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Social bookmarking has become one of the hottest social media trends, with hundreds of sites and millions of users. It has become an incredibly effective online marketing tool that increases site traffic and revenue. Establishing a profile and submitting content puts you and your website in the public domain for very little investment. We’ll talk about the top reasons you want to take advantage of social bookmarking now.


Increased Page Rankings

Search engine bots love bookmarked pages. In the past, our desktops allowed us to bookmark certain sites and pages, but the space for doing so was limited. Social bookmarking sites are free of these limits and additionally, users can share their bookmarks with other users. Including your website URL on your profile and with any content you submit makes your site more visible to the search engine crawlers.

More Search Engines

The use of a social bookmarking site or forum makes your website visible to more search engines, rather than limiting you to one or two. This is a really simple strategy and is remarkably easy to do. However, it does require some initial time investment, but it’s well worth the effort when you begin to see an increase in traffic.

High Quality Backlinks

The backlinks to your webpage from your content being shared are considered to be “one-way” by the search engines. This quality gives your backlinks more weight in the engines and they are viewed as having more value than other sources. Again, the result is an increase in site traffic, more backlinks and more internet exposure.

Stronger Customer Relationships

When social bookmarking is used appropriately and the content you post is relevant and helpful, you will gain a greater measure of trust and credibility with your current and potential customers and clients. Creating a profile puts a face with a company and people feel like they know you better. By offering relevant and valuable articles that provide solutions and practical advice, other site users begin to view you and your company as a source for solving their issues or meeting their needs. You will also enjoy an enhanced brand identity and awareness.


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Social bookmarking sites are becoming more popular every year; there are currently hundreds of these forums on the internet with millions of users world-wide. It has become a very cost effective method of increasing targeted traffic for blogs and ecommerce sites. If your business is web-based, then you really should take advantage of this tool.


What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit or StumbleUpon, allow users to access several forms of internet content. This may be in the form of articles, images, news or webpages. The user can then bookmark and tag any content that they find interesting. They also have the option to share either through other social media platforms or within the social bookmarking site.

Why Use Social Bookmarking?

The most current statistics show several intriguing benefits to this social media trend when site content has been bookmarked, tagged or shared. A bookmarked piece of content makes it more “discoverable”.

  • Increased internet exposure
  • Increased site visits
  • Increased user engagement
  • Increased search engine indexing

It is not a big jump to assume that more visitors spending more time on a site combined with higher search engine rankings will result in an increase in business revenue.

How to Use

The first step to use social bookmarking as part of your online marketing plan is to identify several forums that are either general or may be focused on topics within your niche or industry. For example, if your website sells pet care products, then look for a site that is for pet and animal lovers. You will then create your profile and can begin submitting articles, images and advice. It’s important to keep your posts relevant and avoid having a “salesy” tone – this is social media.

Go One Step Further

Once you have begun posting to your profile, you can wait for other users to hopefully begin bookmarking your submissions, or you can take it one step further by utilizing these techniques.

  • Occasionally bookmark your own submissions.
  • Include “share” buttons that include social media and bookmarking functions in your articles.
  • Enlist family, friends and colleagues to read and then consider sharing or bookmarking your submissions.
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There are several methods of marketing in today’s world. A company’s marketing department usually uses several approaches simultaneously, from a one on one encounter to the use of SEO to gain more traffic. The goal is to gain new customers and promote the return of previous customers. While many organizations build and use email databases, the addition of targeted email marketing techniques can result in a larger client list, as well as an increase in profitability.


Increased Interaction

The combination of targeted email marketing with other promotional activities will result in a more thorough understanding of just who your company’s ideal consumer is and what they are hoping to find by using your website.  An effective campaign will add to your database continuously and provide you with some important insights. The right email to the right recipient will result in increased interaction and user engagement. You will be able to introduce new elements and aspects of your company to visitors.

Ease of Use

There are a great number of software programs for email marketing available. These programs are built to be versatile and easy to use. After some careful thought and project planning for your campaign, your targeted email marketing database can be utilized very quickly. The use of auto-responders allows you to initiate an instant dialogue with clients, an aspect that is of great value in delivering business information rapidly. Today’s consumers expect quick responses from the businesses they interact with online and will move to your competitor if your company doesn’t meet that expectation adequately.

Measurable Results

Every business owner and marketing director knows how vital the ability to track, measure and analyze the results of any campaign is. The use of a targeted database list gives you the ability to see in real time valuable information:

  • Number of emails opened
  • Number of click-throughs
  • Number of purchases
  • Pages viewed

This type of data allows your marketing experts to analyze and refine the information and design of the email quickly and as needed. Assessments of customer needs and preferences give you the ability to fine-tune your email lists to achieve your business goals.

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Every ecommerce website owner understands the importance of driving high quality traffic to their site. They also want to see visitors convert to customers. A key factor in realizing these goals is the use of SEO. Experts in this industry work to gain higher search engine rankings for their clients, but a top SEO service provider will also strive to maintain those higher rankings.


Content is Important

The algorithms used by the search engines continuously evolve. The engine bots crawl through sites and analyze the content for quality, relevancy and type. A sudden drop on page rankings is usually the result of a change in algorithm for the search engine. The top SEO experts in the field are committed to maintaining a current knowledge base of these changes. Typically, content requires a continuous refreshing and upgrading in order to stay at the top of the page rankings.

Getting to Page One

We live in a fast paced world, and it is a digital environment. Statistics show that more than 75% of internet users never look beyond the first page of results after entering a search query. People simply do not have the time to go any further. Being at the top will result in a dramatic boost in sales revenues.

What an SEO Agency Can Do for You

To get higher page rankings, your website needs quality and fresh content. This assures that your site will catch the “eye” of all the top search engines and move you to page one. By staying abreast of the current industry trends, a top SEO professional will consider several factors when formulating a plan for your needs.

  • Definition of your individual company’s goals
  • Identification of a target demographic
  • Content building that provides an engaging user experience.
  • A plan for regular updates and refreshing of content to meet current search bot algorithms.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world of ecommerce and search engine rankings, a business cannot afford to have a static and outdated website. Consulting with a top SEO service provider can assure that your website moves to page one and stays there.

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