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There’s no way around it, search engine optimisation is absolutely essential to online success, and in many respects, your SEO project will never really come to an end. This is because there are seemingly never ending prospects of attracting more customers, increasing sales, or boosting web traffic. In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the most effective methods of expert SEO that we assist our clients with.

First of all, why not consider making use of some of the less used SEO methods, as a way of getting one step ahead of the competition. One of these such methods, which is an effective SEO tool, which is easy to manage, and very economic, is custom blog creation. Custom blog creation simply means creating a blog space within your site in which you will be able to post additional content. Like all of your web content, this blog content is all an attraction to possible customers, and it also increases your overall content quantity, as well as broadening the subjects that you can discuss on your site.

Blogs work for two main reasons as an SEO tool. Firstly, they offer lots of new informative content to attract visitors. Secondly, the search engine will register these posts as an increase in activity, but they will also help the search engine bots and crawlers to contextualise your site.

If you regularly experiment with keywords, then this is another fantastic SEO technique to get into the habit of. The most important role of SEO experts in this process is looking at your existing content, and ensuring that each page of your site is filled with relevant keywords. To find these keywords, our experts will use Google Adwords, as well as other keyword research tools.

Next up, backlinks can connect your content with other relevant web pages to increase your traffic. A backlink is a hyperlink embedded in your text, and as you add these throughout your site, you will eventually find websites that link back to your site, allowing your two websites to in a sense share the audience base for both websites.


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In this post, we would like to shine a light on one of the less obvious forms of search engine optimisation, custom blog creation. Despite being one of the less obvious SEO methods, blogs can be highly useful for pulling in traffic, as well as for the sake of the search engine. By following the advice that follows, your website will not only be likely to find more traffic, and new visitors, it will also help your site to rank better with the search engine.

There are two primary ways in which custom blog creation functions as an SEO tool, though these two break down further into more specific roles, the main two functions of SEO are appealing to your audience, and appealing to the search engine. The first one is the way your audience experiences your content and the second concerns how search engine bots and crawlers are able to analyse your site.

The main results that you are looking to achieve as an indirect result of developing your blog include increasing first page placements. A first-page placement is a count of how many times one of your web pages was featured on the very first page of Google search results in relation to a user’s search.  Secondly, you will look to increase your overall traffic, in turn having a positive effect on your advertising revenue, or visitor count. Finally, you will aim to increase sales, if relevant to your business.

The main reason that your blog will have a positive impact on your visitors, is simply by offering them more content. Also, the content within your blog is likely to be a more niche, specialist nature than the content on your main website’s, adding a sense of authority to your site.

In terms of the search engine, custom blogging is useful, again, for offering extra content, as well as backlinks, choice of keywords, and the likes. This data is digested by search engine crawlers and bots, making it easier for them to determine the nature of your website and in turn by ranking your site more highly.

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