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In the Digital Age, PPC management is now a core component to most business plans in generating profit. PPC (pay-per-click) is a technique in which an advertisement for your business is strategically placed on a website to promote business. In theory, PPC works because a user might see your ad and become interested in the product or service being advertised. When they click on the advertisement, they are redirected to your company’s website.


A myriad of benefits exist for companies implementing a PPC management campaign. A PPC management campaign is a marketing plan that includes how you are going to generate revenue from PPC. This includes: the keywords and phrases you organize your advertisement around, banner advertisement costs, and the general design and placement of the advertisement. Once your campaign is determined, you can do the following with your PPC ads:

Generate Revenue. Although PPC ads definitely bump business profits, nothing comes for free. Still, most campaigns include an agreement with the hosting website: You only pay the host when a visitor actually clicks on your ad. Once the visitor clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to your website which increases traffic – typically meaning a higher return on investment for you! So, while you do pay for the click, the idea is that what you pay for the click is very small in comparison to the money made as a result of the click.

Control Advertisements. With a proper PPC campaign managed by PPC experts, you will have full control of your advertisements. In other words, you will be able to determine the ranking of your ad in search engines (e.g. will your ad appear first or second in the list generated from a specific keyword search?). Additionally, you will have some amount of control in what website(s) host your advertisement and where your ad will be positioned on that website.

Target Audience. Your campaign will also allow you to target a specific audience. Targeting your ad towards a specific type of customer increases the likelihood that the intended customer clicks on your advertisement. PPC management experts do this by carefully selecting keywords and phrases that relate to consumer interests, and determining what type of website will host your advertisement.

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First things first, raise your hand if you know what social bookmarking is. It’s easy peasy, saving bookmarks in your web browser to allow you to save, organize, and even share links to websites. These bookmarks can be public or private, only viewed by individuals or specific groups inside of networks.

Social bookmarking is used by millions and increases the visibility of your site through networking. Here are some ways you can benefit from it:

  • Sharing is Caring. You can share your bookmarks and also get feedback by directly being involved with your constituents. It’s a collaborative process that allows users to set a value to certain page. It allows people to place their stamp on an article, video, or website and deem it visible, and that site could be yours. It’s a group project in a sense that gives your site credibility and endorsement for use.
  • You’re in Now: Building a Community. A social bookmarking site can get you a lot of wanted attention. It can connect you with people and businesses that are after the increase your visibility on the Web. These bookmarking sites can allow you to get into this system and your personalized bookmarks from any computer or internet-capable device. It also allows you to find equally amazing stuff online. Utilizing tags picked up from your bookmarks and frequently visited sites, you’re connected to more things you like. Users can use tags to search for particular interests, so stock your web page up with tags to increase your web traffic.
  • Improving Your Site Content. The best way to increase traffic to your site and increase bookmarking is to get your site on the best footing. People will want to save your pages if they have good content and will be even more willing to share links to it. The more people bookmark links to your site, the more search engines will bring new people to your web page, and users can actually vote for your site on websites, like StumbleUpon.

It’s beneficial to get involved with social bookmarking. You can save, list, and share your favorite sites. It’ll connect you with millions of people and remains an effective marketing strategy to get your name out there.

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When it comes to marketing online, there are so many tools you can utilize to get your business at the forefront. You can do so much to get your site to the eyes of your consumers, and one of those tools is targeted email marketing. This is a great resource, sometimes consider at the beginning stages of marketing, and will allow you to get into contact with many people that could become your future customers. Using the email strategy is affordable advertising, and regardless of your website’s popularity, it can only increase its visibility.


Knowing Who’s on the Other End of the Line

Targeted email marketing allows you build a client database of people interesting in your product or service. These are the people that not only click onto your site, but leaf through the tabs, consider paying for what you’re offering, and spend the time trying to get to know your business. Those are the ones that are more likely to become your clients. You want to send an email to them that says, “Hey, I’ve noticed you, and here is how we can help.” Sending an email tailored to the customer and is interesting to read set you apart from spammers and stops you from being deleted in the mailbox.

Selective Emailing

A mailing list will help you send emails about your business to the right audiences. The goal is to get the attention of the right people, ones that will actually benefit from your business and are willing to make that financial commitment to you. You’ve got to have a database of these potential clients, and it may be beneficial to enlist the help of a company that specializes in email marketing.

Developing Your Campaign

It’s necessary to put your best foot forward in terms of email marketing. That means potentially hiring an email marketing company that can design email templates, form awesome subject headlines, and write interesting email content to optimize the best results for you. This is their only job, so it’s best to let people that specialize in these types of marketing services handle it.

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