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Tuesday, 26 April 2016, 01:28 am Written by 

Last April, Google added another ‘supplementary algorithm’ to its current host (including Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and others.) This new algorithm, nicknamed Mobilegeddon! (you are required to put it in bold with the exclamation mark, by the way), affects about 50% of all searches. Specifically, it affects the 50%+ of all searches that come from mobile devices.

The upshot is pretty simple: if you have a webpage (and it is by page, not by website as most of Google’s other algorithms target) that is ‘mobile unfriendly,’ Google will penalize it to the depths of the SERPS, but only if the search is coming from a mobile device. So you could sit at your desktop and type a search, and then whip out your iPad and do an identical search at the same time, and get very different results because the iPad’s search results will be skewed heavily toward mobile-friendly webpages.

What does this mean for you in terms of actual business practice? Simple: it means that if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website (or at least a couple of pages on your website), you need to hire an expert to do some high-end mobile website design for you. Ideally, you would have one mobile-friendly version of every landing page your website contains, so that you don’t lose any traffic.

What does mobile-friendly mean? Well, on this, Google is pretty clear. It means:

  • Don’t use any bits that many smartphones can’t process (i.e. Flash, Shockwave).
  • Don’t use text that would be too small to see on a smartphone screen.
  • Don’t pack your links so close together that someone with Fat Finger Syndrome would have trouble tapping them.
  • Either use a Responsive Design setup that adjusts your website based on what kind of device is viewing the page, or use a mobile redirect that will send a mobile customer to a webpage that is mobile-friendly.

It’s that simple — if you can follow those rules, you can ignore the Mobilegeddon! update. If you need to make some changes to take advantage, don’t wait! The faster you can get your site updated to take the new mobile-friendliness rules into account, the faster you can recover the business you’ve been losing since April.

Saturday, 16 April 2016, 01:25 am Written by 

Video SEO is another great online marketing tool. Many people say that Video SEO is this generation’s version of the infomercial. You Tube is one of the most popular ways that people are using video in order to do their marketing. The ads that you see on You Tube are paid for by the company that is advertising. This was a very smart decision on their part because of all of the people who watch You Tube videos each and every day. The real question is how can these videos help you to gain followers and customers?

What To Expect When Using Videos To Advertise
When you decide to do video marketing, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. There are a few ways that you can get more customers and followers simply by using videos.

  • Make a video of your products that shows your viewers that it can solve problems. If your viewers see that your products can benefit them in a great way, chances are they will order your products immediately after watching the video. People are very visual so when they see something that grabs their attention, they must have it.
  • You should host your own videos so that your customers know that you are just a normal person. If you show yourself in the videos, people will be able to relate to you as a human being. This is a great step in becoming their online friend and getting them to like all of your products.
  • Use YouTube! You Tube is one of the most popular websites in the world. By putting your videos on their page, you will automatically get more followers and customers.
  • Think about the keywords in your videos. Most people will use tags and keywords when they put their videos up online and you should do the same. The more tags that you have, the more people will watch your videos. Think about putting them on Instagram as well and use as many hashtags as you can to grow your audience.

By advertising with videos, you are joining the world of technology. Once your company’s videos get out on the web, you will see your sales increasing and your followers as well. You can rest assured that after watching your videos, you will have quite the following online.

Wednesday, 06 April 2016, 01:23 am Written by 

Remember when the Internet first became popular and everyone who wanted to be popular started their own blog? Remember when Live Journal was the way that we shared our thoughts? Custom blog creation seems to be the wave of the future. One of the first questions anyone asks you when you tell them you own a business is “do you have a blog?” Blogs used to be just for people to record and share their thoughts on a specific subject like work or travel. Now blogs are one of the most popular ways to truly get your point across and sell your products.

Blogging now seems to be the way that companies share their products and allow their customers to order from the site. Custom blog creation can be done on quite a few different sites and most of these sites are completely free.

Blogging Sites That Are Easy To Use
There are many popular blogging sites online and here are a few that are easy to use.

  • WordPress is probably the easiest and most popular blogging site that you can use. There are premade blogs that you can choose to make for your own. There are many themes that you can choose from and you will be so excited to show off your HTML talents to everyone. You can even design a custom store on WordPress that is connected to your Pay Pal or Square Cash accounts. This will make it simple for your customers to shop on your blog.
  • Squarespace is a blog that is $8 a month to use. It is actually a bit easier to work than WordPress. Along with building a blog, you also get to build your own website with Squarespace. This is what makes this a great deal. You could have a blog for your company and a store website all for the low price.
  • Tumblr is the coolest blog program online. It is easy to use and everyone loves sharing their ideas and opinions on it. This has been one of the most popular blogging sites since it came online. It is free to use, but the downfall is that it has a lot of advertising. It is a popular way to get new viewers to your site though.

All of these are great blog resources, once you find the right one for you, your company will get more views in no time!

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