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Ever considered taking advantage of target email marketing? Here we’ll be explaining what it is, how it works, the main advantages, how you can begin to make the most it, and how to avoid the pitfalls. Some businesses will find more utility than others using custom targeted mail outs, but even if you don’t believe it to be relevant to your business, there are still ways that you can make use of this exceptionally simple marketing tool.

What is it?
First of all, what is targeted email marketing? As the name suggests, it involves making use of email to stay in regular contact, to offer information and news, as well as promotions to your customer base.

How to use it
The first thing you’ll need to do is to start building a database of custom email addresses. You can do this at various points on your website, most commonly, though, you may ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter as soon as they enter your site, or otherwise you might ask at the point of purchase. Once you’ve built up a healthy list of addresses, you can begin to put some marketing materials together.

Why use it?
There are many great and often overlapping reasons to use targeted email marketing, but the first one that always springs to mind is that it’s incredibly cost effective to send emails out, even to hundreds or even thousands of people at once. Emails are also very direct, allowing you to address many customers in a conversational way.

You may also wish to use targeted emails during sales and promotions as a way of spreading the word, and the same goes for introducing new product lines.

One caution to be aware of is to be sure not to overwhelm your audience, as too many email alerts are likely to have people cancelling their subscription, or blocking your emails. Instead, you should always try to use your targeted emails when you have something that you think will really appeal to your audience base. The more sparingly you use your ads, the more effective they will be.


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It’s our job to provide our clients with expert SEO advice and assistance, and in this post, we’ll be offering some key pieces of advice for SEO strong web design. Ideally, you’ll be offered some of these tips at the very start of your plan to build a search engine optimised the site, though, if you have already built or began to build your site, then these tips will certainly still come in handy at any time.

The first piece of advice that we offer to all clients when it comes to design is not to get too distracted with the appearance, and that the best website designs usually follow one key principle, namely, simplicity. In the early days of the web, it was common to find outlandish website designs with bright colours and flashing banners, but these tend to look tacky and also to detract from your content. Instead, focus on creating a functional and clear web design.

The second tip we’d like to offer for web design is to design your website with space in mind. There is little more you can do to create a visually attractive space than to give your content space. Having all of your content squeezed together can have the opposite effect of appearing too busy. Designing with space in mind is also essential to how effective your site will be when viewed using a mobile phone or tablet.

You should also consider one slightly less obvious element when designing your website, and this is speed. For your site to run quickly, your website should be built by trusted web developers, especially since an efficient building can make a big difference to running speed. Again, this becomes particularly relevant when you consider your mobile audience.

You should also consider whether your site would benefit from making use of any functional tools, like maps, instant call buttons, and so on. These tools aid your website by giving a more practical experience for your customer while making it easier for them to find their way to your location, or to get in touch over the phone.

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In this week’s post, we’ll be taking a look at expert SEO guidelines for building new websites. As you would expect, each website is unique in many respects, however, the general advice we offer here can be widely applied to any business in any industry.

Check competition
Though you may already have some sort of an idea of what kind of websites you like and dislike when it comes to building your own website, be sure to do a proper survey of other sites for similar businesses.

Be sure to look for those sites which are directly competing with you, and which come up at the top of search results for the same keywords that you plan to use. Consider design, content, structure, as well as what tools and utilities the sites use. At this stage, you should also start making a list of strengths and weaknesses in order to cherry pick only the best qualities to emulate for your own site.

Build base
Running a website is a long-term job, and you can’t expect everything to be perfect at first. You will continue to develop your site over the years, adding new elements, and constantly improving your existing content, design, and so forth. This is why when you first put a website together you should focus on building a simple, yet highly functional base. In other words, don’t over complicate things.

If your site is great, but a little basic, you can always experiment, try new things, add new features, and if they don’t work then you can always undo the change. If on the other hand, you start by creating an overly complex website, you may find many problems down the line.

Quality content
Quality content may seem obvious, but all too often does it end up being overlooked. It’s all too easy to get lost in designing a really fancy website but remember at all times that everything you do online is essential for the purpose of hosting… Content!

Use a blog
Last but not least, there’s never a better time to build a blog than when you first launch your site. Custom blogs are incredible SEO tools, and will also help to attract new business in your early days.


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