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Friday, 23 December 2016, 04:36 pm Written by 

When hiring SEO specialists to develop your business website it can be handy to have a little menu of the available services. This is especially true because, while not everyone is familiar with SEO, all businesses operating online will come into touch with it eventually. In this post, we’ll be covering the basics of what an SEO specialist can do for your website so that you can make the most of their expertise.

Website Design – Firstly, an SEO professional will be able to take care of each detail of website design, including mobile website design/ responsive design. Your website’s design is important for the first impression that you make with new visitors, as well as generally setting the atmosphere of your site.

Rather than letting a flashy website design do your talking, we recommend using a simplistic design, with a neutral colour scheme. The benefits of this include focussing the viewer’s eye on your content, as well as being generally non-offensive to any audience. Finally, one last noteworthy virtue of simple website design is that it allows your site to run as quickly as possible.

Keyword Research – Another critical job for optimising your website is keyword research. This involves finding the statistically most popular terms to use, given the particular subject matter on each web page. This SEO technique is one of the most traditional of all and is as effective as ever. Utilising appropriate keywords not only helps to match your audience to your content but will also be read positively by search engine crawlers, allowing your page to rank higher on search lists.

Custom Blog Creation – Building a blog for your website is another fantastic SEO technique at the disposal of your developers. Blogs make your site more active in the eyes of your audience and the search engine, and the offer a fantastic space for offering more expert advice, information, or even entertainment to your audience.

Other options available include targeted email marketing, social bookmarking, backlink building, content creation and more. For more information, get in touch with an expert today to discuss how they can help to improve your website.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 04:27 pm Written by 

This post is aimed at anyone currently building or rebuilding a website with the help of SEO specialists. We’ll be taking a look at each stage of development toward building a healthy website, with prospects for long-term growth, and a solid search engine optimisation base.

You should think of your website project as consisting of a few vital steps, each of which can be greatly assisted by an SEO expert. The best way to break down the stages is to think of four main components: the planning stage, building the website, content management, and managing the back-end of the website.

Firstly, the planning stage of your site will be where you decide exactly what will be on your website. You need to have at least a rough idea of how to structure your site, as well as deciding on the website design.

For building the website you will need to finalise how you order the site, including how pages link together, how your menu or menus will be broken down, as well as completing and making any edits to the design.

The content management stage includes deciding on the key pieces of content that will hold your website together. The content on your website is really what all of the other stages revolve around, and it’s what draws your audience in too, so be sure to prioritise your content. As well as deciding all of the content on your site, this also includes keyword research for each and every page of your site.

Last but not least, it is the role of your SEO specialist manage the backend of your website.  Though your audience will never see behind the scenes of your website, they can see side effects of sloppy management. The main reason that this stage is so important though is that by having a coherent use of keywords, categories, and by using meta titles, tags, and descriptions properly, you help to identify your content with the search engine.

These steps don’t only apply to those building a website from scratch, instead think of them as four areas of all websites that need regular attention in order to be doing the most to help your overall optimisation.

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