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Sunday, 26 June 2011, 05:38 pm Written by 

Click on a Google +1 button and you can leave a comment that will be seen by Google searchers the next time they are looking for a product or service in that category. Click a Facebook like button and a post will appear on your wall telling all of your friends that you like the page or post you just visited. Both are powerful marketing tools, but which is better. Can Google’s latest entry into the world of social media compete with the platform created by the masters who created the platform in the first place? It’s not that simple, especially from an organic SEO standpoint.

Facebook gets great numbers but Google is still the undisputed king of the hill. The accomplishments of the social media giant in just a few short years have been nothing short of amazing, but if you want to rank you’re not going to do it by soliciting for Facebook likes. The Google +1 button will not only compete. It will blow away everything that Facebook has accomplished with their like function. Even now, their growth appears to be slowing down and Google is once again gaining momentum. Was there ever any doubt? Not over here at Webwise there wasn’t.

Social bookmarking and social media marketing are wonderful tools to promote your business, but they work best when used to complement legitimate website SEO, local internet marketing, and link building to improve page rank and position. The most effective way to get sustained traffic on the web is by optimizing your website and building your web presence through backlinks, press releases and article submissions. Posting on your Facebook wall will get the attention of your friends, but don’t most of them already know what you do. Facebook is not a search engine; they’re a social network. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the two are one and the same.

Executive Decision Marketing has remained the top Los Angeles SEO firm for ten years by watching carefully while the search engines evolved. One of the major factors in Google’s success has been their ability to bring emerging technology and potential competitors into the fold. Their greatest threats along the way are now partners, tools, and apps that sport the Google logo. Facebook is still attempting to make it alone. Are they a powerful force? Absolutely, but they’re not Google. Put your money on the +1 button. We’re thinking it will be more beneficial to you in the long run.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011, 10:02 am Written by 

A web presenter is much more than just special effects graphics your visitors can admire. It’s a virtual salesperson that is often the very first contact your potential customers have with your company. Does it have anything relevant to say? Someone wrote the script and recorded the voice. Was it you or was it a marketing company? Here at Executive Decision Marketing, we do professional quality web presenter recordings with scripts written by copywriters who know what sells. If you’re not getting results now, let us give it a try. Those using our web presenters are getting great numbers.

Unlike the organic SEO work that we do, a web presenter isn’t designed to attract search engine spiders. It’s a tool to captivate human visitors and sell them on the benefits of your products or services. That’s a bit trickier than building links that an algorithm can tally. Human beings are notoriously unpredictable, so finding the right combination of words and images can be difficult. Consistent, positive results come only after significant trial and error, something we’ve already been through.

After ten years in local internet marketing and Los Angeles SEO, our team knows what works and what doesn’t. Web presenters are not new technology – we’ve been using them for quite some time now – but others are just starting to incorporate them into their marketing packages. Do you want someone who is still advertising this as a “new” service or someone who has experience and knows how to put a presentation together? Believe us when we tell you, visitors are no longer awed by web presenters. That virtual person on the screen is common, the message they have shouldn’t be.

As is the case with any of the other services we offer, the web presenter works best when other work is done to the website. Optimization will bring in more traffic and a redesign or the addition of “sign-up” and “buy now” buttons will increase your conversion rate. We will also, of course, want to start a long-term SEO process which will bring you sustained organic traffic for years to come. Don’t worry though. You won’t have to greet them yourself. That’s what your web presenter’s job is.

Thursday, 16 June 2011, 09:59 am Written by 

The objective of a targeted email marketing campaign is to get people to come to your website, but what happens then? You can track the visitors using your analytics program, but what about the conversions? Are they buying what you have to sell, browsing multiple pages, or signing up for your newsletter? Getting someone to come and visit is only half of the battle. In order for a targeted email marketing campaign to be successful, you need to be able to show results, not just numbers on the hit counter.

How do you get those results? Onsite “sign-up” and “buy now” options are two of the best ways to do it. The positioning and color of these options will either entice or deter your visitors from entering their information into them. The difference isn’t always clearly apparent. Some feel that bright yellow buttons in the top right corner will do the trick, but those don’t work if you’re offering serious professional services. A capture box in a subdued color, positioned in a place where the reader’s eye will automatically go, could help you build you list faster.

Our professional website SEO and design specialists can put it all together for you. We also offer the actual targeted email marketing, something you do not want to do yourself if you’ve never done it before. Even if you have some experience with it, it’s best from a time management perspective to hire us to handle it for you. We can spend those extra hours picking through leads to make sure we’re hitting only those prospects who we believe will buy something from you or sign up for your service. Once our web designers are done, the prospects will know exactly how to do that.

Traffic is important, but it’s meaningless without conversions and sales resulting from it. If your traffic numbers are going up and you’re not seeing an improvement in your bottom line, the problem could be with your website. Our team can create landing pages for you specifically designed to capture targeted email traffic, PPC traffic, or traffic that comes in from special offers and organic SEO efforts. We can even A/B test different landing pages to find you one that will get results in all situations. Contact us today to learn more, and to set up your targeted email marketing.

Saturday, 11 June 2011, 09:56 am Written by 

Executive Decision Marketing is the undisputed leader in organic SEO. That’s a statement that you’ll find few in the industry willing to argue with. With a track record of success going back over a decade, five times the expected lifespan of any other Los Angeles SEO company, we have proven that the decisions we make when it comes to search engine optimization are the right ones. So why are some people wondering about our PPC Management services? They are not competitive to SEO, they compliment it. In addition, early indicators show that traffic may now be a factor in the Google algorithm.

The formulas used to calculate page rank have always been shrouded in mystery, a decision made by Google early on to protect the integrity of their search engine. If the details of the algorithm were made public, those with money and resources could simply buy their way to the top and small businesses would be left out in the cold. It was that reason that also led to the decision to not include overall traffic as a variable in the calculations, but it appears that may have recently changed. According to our tracking, sites with a larger number of visitors are being awarded higher rank. It’s too early to know for sure, but apparently traffic counts now.

Of course, like everything else the search engines do, this is a “what if?” and could be temporary, so we’re going to continue doing the things we have done to be successful to this point. Our clients are encouraged to include PPC Management as part of the package we offer to them. Paid traffic while we’re doing the link building needed to get regular organic traffic is a benefit, no matter how you look at it. If the search engines count it towards page rank, that’s fantastic. If not, it will lead to conversions, sign-ups, and sales while we’re doing the long term work to give you internet presence.

Traffic also brings new links. Those who bookmark your website when they view it are providing you a backlink that will count in algorithmic calculations. The more links you have, the higher your rank. Your content counts too, so don’t leave out development and website expansion. Those are key factors in capturing web surfers and also in getting search engine spiders to keep coming back for more. These are all elements of our SEO strategy that you will benefit from if you do business with Executive Decision Marketing.

Monday, 06 June 2011, 04:00 pm Written by 

Do you find yourself staring at your computer screen trying to come up with another great blog post? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a likely possibility that you’ve already written on a number of different topics and you’re just plain stuck. What should you do now? We have two suggestions and both of them involve a service we offer here at Webwise. The first one you’ve probably thought of already. Hire us to do the writing for you. The second might surprise you. You can hire our custom blog creation team to put together a second blog for you. Then you can start fresh.

There’s nothing that says you can only have one blog. Sure, you want to continue to post regular dynamic content the search engines will come back and index, but you can do that with a secondary blog and still have links back to your main website. You’ll get link juice on the new blog and that will raise your overall page rank. Even better, you can hire one of our writers to cover some of the same topics you covered already, but using different language so its original content. Order the posts at the same time you ask us to create the new blog and we’ll do everything all at once for one affordable price.

Blog posting is one of the most effective organic SEO tools there is. It’s also a great way to reach out to customers and potential customers who want to know more about your products or services. Those customers may be searching for different terms when they go looking for you. Additional blogs focused on those search terms make it more likely that they will find you. The new pages you add, even if they’re not attached to the same URL as your original website, will still give you a larger presence on the web.

Every tool that we have here at Executive Decision Marketing can be used over and over again with the same great results time after time. The first thing we do when we sign up a new client is recommend that they have us create a blog and start posting. For some clients, we’ve done dozens of them. The more popular a product or service is, the more sites you’ll want to have talking about them. Contact us today to learn more about custom blog posting and the many other organic SEO services we offer.

Wednesday, 01 June 2011, 03:17 pm Written by 

Have you heard the rumor that social bookmarking and forum posting don’t work anymore? Do you believe it? Have you done the research to prove or disprove it? Here at Executive Decision Marketing, we have. There is absolutely no truth to it whatsoever. What doesn’t work anymore are the tactics that black hat SEO firms use when they submit to social media sites or discussion forums. Putting a generic comment into a discussion thread just to get a backlink is not organic SEO best practices. We don’t do it.

If you’re a webmaster, you know what we’re talking about. How many times have you built a client website or set up a forum for a quality product or service and gotten a generic comment like “I really enjoyed reading this”, followed by a link for an online pharmaceutical company or affiliate program? It’s annoying, it’s pretty inefficient on the part of the link builder, and it’s unfortunately a common practice that is actually being taught to newbies breaking into internet marketing. Sadly, those teaching it are charging those who are learning. If you’re one of them, cancel payments now and get a refund.

Here at Executive Decision Marketing, we have a proven strategy when it comes to social bookmarking and forum posting. We use common sense and only enter discussions that are relevant to the company we are marketing for. The links we post aren’t wasted. They will lead the reader back to a website that has something to do with the discussion topic, not a site that will try to sell them Viagra or cheap car insurance. You know the offers we’re talking about. Just check your spam folder in your email account and you’ll see a list of them on any given day.

The search engines have recently taken steps to improve the quality of content on the internet. Forums that have an editorial process to screen content will continue to rank high in search results. Those that publish spam comments won’t. That seems pretty simple, right? It is. For those of you out there who are sweating and stressing about your techniques that no longer work, change them. Once you start doing it the right way, you’ll find the long term results are much better. Just ask any of our clients.

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