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Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 03:28 pm Written by 

When talking about SEO and the methods in which people can achieve top ranking websites or brands, video SEO is often one of those terms that is mentioned. However, there are many who are not aware of what type of SEO this truly is, which can make it harder to achieve.

What is SEO for Videos?
Videos that are seen on sites such as YouTube are going to include SEO within them to help them to rank higher. After all, when you go to YouTube and type in a keyword, those videos that come up are ranked that way for a reason. These videos do include the SEO keyword that the person has searched. For videos that are simply posted without the use of keywords, these are not going to be videos that are searched for. Though they may be watched, they are not gaining the attention that they could gain.

How to Gain Attention to your Videos
Now that you have the video, how are you going to gain attention to this video? The answer is video SEO. This means you must:

  • Utilize keywords
  • Have a title that is catchy
  • Include tags on the video

Along with these methods for the actual video itself, there are those who suggest that you:

  • Link build to the video
  • Share this video via social media
  • Consider syndication

These methods are going to ensure that the video is being seen, but also ensure that they are being viewed due to the keyword that has been used.

Keywords and Videos
When speaking of keywords and videos, most people think that this means including the keyword in the actual video. While you can do this, the search engines are not going to be using this as a method for ranking. Instead, you need to include these keywords in the title, the tags of the video and in the description. It’s the information that is going to be indexed in order to be ranked on YouTube or whatever another video channel that you may be using. The key is to understand keywords and do your research for those that are going to be searched and result in seeing your video.

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When most people see a successful website, they often think that the person knew what they were doing, and that is why they are successful. However, that is not always the case. The popular websites that are out there may be designed by professionals, but it boils down to the SEO that the website is using. There are several top SEO practices that are being used by those top websites out there, and there are several secrets in which you can use in your own website.

Keywords are Still King
One of the common reasons for a website to succeed is the keywords that are being used. And keywords are still king despite many people stating that the world of website ranking is changing. You still need to ensure that you have:

  • A keyword that is going to be associated with what you have to offer
  • Numerous secondary keywords related to the main keyword to ensure that you are covering all your search potential
  • Ensure that the keyword is being used on the website, but not used too much as you do not want to be one who utilizes keyword stuffing, as this will get your content ranked lower

Content needs to be Great
With the numerous websites that are out there, one of the top SEO methods to keep in mind is that your content needs to be amazing. This means writing about topics that are not being covered elsewhere. There are thousands of websites that can answer a question, so you need to provide a unique view on an issue or content in a different way than another website out there.

Videos are Popular for a Reason
A SEO secret that many people are not considering is videos. Video marketing has taken off in recent years and has become a great way to meet the SEO demands that are out there. For websites who are not getting in on the popularity of videos, they are going to find that in the end they are losing their consumer base. Instead, embrace the idea of video marketing and utilize this as a method to build your website SEO.

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For those who have a website, they need to consider their mobile website design. It makes no sense to have a website that is available via a computer and not also available to be seen on your mobile device. However, there are several considerations that must be made in order to ensure that this mobile design is going to be one that works for those who visit your site.

The Design Should Be Easy on the Eyes
While many people want to simply take their computer website and move this to a mobile website, they often find that this makes the site harder to see. For example, the type may be too small or the color choices do not look as good on a smaller screen. This is why you must look at the mobile website as one that is completely on its own. For example, take into consideration:

  • The color scheme
  • The type of font
  • The size of buttons that consumers are meant to click on
  • The overall appeal of the website visually

Consider a Responsive Design
This type of mobile website design is fairly popular. The reason being is that this type of design is going to go from computer to mobile device easily. When a person logs onto this website with a mobile device, the device is recognized and the entire website is meant to conform to the specifications of that device. It makes for an elegant design that consumers love.

All Information Should Be Present
Too many people think that just because this website is not seen on a computer that they do not have to include all the information that would normally be found on a website. However, in doing this, they are making a grave mistake. The information that is found on your desktop website should be the same that is found on your mobile website. If not, consumers will notice the difference, and it could lower the company in their eyes. Thus, be sure that you include all the pertinent information that is regularly found online on your mobile website. Otherwise, you have wasted time in even creating this mobile website.

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