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Monday, 31 October 2011, 03:10 pm Written by 

There really is no place on earth that is more technologically savvy than the City of Angels. Here in LA, we know all about search engine optimization, internet marketing, and targeted email marketing. We’re well-versed in tech speak, Google-ese, and blog-orating. It’s not something we have to delve in depth to; we have the knowledge as a result of living in a city where everyone is an expert on the subject. Los Angeles SEO companies employ the most advanced search marketing strategies in the world. Would you want to compete in an environment like that? We do, and we do it well.

In the city where everyone knows a lot about one specific subject you need to do a lot of work to be number one. Here at Webwise media we’ve been in business for over a decade and we’ve watched the search engines grow up. By employing purely white hat methods we have developed a good reputation and our clients have never lost any ground in the search rankings due to changes made in the Google algorithm. Just this past February, as major companies were toppling from the top of search engine page ones everywhere due to Google Panda, our clients were climbing.

Executive Decision Marketing has taken small business SEO and made it affordable for all. In the past, you needed to spend thousands of dollars a month to be at the top of search results. We can offer that to you now for a fraction of that cost. By utilized more advanced technology and refining our own internal systems and processes, we have made it possible for any business, even the smallest, to be on Page One for their industry keywords. We have the results and testimonials from our clients to prove it.

How do we do it? Executive Decision Marketing uses a combination of tools and techniques that have worked for years. We focus on quality content development and website SEO. We promote your business using press releases, blog posts, PPC, and First Page Placement. We do careful link building, not with auto submission services, but manually, the way it’s supposed to be done. From the moment you start doing business with us you’ll start getting a surge in traffic to your website. Stay with us a while and that surge will become a steady flow, leading to more sales and sign-ups. That’s what you want, right?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011, 03:07 pm Written by 

You can change the message your web presenter puts out, you know. A lot of companies install that virtual spokesperson, program it to say something nice about their company, and then forget that they can change that message any time they want. You can use them for something other than just a stock sales pitch. In fact, many companies change the message of their web presenters each time they run a sale or make changes with their company. It’s fairly easy to do, especially if you employ the services of Executive Decision Marketing. We’re one of the leading innovators in web presenter technology, as we should be after over a decade in Los Angeles SEO.

The web presenter is a tool, not a permanent fixture. A tool is at its best when its many uses are taken advantage of. Your web presenter can be a welcoming presence to new visitors with a stock message they hear all the time or it can be a personality that your customers start to view as a helpful sales associate. Do you want to hear the same thing every time you log onto a certain website? Neither do your customers. Change it up from time to time so they don’t stop coming around.

Of course, to get the traffic to come to your website in the first place you’ll need to utilize some marketing and promotional tactics. As a full service organic SEO firm, our job is to get you traffic. We accomplish that immediately by running press releases and employing our PPC management team. After you change your web presenter’s speech to something new and fresh we’ll run a press release to tell potential customers something new and different is going on at your place. That should bring them through the door or in this case to your landing page.

To make sure the process works the way it should, our website SEO team can redesign your site and make sure that those visitors are captured and that you have the best chance of converting them into sales and sign-ups. We typically do this before we send out any press releases or run any ads, so make sure you ask us about it when you contact us about your web presenter. The elements listed here – your web presenter, press releases, PPC management, and website SEO – are each different services, but they’re all part of the same overall strategy to making your internet based business more successful. Contact us to learn more.

Friday, 21 October 2011, 03:04 pm Written by 

Is your company newsworthy? Many business owners and marketers feel that a press release service would not be beneficial to them because they don’t have any newsworthy stories to publish with them. This is a mistake. All companies have something they can put in a press release, and submitting press releases regularly to a good press release service is one of the best things you can do for organic SEO. We here at Executive Decision Marketing use this strategy regularly to boost both our own and our clients’ respective search engine page ranks and positions.

Press releases are a great source for links. If you have a link or two in the body of a press release, with the volume of traffic that most of these services get, you’ll end up seeing dozens, maybe hundreds of visitors when you publish just a single press release. Do that regularly every week and you’ll start to see the backlinks pile up. Every time someone views your press release, you have a shot at getting a new customer. Even if they don’t buy that day, their interest and the time they spend browsing your site after they click that link count towards page rank calculations.

Time on site and traffic aren’t the only algorithmic variables you can count on when you publish press releases. Say something interesting enough to be shared and you could be looking at backlinks from social bookmarking and social media websites. All a user has to do is click their, StumbleUpon, or Google bookmark icon on the toolbar and you will gain a backlink. Put out enough press releases and those backlinks will really start to pile up over time. You’ll soon be getting traffic from direct sources and organic ones that you had no idea existed. It’s all part of a good organic SEO strategy.

What is the ultimate goal of any legitimate internet marketing firm? You want your client to get regular, sustained traffic that will generate a steady income all the time. When that happens, the client will be happy with their marketer and want to retain their services for a longer period of time. Here at Executive Decision Marketing, we service clients that have been with us over ten years. Our press release strategy is part of the reason why we have that kind of customer retention rate.

Sunday, 16 October 2011, 03:01 pm Written by 

Article writing and distribution is a form of online marketing that businesses simply can’t do without. Think about how many competitors you might have in your particular niche. Do you and your competitors do everything exactly the same way? Absolutely not! It’s not what you do; it’s the way that you do it. Article writing provides the perfect opportunity to stand out from the competition. Share your expertise or pieces of valuable information for free and your potential customers will perceive you as an indispensable resource. How do you get your content out there? One of the tried and true methods of doing this is by creating a directory submission to sites such as Ezine and Squidoo.

Ezine and Squidoo are article directories that allow you to showcase your expertise in your given field. The beauty of these sites is that they automatically put your content on a virtual soapbox that will get you noticed. Because these two sites already have an impressive following, getting exposure is as simple as submitting a few quality articles. While both of these directories accomplish a similar objective, it should be noted that they operate a little differently from one another.

Ezine, for instance, is all about compensation via exposure. Once you submit your articles, Ezine will allow you to provide links back to your original site. In addition to this, other users can use your Ezine content in their online marketing efforts provided that they give you credit and pay homage via links. The more active an author you are on Ezine the more opportunity you have to achieve benefits within the community. Higher publishing volume, for instance, usually gets your articles priority review. The more article writing and distribution you engage in, the more content you can push to the masses.

Squidoo provides a more personal twist to article submission. Rather than simply submit articles, users are provided with a mini-website where they can focus their content on a subject matter of their choosing. Squidoo also provides monetary compensation derived from company profits. Additionally, authors or “lens masters” have the option of donating their funds to charity. Ultimately both of these article directories provide a venue for you to showcase your expertise to prospective clients as well as other marketers interested in your material.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 02:57 pm Written by 

Blog posting is an invaluable tool in delivering your brand and message to your clients. When you’re delivering a message there is one thing you want to ensure: clarity. It does you absolutely no good to invest time, energy and resources on blogging if your content doesn’t deliver the key elements that clients need in order to understand what you are offering. In a similar vein, search engines also need to understand what you’re offering. When you’re working on producing content for a blog you are ultimately meeting two different needs; the needs of your readers and the needs of the search engine. The search engine makes sure your potential readers find you and your job is to make sure your readers understand you. The best way of accomplishing both? Use keywords.

The ultimate objective of a custom blog is to establish a referral gateway for potential customers. Because of this, it’s important that you provide appropriate content pages laced with keywords that link back to your site. This will boost your business site’s rankings on search engines and provide you with more quality traffic. This strategy will also provide you with an invaluable addition to your sales funnel as well as a way to reach out directly to your clients.

Since your blog can be an excellent conduit for reaching your customers it’s important to write engaging content. If an individual visits your blog and sees nothing but keywords, they aren’t likely to have a favorable impression of your or your business. This would be the virtual equivalent of a cold call. People want practical information to help satisfy a certain need. A blog provides a way for you to position yourself as a resource that clients can avail themselves of to fulfill their needs. Don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to your custom blog creation. Your site visitors will appreciate that fact that they’re interacting with a person.

On the SEO side of things, keywords will allow a search engine to determine what the focus of your blog is. This is important because it will allow users to find your content when they are searching for a specific item. What the search engine chooses to display in regards to a search query will ultimately determine if your content gets viewed or not. Meeting the needs of the customer and of the search engines is your best bet for a successful blog.

Thursday, 06 October 2011, 02:55 pm Written by 

It is a known fact that the Internet is no longer shackled to computers. With the advent of mobile browsing comes a new challenge for online businesses: having a mobile website design that is compatible with mobile technology. If your site isn’t optimized to display mobile content, your brand and message can be lost in translation. With potential customers literally being found everywhere on earth, from bus stops to train stations and everywhere in between, can you really afford to have a mobile website that simply isn’t compatible with the technology that’s out there? Frankly you’d be doing yourself and your business a disservice by not having your site optimized for mobile compatibility.

One of the key considerations with website design is knowing the overall goal of the site. In other words, what do you want your customers to see? More importantly, what do you want them to feel when they see your product or service? While a fancy website might display just fine on a computer, a mobile version cannot always evoke the customer feelings that you want. When it comes to mobile browsing, things such as screen real estate and data speeds can hamper your intended message. Having a site that is flexible enough to be viewed from an array of devices, while truly delivering your message, will certainly extend the reach of your marketing efforts.

Another key issue is the responsiveness of your site. While your site may be rendered quickly over high speed Internet, that might simply not be the case with your cell phone connections. Although mobile networks have been improving in recent years, there is still a discrepancy between cellular data transmission and a dedicated Internet connection. A website with a mobile component that is slow and clunky will do little to wow potential customers. Worse yet, they may be frustrated with your site and discount you from potential service providers altogether. In a world where immediate communication and instant information is the standard, poor mobile website design can be costing you precious business.

Remember that you could have the best content out there on the Internet. A poor browsing experience however could completely turn off potential clients. A site’s ease of use is essentially your digital first impression. If it is fluid, smooth and easy to use, clients will perceive you as competent and informative. These two qualities will help you gain a client’s trust and their subsequent business.

Saturday, 01 October 2011, 02:52 pm Written by 

Internet users love information. Think of how many times you’ve read reviews about a product or service that you might want? In the midst of your quest you may become overwhelmed with the sheer number of information sources you use during your Internet travels. One tool that many individuals avail themselves in order to keep their information sources straight is social bookmarking. Think of social bookmarking as cataloging and tagging your favorite websites either for later use or for other people to see. If you’re an online business social bookmarking is one staple tool that can help you land more clients. In order to use that tool however, you need a strategy.

If you’re an information provider you not only want your content to be found, you want it to be shared. While many individuals still share information via email, social media sites are now providing rapid pathways for your content to be spread. One of the biggest social sites to date is Facebook. Can you leverage Facebook posting as part of a social bookmarking strategy? Or, more specifically, is posting to Facebook considered a social bookmarking strategy in and of itself? The simple answer is no. You can however use individual Facebook posts to populate your profile on a social bookmarking site such as Digg.

Let’s say that you’ve gone and done some fantastic blog posting that you’ve shared on Facebook. Every time one of your posts makes it to Facebook an individual link to the post is created. In order to access this link you must click on the time stamp beneath each new entry. This will bring you to the static page for that entry. From this point on you can copy and past the individual URL and then share it on a social bookmarking site of your choosing. While the simple act of posting on Facebook doesn’t constitute a social bookmarking strategy, it is one of the conduits that can feed into your overall marketing strategy.

If you’re an online business, using Facebook posts as fodder for social bookmarking sites is an excellent way to disperse your materials through multiple channels. Part of having an effective social bookmarking strategy is the understanding of what does and does not constitute social bookmarking. Remember that the ultimate goal of a social bookmarking strategy is to have your content aggregated by a user and subsequently shared. What does social bookmarking ultimately mean for you? In a nutshell: exposure.

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