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Friday, 24 January 2014, 11:25 pm Written by 

One of the most successful and cost effective ways to market your products or services, is to use targeted email marketing. It is important to be highly focused and to build email list that closely match the particular product that you are marketing to ensure the highest conversion rate.

Targeted Email Is Not Spam
There has been a concentration by some people on achieving the highest mail out numbers possible and this can mean that corners get cut. This has led many people to push for list containing higher and higher numbers of email addresses with less emphasis on the recipient being interested in a particular product or being someone that likes to purchase with mailed out offers. This has become dangerously close to spam with new laws emphasizing that genuine opt in or action can be taken.

Sales Not Mass Emails
The whole point of targeted email marketing is using high quality leads to build a list that you can market to and continue to market to as long as they stay opted in to your list. They have in some way indicated that they are interested in what your business sells so this is half of the battle won. The important next step is to make an offer that has something of value to the people on your list and they way this is presented can make a great deal of difference on how successful you are.

Use a Reputable Company
While some businesses maintain their own targeted email marketing list many look to third party specialists to provide lists and to run the campaign. This means that you are relying on this company to use acceptable techniques to gain the email addresses that are being used. This can include pay per click advertisements, websites that offer free items or information, blogs and other legitimate ways that encourage people that are interest in a product to give their email addresses voluntarily.

Use Your Customers and Website Visitors
When you encourage your website visitors and customers to join your mailing list you can maintain a relationship with them. This gives you a group that expands over time that has already had some sort of relationship with you and your products. This can be a great way to build a list of your own that can be marketed to.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014, 11:23 pm Written by 

Social bookmarking was all the rage a few years ago with many companies using hundreds of book marks linking and re-linking content. This was very positive for SEO because the links were fresh and considered good quality. As the system continued to be abused the bookmarking sites started to ban this sort of behavior. Does this mean that these sites have no value?

The Right Way to Do Social Bookmarking
When back linking these sites are very valuable but the use of techniques that flood multiple sites with huge numbers of links will only gain the ire of the sites and negative ranking by Google and other search engines. This means taking the time an effort to only link quality content and real news in a very limited range of sites.

Do Not Use Automated Bookmarking
There are many sites and some programs that will automatically post your content and news links to hundreds of social bookmarking sites. These will also cause the same problems and will impact your website negatively. This is another way that some sites try to artificially boost their SEO and they are quickly detected and punished by the search engines. When it comes down to it bookmarking requires a longer term view with a constant effort at expanding your links when you have a newsworthy item or a new piece of informative content.

A Few Months of Effort Will Pay Off
There are a number of quality companies that provide an integrated solution for social bookmarking. This means that content is added to your website or blog and a structured but responsible campaign of bookmarking. This continuous building approach is effective and can also be linked with social media to cast an even wider web. The best part is that because you are using genuine content and good linking techniques people will actually become interested and follow the links back to your website. Every piece of content send your links a little wider being seen by more people and linked to by more people as well.

It is becoming more difficult every month to take shortcuts and every month websites are being caught out and been penalized by search engines. If you have a long term business then it is very important that you do not put your ranking at risk.

Saturday, 04 January 2014, 11:19 pm Written by 

The ubiquity of the Internet has made it the most popular way to find things. This includes directions, answers to questions and product information. It is common now that people looking at purchasing anything with research it on the Internet first. This is even the case on items that are available locally. If you are a business then having a website is not something that is optional it is your best marketing and sales tool.

Visibility Is Important
Having the best website in the world will not necessarily bring visitors to it. Appearing in the all important first page of search results is the guaranteed way of being noticed and on having people click through to your website. Making sure this happens is the job of an expert SEO. It sounds simple but how do you get on the first page and how do you know which search terms to target?

Pick Your Targets
It can be hard enough targeting search terms or ‘keywords’ that are carefully researched to be the most likely to bring visitors that are ready to make a purchase. Targeting keywords that industry heavy weights are spending vast sums of money on is something an expert SEO will not recommend. It is always a balancing an act between popularity of the search term and competition to appear on the first page. An expensive campaign that only gets you onto the second or third page of the top keyword could easily get you top spot on two or three lesser search terms that will generate much more web traffic.

Do It Yourself Or Use An Expert SEO?
Search engine optimization is a highly specialized field that is constantly evolving as search engines look to counter so called ‘black hat’ SEO techniques and improve the satisfaction of end user. When you hire an expert SEO you get the experience and knowledge that they have accumulated working to market your website as widely as possible. SEO is an ongoing marketing technique that both has a background phase doing basic SEO work and targeted campaigns. These campaigns can use pay per click advertising and content focused on high value keywords as a strategy to increase sales.

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