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Monday, 25 November 2013, 11:08 pm Written by 

One of the must have areas that any business that wants to properly use internet marketing should have is a blog. This is a great way of creating content that can be linked back to your website, other blogs and social media.

What You Need
When thinking about custom blog creation you want a design that helps to make your blog stand out from the others. This really means a custom design perhaps based on your existing theme or logo to give a more integrated theme to your overall internet marketing campaign. The most important part will be the content with quality articles that are interesting to visitors and contain good SEO to increase the blogs visibility. Links are also vital creating a web of links high quality links through social media, social media and other sources that lead back to your website.

The Two Points That Will Make Your Custom Blog Successful
The first is to have quality content that not just a sales blurb. There are too many blogs that are really just thinly disguised or spun sales brochures with a focus on keywords. It is not difficult to balance marketing as well as information making the blog much more likely to gain a following and to funnel visitors back to your website. The second point to making a successful custom blog site is to regularly update content. This is probably the most common reason that most custom blog creation projects fail. It is not easy producing a good blog every couple of days or even once a week and sticking to your posting schedule. You might consider using a ghost writing service to ease the workload.

Using a Marketing Company for Your Custom Blog Creation Project
A great way to get your custom blog creation project up and running fast is to use a marketing company to design and implement the site and to provide content on your preferred schedule. A good company will work with you quickly building the content with your nominated topics and keywords. This gives you a great base to quickly grow your blog into SEO engine that can also organically attract visitors. You and your staff can also contribute blog posts or forward information to be included in blog posts giving you great flexibility.

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There are more than 2 billion phones and other mobile devices that are active and capable of accessing the internet. It is the fastest growing part of the market with the virtual disappearance of phones that cannot access the internet and the introduction of cheap pad devices using the Android operating system. Many people now have the ability to use the internet 24/7 from anywhere with these mobile devices so is your website easy for them to navigate and use?

Separate or Integrated
There are two main ways that you can present your website to visitors that are using a mobile device. You can use a system that determines the device being used and send mobile devices to a separate mobile website design that presents the same content buy in a format that is easier to view and use with a mobile device. The second way is to use an integrated website design that takes into account that it may be seen on many different screen sizes and tries to accommodate them all.

Which Is The Best Website Design Philosophy?
Strangely enough mobile website design companies prefer the separate approach while traditional website design companies prefer an integrated approach. Either can provide an acceptable user experience but there are some major differences that you should be aware of before committing to a new or upgraded website.

Integrated Website Design
This takes a one design fits all approach and use a compromise layout that is designed to look good on a small phone screen a medium pad device screen or a large PC screen. This is always going to be difficult because of the inherent difference in screen real estate. A smaller screen benefits from a simpler design that can be used more effectively and this approach if not handled well can leave a visitor on a PC with small islands of information in a vast sea of open space.

Separate Website Design
There is no doubt that having a separate design that carries over a theme and basic style can be very effective. The ability to ensure the best experience for all visitors is a major plus. However the development costs can end up being much more expensive and any changes to site design will most likely need to be implemented separately. It is recommended for sites that use dynamic rather than static web pages because this allows all of the existing content and databases to be used with the mobile website design.

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Video SEO is one more method for increasing the search engine ranking of your website. By taking advantage of this type of SEO, you will receive more visitors. This can be especially helpful for local small businesses. Around twenty percent of search queries are performed by users looking for local information. There are many different methods for increasing the visibility of your local small business and video SEO is the latest technique. If you already have video on your website, or are considering creating videos for your website, then make sure you understand how to effectively use video SEO to increase your search engine ranking.

Examine the Competition
Before you start creating videos and incorporating video SEO, examine your competitors’ websites. Do they take advantage of video SEO? If so, in what ways do they use their videos? See if they are using videos as simple marketing gimmicks or if they are using them to provide customers with additional information. Use your findings when you begin deciding on the type of videos that you are going to include on your website.

Posting to YouTube
Once you start making videos, you need to place them somewhere. Start by posting your videos to YouTube. You can link from your videos to your website, creating more quality backlinks for your website. After posting a video, you will notice that there a certain amount of video SEO is needed. Use relevant keywords and keyword phrases when describing and tagging your video.

Placing Videos on Your Website
After you have posted videos to YouTube, think about where you could place those videos on your website. Web sites that contain videos, and use good video SEO, have been found to perform better in search engine results pages than similar relevant websites that contain no videos. If you are not familiar with SEO practices, then hiring an SEO service may be a good idea. They will know what is required when employing video SEO.

You will also need to decide whether you will host your own videos or embed your YouTube videos on your website. Embedding a video that is hosted on YouTube can make it easier to incorporate them in your website; though, depending on your hosting service, the load time of your website may be faster if the video is hosted on your own website.

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