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The internet has become a huge center for commerce in a relatively short amount of time. It is now normal for so called ‘brick and mortar’ businesses to also have a website and a strategy to increase sales by appealing to a wider market. The traditional ways of marketing are not as effective and there are a range of internet marketing strategies have been developed. One of these is search engine optimization — also shortened to SEO — and it requires SEO specialists to be properly implemented.

Successful SEO
While many web designers claim to have optimized the web site they have delivered to you in many cases this is little more than hype. This is because of the fluid nature of search engine optimization. The main area relates to improving your sites visibility to keywords entered in search engines. The effectiveness of these keywords can vary over time and most SEO specialists will continually update targeted keywords to keep them fresh.

Which Search Engines?
The three main search engines are operated by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo and there can be a broad based approach or a Google-centric approach. This is because Google is so dominant in the search engine market and by optimizing for Google you will also get reasonable results in other search engines.

Ways to Improve SEO
When you consult with SEO specialists they will review your website and the market that you and your competitors are targeting before coming up with a plan that takes into account your needs and your budget. The first step is to ensure that your website is not doing anything that is stopping the search engines from indexing everything on the site and that all parts of the site are optimized to make them as highly rated as possible.

The next step is to ensure that the content is also optimized so that it focuses on the keywords you are targeting and providing useful information. This can be done with things such as articles, blogs and social media. Carefully crafted content, which is interesting and helps to bring visitors is both a great way to improve search engine ranking and to bring their attention to your sales area.

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The internet has really pushed video technology and almost anyone can make, edit and post a good quality video on the internet. There are many ways that you can use video to help spread knowledge and market your product or service.

Video Ranks Higher
The current policies of the major search engines boost video content that is deemed to be relevant for a particular search term or ‘keyword’. This means that is your video content is well serviced by video SEO techniques that highlight a particular keyword in the Meta tags, title and associated written information that it has a higher chance of being ranked not only higher but in the highest position.

Long Term Strategy
It can be a very good long term strategy to introduce a range of relevant, quality video content and use video SEO techniques to boost your websites SEO ranking. As you build a series of videos and promote them you not only improve your SEO but also your network of visibility. Over time people will discuss your videos and link to them at your website and on hosting sites like Youtube. Anything that has relevancy to the product or service you are selling will interest people including explanations of features, how to videos and tips on what it can do for a user.

Use a Professional
There are many companies that can help you to produce and market videos for your business. They can help produce a much more professional product and are very cost effective. The availability of low cost high definition cameras and video editing software has made this sort of production affordable to even the smallest business. While it may seem simple to do the job in house consider the time that this requires from you and your staff.

Video SEO Specialists
When the video is produced then it is import that it is promoted as widely as possible without it being considered spam by the search engines. It can be a common mistake to try and over promote in the hopes that it will boost effectiveness. It has the opposite effect and by selecting the right sites to link the video to and the best ways to use social bookmarking, social media and blogs you can get a very effective result without resorting to risky video SEO techniques.

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Search engines are very sophisticated and check hundreds of parameters when they crawl your web pages and assess your content. To ensure that your pages containing video are not dragging your website down here are some helpful tips on what we call Video SEO.

The Need for Speed
The first item in ensuring top marks from the various search engines web crawlers is the speed that the page loads. Using things such as a lower resolution placeholders to ensure the page loads quickly are a good way to keep load speeds acceptable. Also selecting the player that you will use and the files associated with the page can all help to keep load times to a minimum and page ranking to a maximum.

Selecting the Right Title
The two most important parts of video SEO and the title are making it appeal to page visitors and ensuring that it has an appropriate keyword. This will link in with your sites keywords and help to improve SEO and bring more visitors is selected correctly. Always match the keyword with the content nothing will make a visitor that has clicked though to your site leave faster than finding that what they wanted to find is something else entirely.

Links, Meta Tags and Content
You might not think that anything other than the video is important but that is not true. An important part of Video SEO is making sure that you have good quality links and properly filled out Mets tags on the page that will increase the pages ranking. Content on the page that includes related keywords are a real asset and should be considered as they maximize search engine scoring.

Google and Youtube
These are the two biggest players in searches for videos and in hosting videos. The easiest way to get a quality link to your webpage is to host your video on Youtube. This will enhance your SEO with Google and the other major search engines like Bing. Youtube make it very easy to upload your video content and then provide links that you can use on your website, blog and social media to begin marketing it to a wider audience.

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