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Friday, 10 February 2012, 08:28 pm Written by 

If you go to Wikipedia and search for the keyword “social networking websites” you’ll be presented with a list of 342 of them, none of which are dating sites. These are what are considered the “majors” in the social media world. Many will be familiar to you. Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Linked In, they’re all there. Flickr and YouTube are there (yes, YouTube is a social network), and so is Google+, so you know the list has been updated recently. One thing they all have in common – social bookmarking potential.

Social bookmarking works, but not quite the way you think it does. If you sign up for each of these 342 websites and post a link in your profile, you will have – 342 links. They won’t grow and you won’t get credited for more than that number – unless someone talks about you and sends your link to a friend. Then you could go viral and end up with a bunch of links. It happens. Just ask Tiger Woods. Post a link about a celebrity scandal and the whole world will see it in a matter of hours.

Another way to benefit from social bookmarking is for others to bookmark your site. Say you come across some really cool information in the course of researching for your next round of blog posting. If it’s valuable enough people will want to keep it, so they will bookmark it. How-to lists and recipes are generally considered great for attracting bookmarks. Obscure facts and good jokes aren’t bad either. Be creative and you’ll be surprised at the social media results you can get from a good blog post.

When creating new blogs for our clients we generally include “share” buttons for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These allow readers to instantly submit a link to a blog post to their social network friends and followers. You’ll see icons for some of these below this post. Please use them. As a leading Los Angeles SEO firm we know the value of social media and we’re happy to be the beneficiary of it whenever possible.




Sunday, 05 February 2012, 08:26 pm Written by 

There are those who still believe you need to make a choice between SEO and PPC management. We subscribe to that school of thought. Look at our service menu and you’ll see that we offer organic SEO and PPC management. They don’t compete with each other; they compliment each other. One of the variables in the Google algorithm is traffic, which PPC can give you. That traffic can be a benefit to you in more ways than one. Going in 2012, it may be one of the most important factors in your success.

PPC provides instant traffic, the kind that will give you instant dollars. History tells us that having that extra money to invest in your business at the beginning of an election year will pay off for you at the end of the year if you make the right choices between now and then. It’s particularly true when an incumbent president is running for a second term. You can expect lower interest rates and minimal fuel prices during the campaign months, making it a great time to expand, both on and offline.

Run your PPC ads, collect the profits from them now, and let us do some link building for the future. Invest in custom blog creation while your overhead is low and spend a few dollars to add new pages to your website. Regardless of who wins this falls election you can bet that prices will go back up soon after the inauguration. That too has been proven by history. We encourage you to take advantage of your temporary windfall while it’s still available to you. We’ll help you spend it wisely.

Politics aside, organic SEO is an investment. PPC is an expense. You can expect to turn a quick profit off the latter, but the former provides long term sustainable results that will carry you into the future. This year is going to be one of ups and downs, trial and tribulations, triumphs and tragedies. The economy should rebound, at least for a while, but will it be a substantial enough comeback to bring long-term prosperity? Time reveals the answers eventually. It has for us. SEO works with PPC. Let us show you how.









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