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Monday, 15 November 2010, 05:41 pm Written by 

Where do we begin? If you’re a small business owner who has struggled for years to get ranked for even the most obscure keywords in your industry, then you need to know that times have changed. Effective and affordable small business SEO is finally a reality. Even the little guys can get first page rankings now because the rules are different and much of the competition is gone. Many of the big retail chains that have monopolized major keywords for so many years have gone out of business, victims of the latest recession. Those that are still around, thanks to some changes made in the search engine algorithms, have to change their marketing tactics.

In the past, to rank for any competitive keywords or key phrases, you had to be able to get thousands of back links and submit hundreds of articles and press releases a day. No small business owner had the time, the personnel, or the money to hire someone to do all of that. Big businesses, because there were no real editorial guidelines on directory submissions, could put out huge volumes of material to multiple locations, never worrying about whether it was duplicate or poor quality content. Then, without any real notice to anyone, Google changed its page ranking formula. The new algorithm weighted human edited directories more heavily and discounted duplicate content.

To a major Los Angeles SEO company like Executive Decision Marketing, the changes did not come as a big surprise. Our teams of content writers and link builders had been working on getting better quality links for our clients for years so it didn’t adversely affect us. Quite the opposite, our clients rocketed up to Page One for most if not all of the keywords and keyword phrases we had been marketing for them. Big retail fell and small business finally took its place on the top of search engine Page One.

Will the page ranking formulas change again? It’s likely, but we’ll be ready as always if they do. Our goal for the past decade has been to make organic SEO more affordable for the small business. Everyone should have an opportunity to be on top and we have found a way to get you there. For those who have struggled through and survived the latest economic crisis, that means a lot. If you’re one of them and want to take advantage of the current situation to attain better page rank, call us. We can help.

Friday, 05 November 2010, 05:14 pm Written by 

All links are the same, right? If that were the case, anyone could do organic SEO. Just submit your website URL to as many directories and search engines as you can find and your page rank will improve. At least, that’s how it would work in theory. The reality is quite different. Not every directory link is a good one. Some may even hurt you, lowering your page rank instead of improving it. Imagine doing hours and hours of work only to find out it was all wasted time. Avoiding that is a simple matter of hiring a professional to do the job for you.

The algorithms used by search engines to determine page rank change all the time. These “secret” formulas were put in place to help consumers find the products or services they were shopping for by simply putting a keyword or two into the search box. In the early days of the internet, when there were only a few thousand businesses listed online, the algorithms could be fairly simple. Today, with millions of listed businesses, there needs to be more variables in those algorithms. The presence of a back link isn’t as important now as the quality of that link.

When it comes to directory submission, we look for two qualities. The first is whether or not a directory is human edited. The tougher the editorial process, the more likely it is that the search engines will weight a back link from that site heavily. This is particularly true of article directories. If an article goes right through without being perused by an editor, that directory is probably worthless to you. The same can be said for regular directories that just list your site. If there isn’t a review process of some kind to confirm you belong in the category you claim you’re in, the link probably won’t count.

As a small business SEO specialist, it’s our job to know which directory links will help you attain a higher page rank with the search engines. As someone with no internet marketing experience, you might not know that. Even if you have some basic knowledge, the algorithms change all the time. We work in the Los Angeles SEO industry and we study the behaviors of search engines every day. Our experts know what works, so let us handle your directory submissions for you.

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