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Monday, 23 January 2017, 04:44 pm Written by 

Though the way that you build, design, and create content for your website will be distinct to your own industry, and your own business, there are also plenty of general ways that all websites need to use SEO. In this post, we’ll be looking at 3 top SEO techniques that can apply to any website.

Learn a little
Our first general tip for success that applies to absolutely all website owners out there is to learn a little about how websites work, get some key terminology under your belt, and try to wrap your head around search engine optimisation. With just a few key nuggets of information, you’ll begin thinking differently about the way you operate your website, and the direction you’re heading in. You’ll be able to apply what you learn in your day to day work, and this will motivate you to keep learning as you go.

Tick all the boxes
Write yourself a list of all of the different types of SEO technique that you think are worthwhile and achievable for your website. This list can include but is not limited to website design, responsive website design, keyword research, quality content, custom blog creation, and social bookmarking. Once you have all of the key areas of SEO worked out, make sure that you address each issue one by one.

Build from your Base
Once you know that you’ve covered all the main pillars of search engine optimisation it will be far easier to develop your website. Being familiar with each component of your SEO technique, and how they interact with one another, you’ll have a clear idea of how to move forward and build from your base. If you think that your website is weaker in design than in other areas, you can prioritise looking into ways to make your site more appealing, and so on.

As already mentioned, every website is different and will have different needs with regard to SEO. These three points, though, can be easily used by any site first lay the groundwork, and then to develop that into a distinctive and successful website.

Friday, 13 January 2017, 04:42 pm Written by 

Here we’ll be focussing on three key areas of search engine optimisation, offering expert SEO tips and tricks that will help give a boost to any website. By understanding how optimising your site works in relation to your audience and the search engine it will be easier to build on your SEO steps in order to advance in the future.

The first area we want to discuss is website design. Your website design includes the actual appearance, and structure of your website, and so makes up a considerable portion of your SEO task. When it comes to making an attractive appearance, try to keep things simple, and make sure you’re ticking all the boxes of good formatting, proper font use, and neutral use of colours throughout. Once you have something clear and simple working perfectly you can always try new things out and revert back if it doesn’t work.

The way your website is designed can also impact how effectively it works. By having unnecessary media, and complicated page designs, you might end up slowing your web page down.

The second area to focus on is your content. The content on your site is your absolute priority as the website owner since this is where you’ll demonstrate your expertise. Doing business online is like conducting business anywhere, and if you want to be the best then you need to offer something distinctive to your audience which your competition can’t offer.

Within your content, you will also need to tactically place the designated keywords for each page of your website. These keywords should be decided by your SEO expert, after thorough research. These keywords will help to identify your content to the search engine, as well as moving it in line with the expectations of your audience.

The third and final area of SEO that we want to focus on here is your website backend. The back-end of your site is where you place content, add images, and much much more. Part of the role of and SEO expert includes ensuring that your backend is ready with appropriate meta-titles, meta-tags, and meta-descriptions for each page of your site.

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In this post, we’ll be offering a general guide for rebuilding your website with expert SEO advice for building long-term success.

Survey your website personally –The first thing you need to do when re-building your website is to survey the website personally, looking for flaws, and setting priorities. If your website has been poorly designed in the first place and has since fallen into disrepair then consider rebuilding from scratch, especially if your site is not responsively designed for mobile use. If on the other hand your site is in good working order, and you’re simply looking to brush up a few things to make improvements, then move onto the next step.

Check out the Competition – Be sure to complete some thorough research on the strengths and weaknesses of your own competition, as well as the first sites which rank with the search engine for the same keywords that you’re trying to rank with. If you can minimise the weaknesses and try to offer all the strengths and more of the top ranking sites then you can guarantee your site will make big progress.

Focus on Content – Once you understand how you want to structure your site, as well as the functionality you are looking for, and other general improvements that you’re looking to make, it’s time to focus on your content. You should consider each component of your website to be the case around your content, content is your priority number one.

Whenever somebody searches something into a search engine they are looking for something in particular. They do not, however, want just anybody’s response, they are looking for an expert. If you can provide that expertise within your field in the form of excellent content, then you are sure to bring in a steady audience.

Get Expert Advice – Once you get to this point, you’ll finally have a proper idea of where you are, and where you want to go. You’ll be able to seek good advice, knowing the questions to ask, and the aims you want to achieve. From here the SEO experts will be able to take your own good researching and take the ideas to their furthest conclusions.

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