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Tuesday, 26 October 2010, 04:47 pm Written by 

If you step back in time a few years, article writing and distribution for SEO purposes was entirely different from what it is today. As they say in those old Western pictures, let us bring you back to the “thrilling days of yesteryear”, complete with the white and black hats for good guys and bad guys. Quality content, now a very important variable in the algorithms that determine page rank, was almost an afterthought. The still fledgling companies that did search engine page ranking back then were awarding page rank based on the volume of back links a website had, not the quality of those links.

If you’re a business whose survival depends on the traffic you get from being on the first page of search results, you will do whatever it takes to get a position on that first page. According to the old algorithmic calculations, all you needed to do that was get more links than your competitors. This led to the development of auto posters which submitted the same article to multiple directories. Each submittal counted as a link and with the right software you could get thousands of links in a fairly short period of time.

It didn’t take long for both the search engines and the article directories to see that not only were they getting duplicate content all over the web, but that content was sub-par. They solved the first problem by discounting duplicate content links and the second by giving more value to human edited article directories. These two moves led to the evolution of the Los Angeles SEO industry into what it is today. With the demand for quality content and intelligent link building increasing dramatically overnight, the industry took off and literally hundreds of SEO companies sprang up overnight.

Back up a moment to the where all this started. As Google and Yahoo were still making a name for themselves, Executive Decision Marketing was here in Los Angeles helping businesses market their products and services on the internet. We were here when it all began and have watched the industry as it’s developed. No one told us the algorithms needed to change. We saw that coming. Years before it happened, we were emphasizing the importance of quality content and hiring some of the top writers in the industry. When the changes were implemented, our clients climbed up the page rank ladder while others sank into oblivion. Our knowledge and experience made that possible and it still makes us and our clients successful today.

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How do you check your email? How do you browse when you want to find something on the web? Do you wait until you go home and fire up the desktop or do you maybe go to the nearest WiFi hotspot and log on with your laptop? Chances are you do none of the above. If you’re like most people on the go today, you do your browsing and emailing from your mobile device. That’s why mobile website design has become a necessity for businesses that rely on internet traffic. It’s no longer optional.

If you’re new to this type of thing and don’t know what mobile website design is, browse your favorite site on your regular computer and then try it again on your mobile device. You will either not be able to see it or you’ll see an entirely different, trimmed down version of it designed specifically for mobile devices. This is a modification that is made by the company you’re browsing if they choose to do it. If they don’t, they will lose mobile traffic to one of their competitors. Get the picture?

Executive Decision Marketing, known primarily for our effective and affordable SEO, recommends that you take advantage of our mobile web design service to make sure that you capture all of the traffic you possibly can. This is particularly important if you have a product or service you’re trying to market to younger people or busy professionals. You cannot afford to not be visible on a mobile device. The technology is improving and it’s now possible to view most graphics on newer devices, but what about all those folks out there who still have phones and PDA’s which can’t display complex graphics? They will never even see what you have to offer, never mind have the option of buying it.

The world of the internet and internet marketing changes rapidly. In the past ten years we’ve already seen developments that were regarded as science fiction or fantasy a few decades back. Remember the hand held devices on the old Star Trek TV series? You’re holding one in your hand right now. Can you view your own website with it? Give us a few hours to design you a mobile site and you’ll be able to.

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Are you doing business on the internet? If you’re not on the first page when potential customers search for keywords relative to your industry, you are not getting the traffic you should get. That’s where organic SEO can help you. If you are a business which relies upon web traffic to make sales, there is no more effective method of improving your bottom line than search engine optimization. Even PPC campaigns aren’t as effective because when you stop running your ads, the traffic stops. With SEO, the results are more long term. We make sure you stay on top and keep getting traffic.

Of course, seeing hundreds of visitors a day means nothing if they’re not buying what you have to sell. This is an area where organic SEO is more effective than any other type of marketing. With banners or print ads, or with coupons and flyers, you’ll always reach a certain number of people who may not have an interest in your company. You could do a direct mail or email campaign for better results, but you would still have a significant percentage of the addresses you pay for be completely wasted. Effective, targeted SEO isn’t like that. Your customers come looking for you, specifically because they are in the market for your products.

When we begin a small business SEO campaign, we first determine which keywords are relative to your market, present in your website, and are getting high volumes of traffic. Ideally, we want to find the keywords with high traffic that are not being targeted by others in your industry. Those are the ones we can focus on to get you an immediate influx of new visitors, qualified visitors who will convert into sales or sign-ups. That is after all, the objective of having a website in the first place. If it isn’t converting for you, there’s no reason for you to spend anything on marketing it.

That brings up another piece of our affordable SEO service. We first analyze your website and then make changes to it so that it will convert better. Our team of web designers and writers knows what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve been at this for over ten years now. As part of our service we’ll change what we need to, add the HTML coding to help search engine spiders find you, and then develop an internet marketing campaign to bring in immediate traffic while we improve your search page positioning and page rank with SEO. What does all that mean? It means you’ll be more successful.

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