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Wednesday, 25 November 2015, 12:59 pm Written by 

Once your website is online and ready to go your next step is to find a way to attract your target audience and encourage them to buy your product or access your services.  An SEO company can help you do this but this can take time to get results.

There is another service that you can use which can help you to get off to a good start and boost cash flow.  This service is known as PPC Management.  PPC stands for “pay per click” and is a way to direct traffic to your website.

There are some steps you can take which will help you to create an effective online PPC campaign:

Step 1
Set up a daily budget for PPC management activities.  Each time someone clicks a link that directs them to your site you will pay the host of the service that hosts that advertisement, so you want a budget that is capable of driving the amount of traffic you need to convert enough customers to sales to be profitable.

Step 2
Choose the most important keywords, making sure they are related to your products and services.  You need to be able to compete with the other companies in your industry. In a highly competitive industry, you may need to pick less-central keywords in order to keep prices down; this is where a PPC manager shines compared to a home-grown operation.

Step 3
Create and manage PPC services.  PPC doesn’t guarantee a conversion from a visit to your website into the sale of a product or service, so the professional you use needs to be focused on this conversion and not on the number of clicks.

Step 4
Check how the advertisement functions and which pages customers are directed to.  The most important feature of your PPC campaign is that the advert needs to link directly to the page where the customer can buy the product or service that caused them to click on the advert.  If the advert doesn’t go through to the correct page there is the likelihood that this can result in the loss of the sale.

Through following the above steps you can create a successful PPC management strategy that you can use as part of your overall advertising campaign to bring traffic to your site.

Sunday, 15 November 2015, 12:57 pm Written by 

For almost a decade social bookmarking has been an effective method for bringing traffic to your blog and increasing its exposure. Unfortunately, may businesses don’t know how to use this technique and this article will give you some tips to increase your blogs online presence.

Social bookmarks are like favorites on your computer but they can be accessed anywhere and shared with others online. There are a number of social bookmarking sites available such as Delicious, Digg and Reddit. The following tips will help you to make the most of social bookmarking for your own business.

Tip 1 – Understand Your Community
If you want to share your articles and attract a lot of people to your site, you need to know the community where you will be posting.  See what is popular at the moment and the tags that are attributed to the trending posts, read the content and see what could fit with your business.

Tip 2 – Create A Profile
Make a profile for your business and include a company biography, your logo and website address.  Create an interesting profile in order to give the best possible first impression.  Make sure you upload a few bookmarks for your business and that will help your potential customers know more about you and what you’re like.

Tip 3 – Start Networking
Once you have a profile in place you can start following others and finding others on the site that are within your industry.  You may be given suggested people to follow based on your profile, so check out their sites and see if they fit with what you’re doing.

Tip 4 – Get Noticed
It’s now time to start engaging your network and getting noticed.  You can vote for articles of others or comment on them but don’t just spam and post links to your own content or website, this is really bad form and probably goes against the site rules and guidelines, so make sure you read these carefully to find out what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of posting content and activities.

Tip 5 – Tag Tag Tag
The first sites to use tags were social bookmarking sites as a way to search for and find information contained in the site.  You may need to do some research to find the right tags to use for your content.  Make sure the tags you use are:

  • Relevant to your article.
  • Relevant to your company’s niche.
  • Popular on the sites you’re using specific to your business.

These tips will help you to direct more traffic to your blog and using social media opportunities can be part of your overall marketing strategy.  By using these practical guidelines and paying attention to the results of your endeavors you can make the most of social bookmarking for the benefit of your online presence, your business reputation and your profits.

Thursday, 05 November 2015, 12:54 pm Written by 

Email marketing is a very important tool for small businesses as it’s a fast and cheap marketing solution that allows you to generate targeted email marketing to the right customers and bring in business or encourage them to purchase from you again.

There are a few things you can do to make your email marketing even more successful.  This article will give you a few tips to make the most of this promotional strategy.

Tip 1 – Keep the Title Short
There is no need to write a long title, as it just needs to be short and snappy to catch the attention of your customers to explain the subject of the email.  Mobiles and tablets won’t show the entire title if it’s too long and most people access their email on these devices so making the title too long would be useless.

Tip 2 – No Need to Shout
If you tend to write everything in capital letters you need to stop as this is considered aggressive and that you are shouting at your customers.  Email filters will probably dump your email in the spam folder instead of your customer’s inbox

Tip 3 – Avoid Call to Action Phrases
If you overwhelm your customers with action phrases like “Buy Now!”, they won’t know what to look at first and are not likely to be interested in the products you have highlighted but what they discover on your site.

Tip 4 – Change Your Target Groups
It’s an easy solution to send the same email to all of your customers but this is a mistake.  You should divide your subscribers into target groups by gender or age, interests or location and offer them personalized emails based on the group criteria.

Tip 5- Keep the Email Short and Concise
To make your email interesting you need to keep it brief and succinct.  A customer won’t want to read a novel; they want to see keywords, short sharp relevant information about the service or products you offer and original, unique content.

Tip 6 – Be Specific
It’s important to make your emails personal so that your customers feel important to you.  You can use images and text to make your emails interesting a success.

Tip 7 – Consider Mobiles and Tablets
Mobile and tablet technology is the most widely used platform for accessing email as they are convenient and can be checked anywhere.  Make sure your email is optimized for use on this kind of technology as well as desktop and laptop computers.

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