes that it will boost effectiveness. It has the opposite effect and by selecting the right sites to link the video to and the best ways to use social bookmarking, social media and blogs you can get a very effective result without resorting to risky video SEO techniques.

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