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Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 06:49 am Written by 


There’s no way around it, search engine optimisation is absolutely essential to online success, and in many respects, your SEO project will never really come to an end. This is because there are seemingly never ending prospects of attracting more customers, increasing sales, or boosting web traffic. In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the most effective methods of expert SEO that we assist our clients with.

First of all, why not consider making use of some of the less used SEO methods, as a way of getting one step ahead of the competition. One of these such methods, which is an effective SEO tool, which is easy to manage, and very economic, is custom blog creation. Custom blog creation simply means creating a blog space within your site in which you will be able to post additional content. Like all of your web content, this blog content is all an attraction to possible customers, and it also increases your overall content quantity, as well as broadening the subjects that you can discuss on your site.

Blogs work for two main reasons as an SEO tool. Firstly, they offer lots of new informative content to attract visitors. Secondly, the search engine will register these posts as an increase in activity, but they will also help the search engine bots and crawlers to contextualise your site.

If you regularly experiment with keywords, then this is another fantastic SEO technique to get into the habit of. The most important role of SEO experts in this process is looking at your existing content, and ensuring that each page of your site is filled with relevant keywords. To find these keywords, our experts will use Google Adwords, as well as other keyword research tools.

Next up, backlinks can connect your content with other relevant web pages to increase your traffic. A backlink is a hyperlink embedded in your text, and as you add these throughout your site, you will eventually find websites that link back to your site, allowing your two websites to in a sense share the audience base for both websites.


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Though in many cases, there is little difference between the way that a large company and a smaller one would navigate search engine optimisation, there are some key differences and some different ways that a smaller business might do the same things. In this week’s post, we’ll be focussing on top SEO tricks for smaller businesses.

First of all, whether you’re establishing a website for the first time, or if you’ve run business sites before, or even if you’re simply looking to give your existing site a facelift – the very best advice is to try to keep your design as simplistic as possible. For this reason, you should take a minimalist approach to web design.

It is natural that, depending on what type of business you run, you will have different needs depending. For example, a service for clown rental for kids birthday parties is going to be brighter in general than an accountancy website, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use your bright colours tactically in your logo, and other small details. There are a few key reasons for simple design, and these include the speed of your site, and in order to not distract too much from your actual content.

As a small business, you will find it slightly more difficult at first to build up your web pages to land on the search engine’s first page. As such, content quality becomes even more significant for smaller firms, and as such should be an early consideration. Your content is your chance to share your expertise with your audience. As one simple tip to improve content, be sure to check out the competition, so you know what you’re up against.

Responsive design is absolutely essential today, allowing mobile users to access your website without corrupting its integrity. Without mobile design, mobile users will click onto a badly fragmented web page, or perhaps it won’t work at all. Responsive design is now very cost-effective, and it works by scaling your web pages using a grid and displaying content in the relevant scale depending on the screen size of the device viewing it.

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At Executive Decision Marketing we develop our clients’ websites in order to boost online business traffic or sales. These are a rich variety of different methods available to our expert SEO teams, and in this post, we wanted to take a closer look at just a few of these methods. Our teams are happy to work on large scale projects, as well as carrying out small odd jobs that you might require.

For those of you that we might be going too quickly for, SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and search engine optimisation is all about how your website relates to the search engine in order to boost first page placements, web traffic, sales, and much more.

One of the most fixed rules for SEO of all time has to be that content is king. While SEO techniques can make the definite difference to whether or not you outperform your rival, first of all, you need to ensure that your content is right. Whatever your business does, none of your potential audience or customers are looking for the second best, which is why you need to try to stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to content. Our experts can help create or edit existing content, or otherwise are happy to help you with tips and tricks for creating or reshaping your own.

Next up in our key SEO checklist is keyword research. This involves searching for and researching the best key terms and phrases to use within your content. There are now a variety of tools available for researching keywords, which our team will supply as part of the service. These keywords are all about syncing your content with what your core audience is likely to be searching for.

Your web design, though superficial in some respects, can also play a huge role in how effective your website is. When designing your site, be sure to keep branding in mind, though, remember that too much design and fuss can be a bad thing, and too many design elements can even potentially slow your website down.

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In this week’s blog post we’ll be considering some of the different search engine optimisation methods used by SEO specialists in order to boost your web traffic. For those of you who might not know, SEO or search engine optimisation describes the various different ways of optimising your website in respect of how search engines work. Since you will generally rely on a search engine as a mediate between your audiences search and your website, these are all very relevant to your online success.

One of the most important elements of any website is the web content on each page of your site. Essentially, the content is all written information on your website, and in a sense, all other features of your site, including design, keyword research, blogs, and so on, are all there in support of the content on your site. Your content is what your audience visits your website for, and so it is essential that you get this right.

Your SEO specialists will either be able to create custom content for you or will otherwise be able to advise if you think that you are in the best position to create your own content, as the expert in your field. Other content inspiration can come from other websites, as well as your own competition, so be sure to keep a finger on the pulse.

The most important superficial element of your website is your web design. This should be created with your own brand in mind and should reflect your business. With this said, when it comes to web design, less is more. This applies both to the visual result of your website, but also to keep it running smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Additional web tools can also have a big effect on your website’s success. These can include instant click to call buttons, as well as map services. These tools are particularly valuable to retail businesses, restaurants, bars, and other similar enterprises which rely on seeing their customer face to face. Plus, you can even keep track of how many visitors use these services, letting you know how well it is working.

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Before setting off with your website plans it can pay to take some advice from SEO specialists. SEO is constantly evolving, and by having a clear understanding of what you plan to achieve you will profit from making fewer mistakes and with a more functional website at the end. This post is aimed mainly for the use of new websites, but the advice can also be applied by established websites. We’ll take a look at web design, as well as other useful and affordable forms of website SEO.

Smart Design
One of the first jobs that an SEO specialist will be able to assist you with is your website design. This includes creating the form, structure, and layout of your website. For this, you will need a rough plan of what content will be on your site, and how you think you should organise it.

Your design also includes the appearance and aesthetic of your website. The best advice here is to keep things relatively simple, keep colour schemes as neutral as possible (it can be difficult to read text with a bright red background), and make good but subtle use of branding throughout.

Finally, on the subject of design, you should ensure that you build your website with responsive design. Responsive design involves building your site so that it can respond to different screen sizes by scaling your web pages to fit the screen to proportion, enabling your site to be accessed by mobile and tablet devices.

Custom Blog Creation
Custom blog creation is a fantastic SEO tool for appealing to your audience as well as the search engine. Use your blog for rich content, for useful links, for news about your business, and in general to create a small community feel around your business. Your blog works as like a website within a website, and there are plenty of ways to take advantage of the extra compartment.

Backlink Building
Backlinks work by connecting your content to other relevant webpages. As an SEO tool these work by allowing the search engine a better idea of what your content is about, but also by offering your audience relevant and interesting information.

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When talking about SEO and the methods in which people can achieve top ranking websites or brands, video SEO is often one of those terms that is mentioned. However, there are many who are not aware of what type of SEO this truly is, which can make it harder to achieve.

What is SEO for Videos?
Videos that are seen on sites such as YouTube are going to include SEO within them to help them to rank higher. After all, when you go to YouTube and type in a keyword, those videos that come up are ranked that way for a reason. These videos do include the SEO keyword that the person has searched. For videos that are simply posted without the use of keywords, these are not going to be videos that are searched for. Though they may be watched, they are not gaining the attention that they could gain.

How to Gain Attention to your Videos
Now that you have the video, how are you going to gain attention to this video? The answer is video SEO. This means you must:

  • Utilize keywords
  • Have a title that is catchy
  • Include tags on the video

Along with these methods for the actual video itself, there are those who suggest that you:

  • Link build to the video
  • Share this video via social media
  • Consider syndication

These methods are going to ensure that the video is being seen, but also ensure that they are being viewed due to the keyword that has been used.

Keywords and Videos
When speaking of keywords and videos, most people think that this means including the keyword in the actual video. While you can do this, the search engines are not going to be using this as a method for ranking. Instead, you need to include these keywords in the title, the tags of the video and in the description. It’s the information that is going to be indexed in order to be ranked on YouTube or whatever another video channel that you may be using. The key is to understand keywords and do your research for those that are going to be searched and result in seeing your video.

Saturday, 12 November 2016, 03:19 pm Written by 

When most people see a successful website, they often think that the person knew what they were doing, and that is why they are successful. However, that is not always the case. The popular websites that are out there may be designed by professionals, but it boils down to the SEO that the website is using. There are several top SEO practices that are being used by those top websites out there, and there are several secrets in which you can use in your own website.

Keywords are Still King
One of the common reasons for a website to succeed is the keywords that are being used. And keywords are still king despite many people stating that the world of website ranking is changing. You still need to ensure that you have:

  • A keyword that is going to be associated with what you have to offer
  • Numerous secondary keywords related to the main keyword to ensure that you are covering all your search potential
  • Ensure that the keyword is being used on the website, but not used too much as you do not want to be one who utilizes keyword stuffing, as this will get your content ranked lower

Content needs to be Great
With the numerous websites that are out there, one of the top SEO methods to keep in mind is that your content needs to be amazing. This means writing about topics that are not being covered elsewhere. There are thousands of websites that can answer a question, so you need to provide a unique view on an issue or content in a different way than another website out there.

Videos are Popular for a Reason
A SEO secret that many people are not considering is videos. Video marketing has taken off in recent years and has become a great way to meet the SEO demands that are out there. For websites who are not getting in on the popularity of videos, they are going to find that in the end they are losing their consumer base. Instead, embrace the idea of video marketing and utilize this as a method to build your website SEO.

Wednesday, 02 November 2016, 03:14 pm Written by 

For those who have a website, they need to consider their mobile website design. It makes no sense to have a website that is available via a computer and not also available to be seen on your mobile device. However, there are several considerations that must be made in order to ensure that this mobile design is going to be one that works for those who visit your site.

The Design Should Be Easy on the Eyes
While many people want to simply take their computer website and move this to a mobile website, they often find that this makes the site harder to see. For example, the type may be too small or the color choices do not look as good on a smaller screen. This is why you must look at the mobile website as one that is completely on its own. For example, take into consideration:

  • The color scheme
  • The type of font
  • The size of buttons that consumers are meant to click on
  • The overall appeal of the website visually

Consider a Responsive Design
This type of mobile website design is fairly popular. The reason being is that this type of design is going to go from computer to mobile device easily. When a person logs onto this website with a mobile device, the device is recognized and the entire website is meant to conform to the specifications of that device. It makes for an elegant design that consumers love.

All Information Should Be Present
Too many people think that just because this website is not seen on a computer that they do not have to include all the information that would normally be found on a website. However, in doing this, they are making a grave mistake. The information that is found on your desktop website should be the same that is found on your mobile website. If not, consumers will notice the difference, and it could lower the company in their eyes. Thus, be sure that you include all the pertinent information that is regularly found online on your mobile website. Otherwise, you have wasted time in even creating this mobile website.

Sunday, 23 October 2016, 03:05 pm Written by 

Is your website not gaining the attention that you had hoped to see? In most cases, when a website is not performing as you had hoped, you are going to find that this is often due to the website not having that good of SEO. However, most people are at a loss as to how they are supposed to get their website up to performing as those websites with top SEO on the Internet. The good news is that everyone is capable of getting their websites up to the same standard and performing better.

Start with an Evaluation
One of the only ways to know why your website is not performing as it should be to evaluate what is going on. You need to look at:

  • How is your content looking? Is it unique enough to be something that is going to have readers coming back?
  • What types of keywords is your website focusing on? Are these keywords related to what you are offering the market?
  • How does the website actually look? Is it easy to view or is there too much going on that makes it hard to view?

Have a Plan
No website with the top SEO went at this without a plan. Once you have evaluated your website, you are going to have a better idea of where you need to be in order to get the website views that you want. With this being said, be sure that your plan includes information like:

  • A new set of keywords to hit, along with long tail keywords that could be included
  • Checking all the links to ensure they are working properly on the website
  • Looking at the loading speed, uptime and other technical issues that could be happening with your website

Keep Checking your Website
One of the top aspects to remember about your website and achieving higher popularity is that you are going to want to keep checking your website to improve this in any way possible. You are going to find that many top websites have dedicated team members who work on this aspect alone. Thus, do expect to put some time into ranking higher on search engines.

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There are many aspects of a website in which an administrator is responsible for. One of these aspects is the content that is being put onto these websites. For a business website, the need for business information, along with the services and the products that are offered is included within this website. However, one key component that many businesses do not consider is a blog. Luckily, for businesses that take the time for custom blog creation, they notice that their appeal to the market is increased. Why is this? There are several reasons, all of which we will take a look at.

A Blog Creates a Voice for your Company
For those who are considering custom blog creation, they need to realize that this is something that can create a voice for their business. This can go a long way in building your brand online, which is highly important. When you have a voice, this is going to make you one of the main players that people consider when they look online for a business of your kind. That is why so many businesses take the time to create and maintain a blog, even when they are super busy, as they realize the importance.

A Blog Makes You an Expert
For businesses that offer services to the consumer market, their blogs are often going to discuss those services in which they provide to the consumer market. Thus, a blog is going to prove that you do know what you are talking about. And from this point, consumers start to trust what you offer. They see the knowledge that you have about the subject, which is what you want the consumer to do. The more trust a consumer has in you, the more likely they are to use your business and recommend it to others. And this is all due to the information that you are blogging about.

Blogs are Great for SEO
For those who have blogs on their website, they often find that this makes it easier to rank for keywords. The blogs that are published are going to be those that are going to contain these keywords, which will help to rank your website higher on search engines.

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