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Wednesday, 24 August 2016, 02:26 pm Written by 

The search engine optimization process has changed significantly over the years. Many of the traditional strategies that were been used are no longer effective today. Artificial intelligence has been introduced as the new backbone for new search algorithm. Therefore, it is important to rethink of the various ways we’re going to do SEO in the year of 2016. Below are some important practices, which a Modern expert SEO should emphasize on:

Understand Relevant Information Vs. Keyword Targeting
The major issue with keyword targeting is that misuse of the keywords is easily noticed by Google. In return, Google places a penalty on your site by throwing it backwards a few pages. However if still done the right way it can still bring a lot of traffic on the website. However, relevant information is a good technic and a better way of keyword targeting than just stuffing the page with lots of keywords.

 Target Customers Locally
As an expert SEO, it is important to understand that local listings usually appear on top of the search results page. Therefore, it is advisable that you target local customers as it can turn out to be the most rewarding.

Understand that Back Links Matter
Google normally emphasizes on related info. Therefore, linking a certain website page with another site which contains relevant and quality info will have a good impact on the search results and this is likely to bring a lot of traffic on the website.

Understand Social Media Role in Modern Day Strategy
As an expert SEO it is important to understand that if a website contains great contents, then it’s more likely that it will circulate over the social media. This is the main reason why Google normally includes results from Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus etc. in its search results. Your business can attain a lot of traffic from the social sites if in return you maintain a habit of relevant and quality content.

Go Responsive
Responsive web designs which can accommodate both computer ad mobile users can also attract a lot of traffic to your website. Google normally recommends the use of responsive web design technique.

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The main role of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist is to analyze, review and implement changes on websites so that they become fully optimized for search engine use. This means in other words that the work of such a specialist is to increase and maximize the traffic to a website in order to improve the webpage rank within the search engines. Put in simpler language, it’s the work of SEO Specialists to ensure that when search engines are used, your website appears on top of the page. Due to the advancement of technology, the role of entails a lot today than it used to earlier on.

Qualifications that a SEO Specialist must possess
A modern day specialist must possess a number of skills. One of them is that he or she must be a problem solver and a decision maker. This is because this is a challenging task, which may require a lot of prioritizing on the relevant content to upload. Today, search engines are placing a lot of importance on quality content. Therefore, if your website lacks quality information it may end up lagging behind. Such a specialist also have to understand and include key words and phrases which attract a lot of traffic on the site. Such a specialist should also have knowledge of dealing with internal links and the ability to solve problems when trying to find the best approach to internal links. A degree and a minimum of three years’ experience is required for one to acquire this title. Additionally, knowledge of HTML, CSS, programming languages and blogging is highly desired. He or she should also understand SEO copywriting.

Major Roles
The roles of such a specialist include the following:

  • Analyzing of websites so as to improve them
  • Implement and test various search engine marketing techniques, website layouts and advertising for search engine optimization.

According to, the average salary of this job is approximately $45216. However, this differs from one company to another and is also dependent on the experience that one has. All in all, it’s a good career, which one can venture in.

Thursday, 04 August 2016, 06:20 pm Written by 

Video SEO is a thoroughly-explored field by now, having hit the big-time back in 2014. Almost any SEO guy can tell you the basics: keywords go into the title and description box, tags are important, and of course the entire transcription/closed-captioning thing is a HUGE keyword/LSI opportunity but only if you type it in yourself.

What most people don’t think about is that, just like any other website, Google (now that they own YouTube as well as our souls) pays close attention to how people interact with videos. They might not have a lot of access to data from some sites (and thank goodness!), but if they can, they’ll take a look at statistics that include:

  • How many people click on a video,
  • How many people click on a subscribe button if placed inside the video itself, and
  • How far into the video people, on average, watch before they click away.

That last stat, however, is far and away the most important. Look at it this way: if you click onto a video, realize it’s not what you want, and click away, what does that tell Google? It tells them that the thumbnail and/or title might be intriguing, but there’s a mismatch between what was promised and what was delivered.

What happens if someone clicks a Subscribe button at the beginning of a video, but clicks away a minute into a 45-minute video? It means they might like the channel, or think they’ll like the channel, but they’re not ready to stick it out. (On the other side, if someone completes the entire 45-minute video and doesn’t click Subscribe, they were clearly still interested enough to watch the whole video, which means the video itself is good, even if the channel isn’t motivating enough to capture the Subscribe.)

What does this mean in terms of maximizing your video SEO? Simple — it means you make your video promise something, and then you make your video keep promising, and then finally at the end you deliver hugely on that promise. If you can get them hooked, sustain interest, and then satisfy them such that they hang out until near the end, you just won a huge victory over other, less-interesting videos, even if the other videos have more tags filled in and a better transcription.

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