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Tuesday, 13 February 2018, 04:03 am Written by 

Mobile Website Design has gained importance recently as more people begun to transition from the use of desktop computers to mobile and handheld devices. Mobile Website Design aims to consider various device sizes when planning to layout design elements. The limited space and restrictive nature of mobile have forced marketers, designers, and developers to consider the importance of specific functionality on varying screen sizes.

The new year also saw the emergence of contemporary trends that are gaining popularity in the field of mobile website designing. Designers believe that being constantly up-to-date is mandatory for their job and role. This coming beginning of the year, there are implications that designers are trying to move away from simple and closed compositions. They are keen to explore a more open-styled and seemingly chaotic design for their new and improved design projects for the year 2018.

The goal of mobile website design is to make online pages more engaging and user-friendly. Designs often change from year to year and designers are committed to follow the trend and keep their clients’ pages on top ranks in terms of gaining popularity. This year’s design concept is keen to present open compositions of loosely suspended elements. It aims to portray an idea that the design continues to exist beyond the edge of computer screens.

2016’s mobile website trends started to break the rule of symmetry and this year, designers are trying to promote dynamic compositions which will eventually lead to a design showing apparent chaos. According to new research, website developers in 2018 will consciously and deliberately move away from the minimalistic way of design composition in order to show a desire for greater freedom.

Mobile Website Design service allows online websites to have best responsive pages across a variety of devices. However, design trends still change from time to time depending on the trend for the year. Designers are committed to following changes to entice more audience and cater to a larger target market. 2018’s trend seems to lean towards the disruption of typical minimalistic harmony. It presents a design of elements that are split apart and situated at a fair distance from each other.

Saturday, 03 February 2018, 03:58 am Written by 

Social Bookmarking has proven to improve efficiency and made it easier to access tags and online bookmarks across different devices. Social Bookmarking is a service used to tag a webpage with a web-based tool so that it can easily be accessed later. It is a tool which is loved by all because it makes social tagging easier since it allows social bookmarking sites to be accessed on multiple devices as long as there’s internet connection. One good thing about social bookmarking is that it is an organized site for all content. Therefore, it allows users to browse through the page based on certain categories such as ‘most popular’ or ‘recently added’. It also proves to get audience interest because they can look at what other people bookmarked and find similar interesting things on their feed.

                Social Bookmarking effectively saves browsing time because it allows users to specifically search for what they want to see. Users describe the service as an easier way to ‘find the needle in a haystack’. Social Bookmarking allows users to quickly narrow down categories to find specific data or content. It is an efficient browsing website because users no longer need to scan through thousands of web results for what they are looking for.

Social Bookmarking is also a good way to generate more organic traffic since bookmarked pages are more likely to appear on top of search engine results. Tagged websites have an increased opportunity of being advertised or marketed to a larger population of the internet audience. Therefore, online marketers are encouraged to add social bookmarking buttons to their website to increase traffic. It is believed that adding bookmark links to content or blog will make it easier for readers to save and share their content and allow other internet users to find it.

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