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Tuesday, 30 December 2014, 02:03 pm Written by 

Pop quiz, hotshot! See if you can correctly answer these six relatively simple questions about on-page SEO.

  1. Which of the following is not a ranking factor used by Google: Freshness, domain authority, content uniqueness, or keyword density?
  2. Which of the following meta tags is not used by Google to determine relevance: Title, Keywords, Description, or Rel-Author?
  3. Which of the following qualities is not likely to get your webpage penalized for ‘thin content': duplicate content, doorway pages, low word count, or lots of affiliate links?
  4. Which of the following places should you not place a keyword relevant to your site: the Title meta tag, an image’s alt text, the body copy, or the sidebar?
  5. Which is more important to your optimization: having a page that provides massive, unique value to a broad audience, or having a page with a robots.txt file that does not block crawler access?
  6. Which is more important to the SERP results for a newly-minted blog post: social shares, or incoming links from unique root domaints?



  1. 1.      Keyword Density was never, ever, on the list of factors Google used to determine rankings.
  2. 2.      The Keywords meta tag hasn’t been used by Google to determine anything whatsoever for at least five years now.
  3. 3.      Low Word Count has never been part of ‘thin’ content; even very short articles can rank quite highly if they’re high-quality and people respond well to them.
  4. 4.      Trick Question! As long as the keyword flows naturally with the text, there’s no reason to avoid putting it in pretty much anywhere.
  5. 5.      Robots.txt: while massive, unique value is probably the most important thing a web page can provide, if you block crawler access to your page, it will literally never get ranked in the first place.
  6. 6.      Social Shares matter more to the ranking of a new (2 weeks old or less) blog post; as the post ages, social signals are reduced in importance and incoming links’ importance rises.

 Are you an <a href=””>expert? SEO</a> is a field full of myths and misconceptions, and sometimes we don’t know what we think we know. Keep learning and keep earning!



Saturday, 20 December 2014, 02:01 pm Written by 

Social bookmarking sites have been around for years, and they come into and go out of style in the SEO community. Sometimes, they’re spammy toxic poison, and other times, they’re legitimate backlinks. The funny part is, it’s not because Google really cares about social bookmarking as a whole. Social bookmarking as a whole is kind of meh as far as Google is concerned. They just want you to use sites that don’t suck.

With that in mind, presenting the top 7 social bookmarking sites for SEO as of December 2014:
Facebook: There is some debate about whether or not Facebook counts as a social bookmarking site, because the way that most people use it, shared links drop out of site (and thus out of mind) fairly quickly. But earlier this year, Facebook added a new feature called ‘save’ (creative!) that lets you create a permanent bookmark for any post you loved — which can include a post with a link to another site…which is the definition of social bookmarking.
Twitter: This paragraph should read almost identically to the one above it, but retyping it is a waste of time. Just replace ‘save’ with ‘favorite,’ and ‘Facebook’ with ‘Twitter.’
Pinterest: Probably the single most definitive social bookmarking site ever. Move over, Reddit and Digg and all — with its uniquely graphical style and intuitive interface, Pinterest has almost as many monthly users as Twitter, and is growing faster.
Google Plus: Google finally managed to make a social platform with staying power! With 150+ million unique visitors monthly, thinking that you can safely ignore Google Plus because it’s not Facebook is simply leaving money on the table.
Tumblr: Fandoms unite! Tumblr is another unique place, a microblogging platform like Twitter, but with features that encourage sociality far more than even Facebook does. The audience at Tumblr tends to the young, hipster, angsty, nerdy type, but if you can appeal to that, find a way to make Tumblr work for you.
Reddit: Probably the single most definitive social bookmarking site — other than Pinterest — ever. Reddit is like the granddaddy of social bookmarking, back before it was cool, except that Reddit is still mad cool. It’s also really easy to use, so there’s no point in not using it.
StumbleUpon: Claims to be a ‘discovery engine,’ and StumbleUpon lives up to its claim. The awesome thing about putting your bookmark on StumbleUpon is that your site will get put in front of the eyes of a wide variety of people pretty quickly. The not-awesome thing is that if your site is too blatantly commercial, it will get obliterated almost instantly — so save StumbleUpon for your best content-marketing pages, and leave the commerce to something else.

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One of the most powerful tools available in internet marketing is the use of video SEO. Videos, more that text alone, provoke strong emotions in the viewer and are more likely to result in actions such as liking and sharing. Using videos to gain higher search engine rankings are an effective SEO technique. Be sure you feature information such as your website URL and your phone information within your video. Getting your video to appear on page one of the search results isn’t difficult if you follow some simple tips. These will ensure you get the most benefit from your video marketing campaigns.


Social Bookmarking

Use the higher ranking social media and bookmarking sites in your video SEO campaigns. Look for the sites that rank at seven or more to get the greatest impact for your efforts. Post, share, like and bookmark your own video post to increase the likelihood that the search engines will discover it and place it higher in the page rankings.

Article Marketing

A very effective technique is to compose and submit articles that contain links to your video. Using targeted keywords within your article is important when you are working to increase your rankings. Each time someone posts or shares your article, a quality backlink is created. The major search engines look for quality backlinks in their algorithms when determining page ranking and value.

Video Submission

There are literally hundreds of sites that allow a user to submit videos. Many of them, such as YouTube, make it incredibly easy include the most relevant and effective keywords within your link that your video SEO campaign is ensured to be successful. You can also make use of major sites such as Flickr and DailyMotion for planting your video. Take advantage of all the tips these sites offer and you will quickly achieve first page rankings. Copy your links, making sure that you are using all the text contained in the description and you can begin posting it on a variety of social media and social bookmarking sites. This will result in more backlinks and enhanced internet exposure.


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