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We are living in a digital world, with more than 75% of consumers reporting that they regularly perform product research and purchasing online. The world of ecommerce is highly competitive and to gain an edge on your competition, the services of an expert SEO consultant can be your key to success. Knowing what to look for and how to prepare for your consultation makes a daunting task much less intimidating. We’ll talk about some tips to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.


Be Prepared

Before your initial consultation with an SEO specialist, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you are prepared and knowledgeable.

  • Know the Jargon. By taking the time to become familiar with the basic jargon and strategies of the world of SEO, you can participate in the conversation about your website fully. You’ll also be able to hold your own and won’t be fooled by fakes or phonies.
  • Make a List. There are many aspects of an effective SEO campaign, from PPC to content to keywords. Take the time to write a list of what your expectations and business goals are, and then discuss them point by point with the expert SEO professional you are meeting with.
  • Get Recommendations. Use social media and networking circles to ask others if they’ve ever worked with or can recommend an agency or individual. You’d be surprised how willing to share other business owners are.

During the Meeting

It’s important to remember that you are the one doing the interviewing and hiring during the meeting, so don’t be afraid to take charge. Ask detailed questions and make notes of the responses you receive. Ensure that everyone has a good understanding of your industry and your business goals. Collect references and then check them out for authenticity.

After the Meeting

Once you have consulted with an agency or individual, and you have decided to move forward in hiring expert SEO services for your project, ask for a technical review and proposed changes for your ecommerce site. Set regular intervals for reporting and analysis of your campaign – many suggest weekly for the first few months.

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Everyone knows the value of generating quality traffic to a business website. There’s also an unending amount of discussion about the importance of SEO for a site to achieve higher page rankings and conversion rates. Do an internet search and you will find literally hundreds of agencies and people that claim to be SEO specialists, but unfortunately many don’t have the talent and expertise to produce the results. So, how can you tell when you’re talking to a genuine SEO expert? We’ll talk about what to look for to help you choose wisely.

Proven Track Record

In any field or industry, experience builds expertise and the same holds true for SEO and website enhancement. Look for providers that have a proven track record. Any consultant should be able and willing to share their portfolio with you. Take the time to look at the performance of sites they have serviced in the past.

Industry Knowledge

An experienced SEO specialist will take the time to research your industry, your products and services and the culture of your company. A thorough analysis of your competitors and your target market should be part of the overall project plan. Look for an agency or individual that takes the time to gain some industry knowledge.


Unfortunately, there are individuals within the SEO industry that are willing to use backdoor methods to enhance their results. Besides being completely illegal, the use of techniques such as invisible text makes for a poor UX (user experience) and put your company at risk for fines and a tarnished reputation.  Anyone with skill doesn’t need to use these shady methods to produce quality results.

Proactive Learning

The world of search engine analytics and keywords evolves at a rapid pace. A SEO specialist must stay current and ahead of the game to maintain expertise and prepared. Look for someone who understands this and don’t be afraid to question their continuing education in the industry.


Don’t expect to get SEO services for your site cheap – top experts in any field can expect top salaries. But the project quotes shouldn’t be outrageous, either. Many SEO agencies have different packages that will fit any marketing budget. Look for the middle ground.

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The Complexities of Mobile Website Design
Website design is a complex field of work, whether you’re working on smaller desktop sites for a small business or heading into mobile website design. Don’t fret too much: there are plenty of experts out there willing to lend a hand.

Mobile website designers have a few extra challenges from normal website designers:

  • They have to know how to adapt to the differences between desktop website design and mobile website design.
  • They need to remain up to date on newer techniques for design.
    They have to be able to provide their clients with tips to allow for some autonomous changes.
  • They need to know how to read and use statistics in a way that doesn’t create speed bumps in the site.
  • They need to keep themselves and the website updated with new upgrades from various products.

How Do You Know Which Type of Website Design Is Best For You?
Each website is unique and varies in many countless ways that a potential designer has to keep in mind while working – but mobile website design holds even greater challenges for website designers thanks to the situation of the users and browsers of these sites: on the move, with a small screen and a small window of time.

It will take an experienced web designer to deal with the constant flow of challenges and hurdles, someone who knows the best techniques when it comes to web design: the sort of thing that will cause good feelings in users who visit the website, whether it’s from ease of use or from aesthetic design.

You need to keep things simple: get rid of unneeded pictures, unneeded transitions and unneeded videos on mobile websites so they load faster and provide a better experience for visitors.

The Importance of Mobile Websites
The internet is an important tool in the current business world – websites compete among each other to be seen as the very best choice by customers, and it’s on the shoulders of web developers to make sure these websites can meet their goal through healthy competition and supplement the actual design with tips to cater to the costumer on the go.

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