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Wednesday, 15 June 2016, 05:56 pm Written by 

Just over a decade ago, people discovered the magic that was, the website that popularized the now-defunct term “social bookmarking” and also the incredibly-popular term “tagging.” Social bookmarking was hyped as a revolutionary way to share sites with other people and allow the crowd to decide what was awesome and what was weaksauce. (There was an earlier generation of social bookmarking sites, but they literally all died in the dotcom crash in early 2000.)

It didn’t take long for the SEO crowd to latch onto the idea of social bookmarking as a great way to snag a killer backlink for almost no effort. Sites like Digg and Reddit were authoritative, ‘nofollow’ wasn’t a thing, and it took all of 12 seconds to whip out an entry on one of these sites. Along with techniques like “submit your site to every directory on the Internet” and “comment on random blogs,” social bookmarking’s easy-linkbuilding value has died an ignoble death with Google’s aggression against SEO spam.

This, of course, means that Social Bookmarking is completely dead and no SEO company would ever use it…or, you know the exact opposite of that.

Putting the ‘Social’ in Social Bookmarking
See, at the same time that Google killed easy linkbuilding, they also did this other thing where they amped up the importance of social media mentions and social links for fresh content — which means higher placement, which means a better chance to earn longer-term, more authoritative backlinks from relevant sites.

So nowadays, social bookmarking on authoritative sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg (and industry-specific sites like Technorati and Slashdot) is done regularly by plenty of mid-sized players across almost every industry. It’s just not part of the “Content Creation” department — it’s part of the “Social Media” department. And even though for most of these companies, that means John does it in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning, it’s still an important part of the overall SEO process.

If a company tries to tell you otherwise, ask them in detail about their social media plan — you’ll probably find out that their social media savvy is a bit behind the curve.

Sunday, 06 March 2016, 01:19 am Written by 

Social bookmarking has become a trend in online marketing. Many people are not even aware of what it is. It is a way for people to basically store different website bookmarks on one public website. Instead of just saving it to your browser or desktop, you join this website that other people are members of and you basically add the bookmarks that you like. It works like websites such as Pinterest. Basically, everyone who is part of the website will see what you post and share. These bookmarks are usually organized by titles or tags. This is how others can find specific topics and websites.

How Can Social Bookmarking Help Your Website?
There are many ways that being part of a social bookmarking site can boost your views and your sales. People all over the world are part of these sites.

  • Your audience may only be in the United States right now. By joining one of the social bookmarking sites, you can begin to get international views and customers. This will be a great way for you to watch your business grow.
  • A great thing about the bookmarking sites is that search engines will show them whenever a person searches for a specific topic. This will be another great way for you to get more views and customers. If your company’s site is one of the websites that has been bookmarked on the site, chances are it will also be popping up in the results of a web search.
  • Bookmarking sites seem to be a chain reaction to other things like other bookmarking sites. Once you have been bookmarked on one site, chances are someone will do the same for you on another type of site. This will immediately cause your website to grow.
  • If people are viewing your site, but not buying from you, do not fret. At least you are now starting to get more views to your webpage.

This type of marketing is a great way to not only be social online, but also to get the name of your company out in the world of social media. This could be just what you have been looking for all along.

Sunday, 15 November 2015, 12:57 pm Written by 

For almost a decade social bookmarking has been an effective method for bringing traffic to your blog and increasing its exposure. Unfortunately, may businesses don’t know how to use this technique and this article will give you some tips to increase your blogs online presence.

Social bookmarks are like favorites on your computer but they can be accessed anywhere and shared with others online. There are a number of social bookmarking sites available such as Delicious, Digg and Reddit. The following tips will help you to make the most of social bookmarking for your own business.

Tip 1 – Understand Your Community
If you want to share your articles and attract a lot of people to your site, you need to know the community where you will be posting.  See what is popular at the moment and the tags that are attributed to the trending posts, read the content and see what could fit with your business.

Tip 2 – Create A Profile
Make a profile for your business and include a company biography, your logo and website address.  Create an interesting profile in order to give the best possible first impression.  Make sure you upload a few bookmarks for your business and that will help your potential customers know more about you and what you’re like.

Tip 3 – Start Networking
Once you have a profile in place you can start following others and finding others on the site that are within your industry.  You may be given suggested people to follow based on your profile, so check out their sites and see if they fit with what you’re doing.

Tip 4 – Get Noticed
It’s now time to start engaging your network and getting noticed.  You can vote for articles of others or comment on them but don’t just spam and post links to your own content or website, this is really bad form and probably goes against the site rules and guidelines, so make sure you read these carefully to find out what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of posting content and activities.

Tip 5 – Tag Tag Tag
The first sites to use tags were social bookmarking sites as a way to search for and find information contained in the site.  You may need to do some research to find the right tags to use for your content.  Make sure the tags you use are:

  • Relevant to your article.
  • Relevant to your company’s niche.
  • Popular on the sites you’re using specific to your business.

These tips will help you to direct more traffic to your blog and using social media opportunities can be part of your overall marketing strategy.  By using these practical guidelines and paying attention to the results of your endeavors you can make the most of social bookmarking for the benefit of your online presence, your business reputation and your profits.

Thursday, 27 August 2015, 03:15 pm Written by 

Social bookmarking has sparked a new era of sharing different media.  This online tool allows you to bookmark anything you think may be of interest to others and save the link in a list.  It has fast replaced the more old fashioned techniques such as sharing content through email.  The social bookmarking site works by sharing the link to specified content and saves it into a list created by the users of the website.  This allows others to search for specific content, browse what has been bookmarked and then choose what they wish to view.

There are currently several social bookmarking services available including Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Delicious whose influence are beginning to outweigh that of the major search engines because of the simplistic way topics are organized and positioned instead of having to trawl through lists of endless search results to find the information you need.


So what do you need to do to get started?  Just follow these simple steps:

1) A way to begin is to visit the various social bookmarking sites to look at the way they are set up – there are two main ways:

  • Copy and paste the link to the web page.
  •  Use widgets, which allow you to bookmark web pages as you are browsing.

2) Choose the social bookmarking site that you wish to use and register for an account.  You will be sent a user-name and password to access the website.

3) Build your list of links and organize your content by using topic keywords or by date.

4) Decide whether you wish you lists to be available publicly or more privately.

  • If your lists are public anyone who uses the site will be able to access the content.
  • If your lists are private you can control who has access to your list.

5) Find other users of the site and link to them by following their list.

Social bookmarking sites have become a popular promotional tool for blogs and websites.  It can also influence the ranking of websites in search engines and directs more visitors to your website which in turn will have a positive effect on your profits.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015, 06:54 pm Written by 

First things first, raise your hand if you know what social bookmarking is. It’s easy peasy, saving bookmarks in your web browser to allow you to save, organize, and even share links to websites. These bookmarks can be public or private, only viewed by individuals or specific groups inside of networks.

Social bookmarking is used by millions and increases the visibility of your site through networking. Here are some ways you can benefit from it:

  • Sharing is Caring. You can share your bookmarks and also get feedback by directly being involved with your constituents. It’s a collaborative process that allows users to set a value to certain page. It allows people to place their stamp on an article, video, or website and deem it visible, and that site could be yours. It’s a group project in a sense that gives your site credibility and endorsement for use.
  • You’re in Now: Building a Community. A social bookmarking site can get you a lot of wanted attention. It can connect you with people and businesses that are after the increase your visibility on the Web. These bookmarking sites can allow you to get into this system and your personalized bookmarks from any computer or internet-capable device. It also allows you to find equally amazing stuff online. Utilizing tags picked up from your bookmarks and frequently visited sites, you’re connected to more things you like. Users can use tags to search for particular interests, so stock your web page up with tags to increase your web traffic.
  • Improving Your Site Content. The best way to increase traffic to your site and increase bookmarking is to get your site on the best footing. People will want to save your pages if they have good content and will be even more willing to share links to it. The more people bookmark links to your site, the more search engines will bring new people to your web page, and users can actually vote for your site on websites, like StumbleUpon.

It’s beneficial to get involved with social bookmarking. You can save, list, and share your favorite sites. It’ll connect you with millions of people and remains an effective marketing strategy to get your name out there.

Saturday, 20 December 2014, 02:01 pm Written by 

Social bookmarking sites have been around for years, and they come into and go out of style in the SEO community. Sometimes, they’re spammy toxic poison, and other times, they’re legitimate backlinks. The funny part is, it’s not because Google really cares about social bookmarking as a whole. Social bookmarking as a whole is kind of meh as far as Google is concerned. They just want you to use sites that don’t suck.

With that in mind, presenting the top 7 social bookmarking sites for SEO as of December 2014:
Facebook: There is some debate about whether or not Facebook counts as a social bookmarking site, because the way that most people use it, shared links drop out of site (and thus out of mind) fairly quickly. But earlier this year, Facebook added a new feature called ‘save’ (creative!) that lets you create a permanent bookmark for any post you loved — which can include a post with a link to another site…which is the definition of social bookmarking.
Twitter: This paragraph should read almost identically to the one above it, but retyping it is a waste of time. Just replace ‘save’ with ‘favorite,’ and ‘Facebook’ with ‘Twitter.’
Pinterest: Probably the single most definitive social bookmarking site ever. Move over, Reddit and Digg and all — with its uniquely graphical style and intuitive interface, Pinterest has almost as many monthly users as Twitter, and is growing faster.
Google Plus: Google finally managed to make a social platform with staying power! With 150+ million unique visitors monthly, thinking that you can safely ignore Google Plus because it’s not Facebook is simply leaving money on the table.
Tumblr: Fandoms unite! Tumblr is another unique place, a microblogging platform like Twitter, but with features that encourage sociality far more than even Facebook does. The audience at Tumblr tends to the young, hipster, angsty, nerdy type, but if you can appeal to that, find a way to make Tumblr work for you.
Reddit: Probably the single most definitive social bookmarking site — other than Pinterest — ever. Reddit is like the granddaddy of social bookmarking, back before it was cool, except that Reddit is still mad cool. It’s also really easy to use, so there’s no point in not using it.
StumbleUpon: Claims to be a ‘discovery engine,’ and StumbleUpon lives up to its claim. The awesome thing about putting your bookmark on StumbleUpon is that your site will get put in front of the eyes of a wide variety of people pretty quickly. The not-awesome thing is that if your site is too blatantly commercial, it will get obliterated almost instantly — so save StumbleUpon for your best content-marketing pages, and leave the commerce to something else.

Friday, 31 October 2014, 06:04 pm Written by 

Social bookmarking has become one of the hottest social media trends, with hundreds of sites and millions of users. It has become an incredibly effective online marketing tool that increases site traffic and revenue. Establishing a profile and submitting content puts you and your website in the public domain for very little investment. We’ll talk about the top reasons you want to take advantage of social bookmarking now.


Increased Page Rankings

Search engine bots love bookmarked pages. In the past, our desktops allowed us to bookmark certain sites and pages, but the space for doing so was limited. Social bookmarking sites are free of these limits and additionally, users can share their bookmarks with other users. Including your website URL on your profile and with any content you submit makes your site more visible to the search engine crawlers.

More Search Engines

The use of a social bookmarking site or forum makes your website visible to more search engines, rather than limiting you to one or two. This is a really simple strategy and is remarkably easy to do. However, it does require some initial time investment, but it’s well worth the effort when you begin to see an increase in traffic.

High Quality Backlinks

The backlinks to your webpage from your content being shared are considered to be “one-way” by the search engines. This quality gives your backlinks more weight in the engines and they are viewed as having more value than other sources. Again, the result is an increase in site traffic, more backlinks and more internet exposure.

Stronger Customer Relationships

When social bookmarking is used appropriately and the content you post is relevant and helpful, you will gain a greater measure of trust and credibility with your current and potential customers and clients. Creating a profile puts a face with a company and people feel like they know you better. By offering relevant and valuable articles that provide solutions and practical advice, other site users begin to view you and your company as a source for solving their issues or meeting their needs. You will also enjoy an enhanced brand identity and awareness.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014, 05:00 pm Written by 

Social bookmarking sites are becoming more popular every year; there are currently hundreds of these forums on the internet with millions of users world-wide. It has become a very cost effective method of increasing targeted traffic for blogs and ecommerce sites. If your business is web-based, then you really should take advantage of this tool.


What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit or StumbleUpon, allow users to access several forms of internet content. This may be in the form of articles, images, news or webpages. The user can then bookmark and tag any content that they find interesting. They also have the option to share either through other social media platforms or within the social bookmarking site.

Why Use Social Bookmarking?

The most current statistics show several intriguing benefits to this social media trend when site content has been bookmarked, tagged or shared. A bookmarked piece of content makes it more “discoverable”.

  • Increased internet exposure
  • Increased site visits
  • Increased user engagement
  • Increased search engine indexing

It is not a big jump to assume that more visitors spending more time on a site combined with higher search engine rankings will result in an increase in business revenue.

How to Use

The first step to use social bookmarking as part of your online marketing plan is to identify several forums that are either general or may be focused on topics within your niche or industry. For example, if your website sells pet care products, then look for a site that is for pet and animal lovers. You will then create your profile and can begin submitting articles, images and advice. It’s important to keep your posts relevant and avoid having a “salesy” tone – this is social media.

Go One Step Further

Once you have begun posting to your profile, you can wait for other users to hopefully begin bookmarking your submissions, or you can take it one step further by utilizing these techniques.

  • Occasionally bookmark your own submissions.
  • Include “share” buttons that include social media and bookmarking functions in your articles.
  • Enlist family, friends and colleagues to read and then consider sharing or bookmarking your submissions.
Saturday, 24 May 2014, 06:22 pm Written by 

Social Bookmarking is very important for every business. You will be able to have companies bookmark you and you can also bookmark them! The more you do that, the better your business will grow and spread. You can increase your site’s visibility and have people from all over the world visit your page. The social bookmarking also helps companies do something called link building. Link building is also a great strategy to spread your name all over the market and get more clients. You should be able to do quality branding as well as improve your overall web visibility. You will have more traffic and will also be able to increase your ratings.

Experience Is Simply Essential
Make sure you only bookmark companies that are good and that will improve the quality with time. If you bookmark with companies that are not goof you will notice that your ratings will not go higher, instead they will go down and you will certainly lose quality before the market. If you pay attention to who bookmarks you and who you bookmark you will certainly be able to have great results down the road. The more you pay attention the better, after all you need quality and not quantity.

Expertise Also Makes a Difference
The quality of the company does matter a lot. If you see the bookmarked companies will add to your site then it is certainly a good idea to have them! However if you advertise (or even gets advertised) by a company that is not good or even that does not have a lot of experience then you will certainly face problems.

It Can Cost You Some Money
You should always look for companies that offer services and payment conditions that fit into your budget. Make sure you do not try something that is too much for you.

You Also Should Have High Quality and Fast Submissions
Before you hire the services of any company make sure you ask for their quality and speed guarantee. You should have such guarantee because otherwise you would be wasting your time and money in something that might not provide you the desired return.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014, 06:19 pm Written by 

PPC Management is the key to success. You will have to pay some part of your profits to the searchers of course, however you will still be able to make good money out of it all. You will have values based on bids that you have won for certain keywords. Each PPC campaign is designed in order to increase the traffic of sites and increase the ranking/ profit.

Take a look at the step by step on how PPC Management and creating should be made.

  • PPC account setup can be done in Google or even Bing. You can do it in any other search engine optimization crawler.
  • research for the right keywords: If you do not have the right keywords you will certainly not be able to have the right PPC campaign. It is very important that you seek for the right sentences and words to have in your campaign. The more you research the better.
  • Have ads that call attention and that show what you have to offer: You should have the right advertisement so people see what you truly have to offer. The more creative you are the better, after all you will need to do PPC Management in the future and if you do not have good results it will not be good at all. If you invest in creative content right away you will be able to avoid complications in the future.
  • PPC and the bids: You will have the opportunity to pay the right amount of money for something that gives return. It is not good to invest in something that will not bring you any return right?
  • Landing page and its proper identification: Landing page is the page where the user will be taken once he clicks on your advertisement. It is important to have a high quality landing page that way your PPC campaign will be in vain.

The more quality of content that you have to offer the user the better. It is simply essential to invest in a good PPC campaign and to get the best that it all has to offer to you and to your business.

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