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Thursday, 21 July 2011, 06:16 pm Written by 

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … well, maybe not that long ago or that far, but it seems like its been a while. The world of small business SEO has changed dramatically in just the past five years. Do you remember what it was like to attain high page rank with a small business back in 2005? Of course you don’t; it didn’t happen. The way the search engines ranked back then, only the biggest and the richest had a shot at the prime keywords in any industry. Buying your way to the top was a regular practice.

Enter the Google algorithm. It was there before 2005, but it was halfway through the last decade that changes started to be made which would alter the way that organic SEO was done. Linking, once a mass production exercise focused on volume only, evolved into a strategically planned campaign that had to be carefully thought out and executed. Linking up with just anyone became taboo sometime in the past two years; today it can actually result in you losing ground. That never happened in the days of yesteryear.

Executive Decision Marketing has been a leader in Los Angeles SEO for over a decade, so we have seen the evolution of the search engines and the formulas they use to calculate page rank and position. If you analyze each of the moves they have made in the past ten years you can see a pattern that will give you an idea of what comes next. That’s what we have done, and we haven’t been wrong yet. Being able to predict where the changes are going to come tomorrow helps us plan the marketing strategies of today.

It’s not that we’re clairvoyant. We use a decision-making approach that was also very common once upon a time – common sense. We take advantage of opportunities when they arise. During the recession a lot of big name retailers went under – companies that controlled their industry keywords for years. That left an opportunity for small businesses to gain a foothold and move up to search engine page one. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how we can do the same for you.

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Local internet marketing techniques are often limited to a few tried-and-true favorites. By and large, they map well directly onto the list of non-local internet marketing techniques; there are locale-specific variations of pay-per-click marketing, certain tricks that make sure your organic SEO strategies affect your rank in local listings, and so on.

organic SEOThere are also local internet marketing gurus that will tell you to do things like post ads on locale-specific classified ad sites (your local newspaper is probably a good example), or to join Facebook groups specific to your hometown and promote your business via social networks. These methods absolutely work — no bones about it. But they are only the beginning of the variations on local internet marketing that can be put to work for you.

One of the biggest routes to improving your foot traffic by changing things online involves getting changes made to your listings. Much like a traditional yellow pages ad, almost every directory of businesses offers an improved listing option. That option will cost a little bit of money, but the result — that surfers tend to see your ads first and might actually just miss a competitor’s ad altogether due to the difference in size and coloration — is worth almost any amount of money.

At the same time, many search engines and directory services rely on surfers to put in information about their local businesses — which means that you might not even be listed at all! Few SEO companies keep a decently comprehensive listing of local directories in order to make sure you’re on them — most will be content with making sure you show up on Google and Bing! and just leave it at that. Focusing on getting your name onto as many such sites as possible will improve your exposure dramatically for not that much effort.

One final rarely-used method of marketing your business locally is a mass Email. Very much akin to a physical mail-out, a mass mailing will usually require you to get a list of emails known to be local to your business and then, well, mail them! A single mass Emailing can bring significant business, and is almost never considered spam

Take full advantage of ALL of the local internet marketing services available to you — get in touch an expert organic SEO company and ask about it.

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Mobile website design is the most cutting-edge tool that many businesses have for reaching a broader audience than even traditional Internet marketing will allow. One of the most often-stated benefits of marketing online is that the Internet is open 24/7/365, worldwide — but associated with that is the idea that the Internet is still locational insofar as you have to be at a computer in order to access it. Of course, anyone with a smartphone knows that that isn’t true anymore, but a lot of web based businesses just haven’t kept up with the times.

local internet marketingMobile website design is your opportunity to make sure that you don’t fall behind. Back in 2002, Americans voted on the most important technology they used in their everyday lives, and cellphones came in at #4, behind television, landline phones, and Internet. Five short years later, the same pool in 2007 revealed that suddenly smartphones had become the number one technology Americans loves — and that 3 in 5 cellphone users take the phones to bed with them.

In terms of getting real business from your mobile-friendly website, think about this: in 2009, Google got 113 billion total searches — 1 billion from smartphones. In 2010, there were 127 billion total searches on Google, an increase of 13% — but there were 1.5 billion searches from smartphones, an increase of 50%. That growth rate is predicted to continue for at least the next couple of years, to a whopping 3.5 billion total searches in 2012. This is a quickly-expanding demographic that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Furthermore, the searches that people make from their smartphones are increasingly local searches, making mobile website design even more critical for offline businesses. Mike Steib, Google’s Director of Emerging Platforms, said “Google has seen a 500% growth in local mobile search from 2008 to 2010 and a 67% increase in mobile queries in the last quarter alone.”

If you have a small brick-and-mortar business and your website won’t show up on an iPhone, you’re already losing money. Get yourself a mobile-friendly website, to a little bit of local internet marketing, and get in the game!

No ifs, ands, or buts — if you own a web-based small business, SEO is the single most important thing you can invest your early returns into. SEO is very distinct from marketing, though the two have similar effects on your business in the end. The goal of both is to get digital customers through your virtual door — or, more accurately, to get web surfers to spend a while looking at your site.

The difference is that marketing — at least, in the traditional sense of advertisements — tends to be a one-time, hit-or-miss campaign. You put out an ad, and either everyone loves it and you see some significant boost in traffic, or everyone hates it and you don’t. There’s not much gray area, and there’s also not much by way of lingering effects.

website SEOSEO, on the other hand, is just the opposite. It’s not a one-time investment — well, some parts of it are, but there is never any end to the off-page SEO work that can and should be done. But unlike an advertising campaign, website SEO is cumulative. So while the first month of even year of SEO might not be as effective in the short term as a solid advertising campaign, it builds — and it keeps building.

Solid SEO will drive customers to your website forever, and passively. Well, semi-passively — you don’t ever get to call it done and just sit back and watch the customers keep trickling in indefinitely. Eventually, if you stop getting backlinks and attention from other sites, you will end up falling off the rankings, and your customer flood will turn into a trickle. But it is passive in that the customers themselves don’t need any of your attention to get to your website — because they’ll find it on the search engine results pages whenever they search for a relevant keyword.

It might not have the impressive returns of a successful traditional advertising campaign, but search engine optimization is the key to long-term, ever-increasing traffic — and that’s what every small online business needs more than anything else.

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PPC Management is a love-it-or-hate-it deal. Either you’ve had a bad experience where you lost money, or you’ve heard other people tell you it’s complicated and scary and you don’t want to get involved — or you’ve tried it and made money doing it, and you want to do it more (and better!). Most business owners who fall into that last category realize quickly that ‘more and better’ both come in the same package — a PPC management company. There’s just too much to do it all yourself, at least if you plan to make any really serious money with it.

Pay per click marketing is kind of like a rocket trying to escape gravity. You put money in (fuel), and you pick your keywords carefully (aligning your booster), and you click ‘go’. If you’ve done it right, the traffic will come in (rocket goes up), and the money you make (thrust) will exceed the money you spend (gravity). If you’ve done it wrong, your rocket comes sputtering back to earth, crashes, and leaves you staring at the burning wreckage and wondering what went wrong (and how you’ll pay for it all).

But that’s an incomplete analogy, because unlike a rocket, the website never reaches orbit. So long as you’re using pay-per-click marketing, you’re going to have to pay for more fuel constantly. Any sane businessman is going to want to get off of PPC management eventually (and on to some serious organic SEO if all goes well.)

organic SEOSo here’s a different analogy that may be more accurate: Organic SEO, with its backlinks and blogs and articles and SERPS, is like a marathon. Everyone has the same goal: to reach the end, where they can sit back and relax and watch their magnificent SEO cause floods of organic traffic that convert into sales and fill the bank account. Everyone might eventually get there, but PPC management is essentially like some special shoes that allow you to get a running start, getting serious money flowing long before you get near the end of the marathon, and essentially shortening the race by putting you a few miles in by the time the other runners are just slipping into their pace.

Ten words or less: PPC management is the head start you need to win.

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Targeted email marketing is a great way to reach potential customers for any business. No matter what your business is whether you are a web site design company in Los Angeles or a small company anywhere you can benefit from this type of marketing. The important part to targeted email marketing is to make sure it’s done right.

To do targeted email marketing correctly we have to take into account a few key aspects. The first is thing to discuss is targeted opt-in emailing. This is a way to confirm that the subscribers have requested that you send them information and that they are truly interested in the information. This option does require an extra step in collecting the users information but in the end you know that your database is full of strong potential clients. This also prevents you from spamming people and although this method can be more expensive than some other bulk email solutions the traffic that you get to your site will not random or accidental it will be people that are interested in your products or services and result in a higher ratio of sales.

You want to make sure that you are using a company that is dong targeted email marketing the safe way. This includes not spamming so that your emails don’t end up in someone’s junk email box. Legality can also be an issue when you are sending out bulk emails. The legal issues are also solved by using the opt-in option and even the doubled opt in options.

What us a double opt in options? This a very customizable option in that you choose what kind of audience you want to target and how many emails you want that the recipients will read/open. This way you get exactly what you paid for and you get to target a specific market segment. With a program like this you want to make sure that the company has a wide base of potential email leads in specific market segments and Web Wise Media has 250,000+ potential prospects that will receive your emails and like what they see from these professionally created emails.

It is so easy to start a target email marketing campaign that you should start today. In a few minutes you can fill out a request form and the experts from Web Wise Media will contact you to make sure your needs are met. They are a professional company and if you want to read more about the specifics of their options for targeted email marketing you can check it out here. Web Wise Media also provides numerous other services so you can check them out here. They have everything you can want for online internet marketing.

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When talking about directory submission first we need to explain what they and how they are maintained. Then we can go into how these can benefit your company. These directories can be a valuable especially when combined with other services. When talking about directories you must realize that there are many different types of which cannot all be listed here so if you think that after reading this it is a service you are interested in you should contact a professional company.

Directories are lists that are maintained by humans. The results of these directory submissions are compiled by subject category that are relevant, focused, and a great source of creditable information. These are not search engines and do not display web pages on keywords. Since these are sorted by subject this is how you view them and they even break down into sub categories with in subjects. This makes it so that you can find what you are looking for by category and name and does not put emphasis on keywords so there is no need for keyword competition or keyword over loading like you will see on some websites to get them to rank higher in searches.

There are many different types of these directories submissions. First of all are paid submissions which have a fee associated for reviewing the submitted website link. Next is a reciprocal that is a link that must link back to the directory in order to be listed. Free submissions do not have a charge associated with them. One of the unique links is featured homepage links that are usually listed on the homepage of the directory. While some of these directories are very general and accept all types of links there are specific niche directories that can be valuable when looking for specific businesses.

So what are the advantages of these directory submissions? One of the criteria that search engines use is links to the site and page rank is directly related to the number of links it has. So the more links your website has the higher your page rank. The reason that they take the number of links into account when considering page rank as it works similar to a referral service and search engines use web crawlers to fins these links to adjust your page rank. Now that you know about directories, if you would like to get started Web Wise Media has a proven track record with services and would be happy to get you started. TO get in contact with them check out there contact page.

Friday, 26 June 2009, 02:03 pm Written by 

Do you run a small business? If so then you have had to wrestle with advertising costs and incorporate them as part of your overall expenses of your business. Print advertising like phone directory ads, block ads, and many other print methods are very costly to the point it can be unaffordable for many small business. So, what are small businesses to do to get their company noticed on a smaller budget? The solution is the internet and online advertising through a website, organic SEO, and many other techniques to help your small business get noticed.

Today we have online search engine giants like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN and these three control a majority of the searches performed on the internet today. People search for products and goods and purchase them from the internet on a daily basis. This gives a somewhat more level playing field to small and large companies alike and this also helps you target those individuals mostly likely to purchase your products.

How fast is online shopping growing? During the Christmas season sales at traditional brick and mortar stores see an increase of typically 4%. This is considered there busiest time of the year and when stores make a large portion of their profits. The internet has been seeing a year after year increase of 30% and higher. For this reason companies are quickly trying to create an online presence and get themselves noticed. Hiring reliable high quality professionals like Web Wise Media can get this accomplished in a matter of days.

One way to get noticed is to join a site like Google’s or Yahoo’s advertising networks. Google has a program called AdWords and Yahoo has a Publisher Network which is very similar. Programs like these allow you to set up ads that appear on web sites in set areas so that you can target your selected audience more effectively than those blanket news paper ads and other print material. You only pay if someone actually clicks on your advertisement and goes to your site and limits can be set on the amount you want to spend so that you never are hit with a bill for more than you expected. These coupled with other solutions such as banner ads on selected sites can be far more effective at reaching the customer base you want and preventing you from wasting money on expensive print ads.

To help you get started with some of these techniques and others that can be just as beneficial you should contact a professional SEO company to help like Web Wise Media. They have a very diverse list of services to meet your company needs. So start helping your business today!

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Many small businesses fail to reach the potential number of customers online because they do not advertise. There are a lot of myths behind online advertising and other online marketing techniques. Addressing these myths allows us to put to rest some of the fear and uncertainty allowing even the smallest of companies to begin benefiting from an expanded online presence through online marketing.

The biggest myth is that internet marketing is extremely costly and small companies can not afford it. In a recent online survey 25% of responders said that online advertising would break there budget. This simply isn’t true there are so many different ways you can market your business online you can choose the type and level based on your budget. For example check out a list of some of the possible solutions for your company here. No matter what your budget is there is some marketing technique that can help you attract more business.

The second myth is that internet marketing is too complex. Internet marketing can be complex but hiring an expert company that has a proven track record with SEO Services and additional marketing techniques can help eliminate the complexity. Web Wise Media works with its customers so that they understand exactly what is being done for them, and how they benefit from it. Informing the consumer is the best way to ease any concerns.

The last myth is that online marketing has a short duration or is not sustainable. This myth can be easily tossed aside because traditional advertising such as bill boards can be expensive and only lasts a short period of time. With a website you have a longer period of time to recover your investment and a majority of the time the investment is smaller as well. This can be seen from some clients who are still enjoying increased traffic due to online marketing.

So why choose online marketing?

Online marketing can be simple and very affordable compared to other traditional marketing methods. With the amount of consumers using the web it is becoming more important to not only have a website but to advertise it properly. The time to act is now and you can contact a profession company like Web Wise Media to handle all of the details for you at an affordable price.

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With being in today’s technological era and the economy in a downturn, small businesses have a very difficult time gaining and retaining customers without a web presence. People in days past would drive to a store to get expert information on anything they needed weather it is a product or a service. Today more and more people turn to the internet and search for the products and services from there own homes. This allows consumers to find companies, gather information on them and their goods or services, and even compare prices much quicker than before. For this reason a lot of consumers prefer this new method of shopping. If a business does not have a website, they are missing out not only on potential clients but also the exposure that the internet offers. The web is now the place to be as more people start to use the internet day by day.  To compete one must not only have a website but one that is effective and easily found.

When consumers are searching the web they don’t take the time to look at very many results. This is why SEO or Orangic SEO is so important these days. To get your company high the search results is ideal. Some people think that this will be way to expensive for their small company but offer affordable SEO. There are some many things that companies can do for you to get your page to rank higher and increase site traffic you don’t have to break the bank to make this a reality for your company. Just look at some of the services that they provide. As a professional web design company, they offer affordable services to all types to meet your needs.

If you are unsure of the benefits that website SEO and a professional SEO company can do for you read some of the blog entries under Organic SEO Marketing. This will give you a good feel for what can be done for your company. Also you can check out some of the current client rankings of customers that use It is time to get affordable professional SEO to help your company thrive.

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