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Monday, 26 September 2011, 02:49 pm Written by 

If you’re a business involved with online content and blog posting, your efforts revolve around one thing: being found. All of your creative efforts are instantly discounted by the masses if they can’t be accessed online via a search engine. While many businesses would pour effort into constantly generating new content for search engines to feed off of; there is an alternative to this traditional style of SEO. One of the best ways of generating SEO quality material is to allow users to contribute to your already existing content via a forum. Hosting a forum is both a simple and effective solution for growing your SEO organically. Why does this work?

Forums are a place where knowledge and opinions are shared. If your business offers a product or service that gets people talking, a forum is the perfect place for users of your product to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Think of this as the ultimate way of getting users to supply the type of material that search engines can index. The more content you have the more information a search engine has to appraise your site. Ultimately this can result in more traffic for your online business. If you have the opportunity to indirectly defer some of the content production load to your existing clients, it will not only save you time and energy, but it will also mean a significant return on investment.

The Internet is a much more dynamic setting for customers to interact in. While they may not be frank about their opinions in person, they may be apt to express their true feelings via forum posting. From a customer relations perspective a forum will help you gain insight into your customers’ true satisfaction with your product or service. Using a forum as a user-contributed customer service resource is an excellent way to build a community around your brand. With multiple users contributing content about your product and their experiences with it search engines will be sure to notice and index your available content.

This type of organically grown SEO is invaluable to your online business. It is the perfect way to generate buzz about your business, meet the needs of your clients, and provide a way for customers to reach out to one another, without breaking the bank. The classic example of this would be the user directed do-it-yourself style websites. Users constantly reach out to one another for answers to their questions. Creating a forum may just be the best way of getting noticed. Here at Executive Decision Marketing, we do forum posting as part of our regular organic SEO strategy. Contact us to learn more.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011, 08:11 am Written by 

Once upon a time you could buy an unlimited number of directory submissions and not have to worry about whether they helped you or not. There was no such thing as “going backwards” due to a poor choice in backlinks. Alas, that is no longer the case. Every time you make a directory submission now you need to ask yourself the question, “Did that help you or did it hurt you?” Linking your site to a low PR directory or link farm could actually result in you losing your high page rank and position. If you’ve been monitoring your site and wondering why it’s dropping, that could be the reason.

Of course, there are other reasons why a site might drop in search page rank. If you haven’t made any content additions in a while, you’ll start to see your site slip. If Google came in and indexed after February 2011, you might have seen a change, either up or down. It’s been reported that 11.8% of all websites worldwide were affected by the Panda update. If your content isn’t relevant and comprehensive, you won’t rank anywhere near page one. These are all new rules to some, but we’ve been following them for over a decade. It just made sound business sense to do so.

When it comes to directory submissions and social bookmarking, Google saw both as a way to abuse the system. Their algorithm was created to ensure better quality and help searchers find exactly what they are looking for, but when you can buy your way to the top with directory and bookmarking purchases that system doesn’t work. By decreasing or eliminating the value of these links in their algorithm, Google has made sure that you have to build your site with relevant content and link it to sites that are connected to your industry, not just any directory that will take your listing.

Are directory submissions still worth doing? Yes, they are in fact a key part of our organic SEO strategy. What has changed is the way in which those submissions need to be made. The days of auto-posters and bulk purchases are over. The way the internet is structured now, you need to think about what you’re doing, not just throw money at it and expect high page rank. Contact Executive Decision Marketing to learn more.

Friday, 16 September 2011, 08:09 am Written by 

For those of you who think putting these articles together is easy, we’d like to explain the process in detail. Creative blog posting is more difficult than you think. To begin with, you need to write some titles, do some keyword research, optimize the page with meta tags, descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, and do a few hours of research. Of course, that’s all before you even start to write. Once the initial work has been done you’ll need to sit down, stare at your computer screen, and come up with an opening line – for each and every post you need to write. Try doing that eight hours a day.

As a lead writer for Executive Decision Marketing, I am often teased by my wife about the amount of time I’ll sometimes spend on just one post. She wonders how in the world I produce the number of articles I do in a week’s time, a fairly significant number. It’s not easy, but the ideas continue to flow and our readers get consistently good material, only partially due to my efforts. Here at Webwise we have an entire team working on your custom blog posts, from the folks in the office doing the keyword research and coding to the editors who make sure our dots and crosses are in the right place.

If you do some research on the pricing and quality of writing on the web, you will find that what you pay for blog posts and content development here at Executive Decision Marketing is less than anywhere else you can go. We are also one of the few SEO firms that employ US writers, so those prices are even more incredible. Many of our competitors sub their work out to India or the Philippines and produce sub-par content that is obviously not produced by native English speaking writers. Beware of those. They are usually the companies that lure you in with offers of cheap forum posting or social bookmarking and directory submissions for pennies apiece.

Real writers take pride in everything they do, whether it’s a product description for an ecommerce website or a white paper for a research firm. Being a blog post writer isn’t glamorous and it certainly isn’t easy, but the results we see when your company goes to the top of Google Page One make it all worthwhile. The search engines have learned the value of quality content and their algorithms reflect that value. We, your writers, are here to make sure you get what they are looking for. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do that.

Sunday, 11 September 2011, 08:07 am Written by 

Okay, we’ll talk about it. The stock market has been performing like a drunken sailor climbing a mountain over the past few months and it doesn’t appear that there is any end in sight. People are bailing out of stock portfolios, mutual funds, IPO’s, and real estate investments. Homeowners are being foreclosed on and the unemployment rate is as high as it was in 2008 when the whole mess first started. Does any of this affect organic SEO? No, it doesn’t hinder our efforts in any way.

Most advertising and marketing is impacted by difficult economic times. Newspaper sales go down. Advertising budgets shrink. Subsidies from local, state, and federal governments disappear. All of these impede the efforts of a traditional marketing team. Those who do business on the internet, particularly SEO companies, aren’t subject to the same restrictions or have to deal with those obstacles. Our efforts remain constant and so do the results they bring. Since it often takes months to achieve high page rank, when the rest of the world goes into recession our clients are doing fine.

To make it even easier to be successful on the web, we have created affordable SEO packages for small businesses. In the days of yesteryear when the internet was a playground for the wealthy and excessive, search engine optimization cost thousands of dollars per month. It was also shrouded in mystery, so no one really knew what they were going to get. That made it easier for black hat SEO firms to charge high prices, justifying it with the old “Only we know how to do this” sales pitch.

Our team of website SEO professionals at Executive Decision Marketing does know a thing or two about SEO that others might not know. We have been in business for over a decade. Despite that, we’re not going to charge more or attempt to sell you services you don’t need. If you don’t understand something, ask. Our experts will be happy to explain what we are doing and why. It’s your company. You have a right to know where your money is going – especially in this economy.

Tuesday, 06 September 2011, 08:05 am Written by 

Most of the negative financial news you’re reading or watching on TV relates to big business, those companies with futures that are determined by investors and stock holders trading on Wall Street. These companies are worth millions, sometimes billions of dollars, so increases and losses tend to be newsworthy topics. Small business rarely gets an honorable mention, never mind a headline. If they did, the title tag would no doubt read “Affordable SEO is helping small business succeed in the US”.

Was that a positive statement about the economy? Yes it was. As big business flounders in a sea of new regulation and loan defaults, small business has been using the internet to slowly move forward out of the most recent recession. In many ways, the collapse of big retail has made this possible. Keywords once locked up by corporate giants spending millions to target them are now open and available. Google Panda also helped back in February, leveling the playing field and making it impossible to buy your way to the top.

Attaining a high page rank now can be done only one way – through meticulous and intelligent link building and quality content development. Tag your pages up with prosy meta descriptions if you like, but if the pages they’re describing don’t have relative content on them your site won’t go anywhere but down the page rank ladder. Just ask all those link farms and the companies attached to them that fell into internet obscurity this year. None of them were organic SEO clients of Executive Decision Marketing, but many of them were some pretty big names in the retail industry.

Small business is thriving right now, at least that sector of it that pays attention to their national and local internet marketing. That IPO you bought into might be causing you to have some sleepless nights, but if your business is operating on a cash basis and building its web presence you are going to be okay. We’re not finance experts, but we can tell you what works in SEO. Come on over and talk to us about it. Let the rest of the world worry about interest rates and industrial averages. We’ll make your small business successful so you don’t have to.

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