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You might already be familiar with content SEO, or how to use strategized keywords and phrases to increase your website’s ranking in search engines. What many business owners overlook is the viability of utilizing SEO in their company’s business. As new technologies emerge, online videos are increasingly more popular (especially with younger consumers). Because of the diverse customer base you can reach through videos, you can organically increase your company’s rankings with video SEO.


What is Video SEO?

SEO curated specifically for videos is a relatively new technique. In recent years, online video hosting sites (think YouTube) have garnered global attention as a space for easy access to music videos, short films, documentaries, etc.

Video SEO works similar to any other SEO tool. First, you need content (video). Then, you need a keyword that directly relates to your content. Video-based SEO thus works around:

  • The title of the video
  • Description of the video
  • The video’s tags
  • The video’s URL


What is a Good Video SEO Campaign?

Like other e-commerce marketing techniques, a “good” video campaign will generate traffic (either directly or indirectly). Basically, a good campaign does the following:

  • Optimizes keywords and phrases in all elements of the video (see above)
  • Focuses on inbound links
  • Utilizes social media
  • Enhances the company’s search engine ranking

When you organize your video around keywords, there is a greater likelihood that a potential customer/client will see the video. Likewise, integrating social media into your campaign will help reach a greater audience and help you interact with potential customers/clients. To utilize social media in your video campaign, you might tweet out links to videos, upload videos to a Facebook page, or even have a company YouTube channel with video playlists curated around specific keywords.


Who Can Help My SEO Video Campaign?

Thankfully there are professionals who can direct you in the best possible methods of creating and executing a flawless campaign. Traditional SEO companies often don’t include videos in their services, so seek out SEO companies that cater to video content. Experts in video SEO will be able to properly identify targeted keywords, understanding the nature of search engine algorithms, and will be able to measure the success of your campaign and alter it as necessary.

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Your company’s website has many purposes. Perhaps most important is that your website helps establish the company’s presence in the online market. Since so many consumers are now accessing the web from their phones, it’s vital to your company’s health to create an effective mobile website design that draws customers in and keeps driving business. But, what is an effective design? In short, a good mobile website design is clean, simple to use, and specifically made with the mobile device’s screen size and functionality in mind. To make sure that your company’s website is effectively generating hits, it is imperative that the following three qualities:


Loading Time. We live in a culture that thrives off of instant results. If a customer navigates to a company’s website and the landing page takes longer than a few seconds to load, they might become inpatient or frustrated. And just like that, you’ve already lost a customer.

Simple Aesthetic. One easy way to ensure a swift loading time is to employ a simple page aesthetic to your mobile website. Simple web designs have fewer graphics and content, and outside links are limited. Having a lot of images takes a long time for the mobile device to download (plus it uses a lot of data!). Instead, opting for simpler, cleaner layouts and more text-based content will help keep consumers engaged and more likely to spend more time on your website.

Content Optimization. Content on your mobile website should be designed for smart phones, e-readers, and tablets. Instead of providing a lot of information (like that which can be found on the desktop website) minimize the amount of content you provide to the reader. Your company’s mobile website should thus provide only what is extremely important to business: contact information, location/address, and what you sell/what your services are.

Creating a good mobile website design is now a necessary tool to reach new customers and generate sales. Websites that are user-friendly on various mobile devices help your business to remain active on the online market. Employing a website designer with experience working on mobile platforms is the first step to making a mobile website with a good and effective design.

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A mobile website, or a website made for viewing on mobile devices, must follow two very specific guidelines: it must have an easy interface and have an interactive display. Yet, how do you make sure your company’s mobile website is both interactive, yet easy to navigate? Your business’s marketing strategy must take both of these considerations into account when creating a good mobile website design. So, when creating an effective mobile website, your method of creation must take 5 qualities into consideration:


Short Loading Time.  The e-commerce industry figures that a mobile website should fully load in 5 seconds or less on the average mobile device. Ideally, you want to get your customer to your full page immediately (<2 seconds).

Simple Layout. Because mobile devices have a significantly smaller screen size than a desktop or laptop screen, a mobile website design should focus on simplicity. Users should be able to navigate the website with little effort; they should not be required to zoom in and out or scroll through content to find basic information. Cluttered layouts with a lot of information in a short space should also be avoided. The website’s design should equally balance white space, content, and graphics.

Interactive Plugins. Websites often utilize plugins – typically to enhance the customer’s experience. Integrating interesting and useful plugins on your mobile website will benefit your company by making the customer’s visit to your website much more pleasurable. Some interactive telecommunications plugins made specifically for mobile websites include click-to-call buttons and interactive chat with business representatives.

Quality Back-End Support. A proper mobile website will be creating using programming codes, or languages, like HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and/or PHP. To make sure your mobile website has an easy interface and interactive display, you should hire an outside company or team who can design the website for you.

User-Friendly. Always keep your customer in mind when designing any aspect of your business. This is especially important for your mobile website. When you create your mobile website design, think about how you use your mobile devices to surf the web. Think about what qualities you like as a customer, and which features you don’t like or find useful when doing business.

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